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10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts


10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Podcast consumption has leaped from 27% in 2012 to an astounding 51% in 2021, particularly due to the advent of streaming services. Nowadays, it is easier than ever for audiences to listen to podcasts, enabling them to gain a better understanding of a wide range of elusive topics. As such, Netinfluencer will list the most popular sex podcasts available on the market. 

Doing It!

After becoming one of the most popular sex educators on YouTube, Hannah Witton decided to launch the Doing It podcast in 2019. This platform works to dismantle the stigma and shame surrounding open conversations about sex and encourages audiences to discuss their desires with their partners. Throughout this podcast, Witton has explored a variety of ideas including the detailed relationship between sexual health and mental health and as well as the complexities of asexuality. She has also invited expert guests like retired stripper Stacey Claire and Kenyan sex educator Kaz Lucas to help elevate these nuanced conversations and debates. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts


Hosted by vivacious content creator Oloni, the LAID BARE podcast uses a traditional agony aunt format to help listeners unpack their sexual dilemmas. Alongside these audience interactions, the host also welcomes an array of special guests to discuss a variety of common sexual obstacles such as the curiosity surrounding being in an open relationship and the awkwardness of sex scenes in Hollywood movies. Together with her popular podcast, Oloni has also published a book named The Big O, which acts as a comprehensive guide to modern-day sex and intimacy. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Sex Ed with DB

Danielle Bezalel, also known as DB, uses the Sex Ed with DB podcast to delve into the science behind sex, particularly from an alluring LGBTQ+ and BIPOC perspective. Alongside a plethora of experts such as Fenwa Millhouse and Dr. Blair Peters, Bezalel delves into a range of enticing conversations with a twist, shining a light on trans sexual healthcare as well as the fundamental principles of urology. They also produce shorter episodes called More Sex Ed, which answer important questions from listeners, encouraging them to share their sexual concerns and open up the conversation for others to enjoy. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Homo Sapiens

Christopher Sweeney, an acclaimed director known for working on shows such as The Tourist, has also been hosting the Homo Sapiens podcast since 2017. It was originally in collaboration with British pop star Will Young but Sweeney has been working by himself for the past series. The podcast focuses on creating a safe space for many Queer celebrities such as Tag Warner, the CEO of Gay Times, and author Juno Dawson. Sweeney also creates more informative episodes such as his series Culture Club, which discusses the impact of Queer identities in modern popular culture. In addition, each interview spans two parts, allowing the guest to describe the intricacies of their sexual orientation in full detail. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Despite her stunning looks and intoxicating personality, Nicole Byer struggles with the modern dating scene. Thus, her hilarious podcast Why Won’t You Date Me? acts as an outlet for these frustrations and gives her the prime opportunity to discuss her latest antics in the dating scene. She also relies on other comedians and celebrities to offer their own opinions on sex and relationships in the 21st century. Previously, she has joined forces with Michael Cruz Kanye and Paulie Johnson to express their thoughts surrounding unique dating strategies and the arduous nature of maintaining a relationship during a pandemic. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Dating Games

Dating Games is hosted by a pair of Irish comics called Bobby Temps and Stephanie Foster, making it a perfect podcast for those looking to see the funny side of sex. Each episode involves a new special guest who helps to extend the conversation around multiple topics like the rise of dating apps and whether pornography impacts extramarital affairs. The show has welcomed other comedians like Catherine Bohart and popular figures such as mathematician Micahel Kaye, who famously used a simple calculation to find a long-term partner on OkCupid. Dating Games also received a Silver Award at the prestigious Irish Podcast Awards in 2022. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Probably True

The Probably True podcast is on a mission to demystify Queer sex and history, using short anecdotes from listeners and other figures to create a bustling hub of vitality and pride. The host, Scott Flashheart, uses their tongue-in-cheek personality to break down the walls surrounding LGBTQ+ sex and allow listeners to step into a previously secluded world. Previous episodes have discussed how to probably come out to your children and how Queer love relates to our traditional love languages. The host also promotes a bustling Discord server to extend the conversation across a number of popular platforms. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

The Sex Agenda Podcast

This podcast is produced by Decolonizing Contraception, a foundation that pulls upon the experiences of people of color to help educate audiences on how many sexual health services often overlook the needs of marginalized communities. The Sex Agenda Podcast handles each topic with great care and sensitivity, using highly intelligent guests to explore how sex and sexuality affect those in the South Asian community as well as how the everlasting trauma of colonization impacts Queer people in the Caribbean. The main host, Dr. Annabel Sowemimo also uses her experience as a talented community sexual and reproductive health doctor to educate audiences on a wide scale. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

The Sexual Wellness Sessions

Acclaimed Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Katie Moyle uses The Sexual Wellness Sessions podcast to open up her profession to a much larger audience. Every episode welcomes a new guest, giving us a glimpse into a standard sex therapy session. Although this podcast does not shy away from discussing many intimate topics, it also expresses the emotional impact of sex. For example, author Charlotte Fox Weber explains how a breakup can change our perspective of love and life as a whole. This platform also works to be at the forefront of sexual health, inviting Bryony Cole to explore the advent of sex tech and how it can help us have more fulfilling sexual relations. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Popular radio broadcaster Anglea Yee is well-versed in the R&B niche and uses this expertise in her inviting Lip Service podcast. Each episode of this show welcomes a new legend from the music industry, encouraging them to reveal their most intimate sexual secrets. For example, she has met with King Coombs to discuss how groupies influence his sex life. Moreover, Yee has also welcomed rappers like Mooski to explain how he is continuing to have positive sexual experiences whilst his partner is pregnant. This host also creates content for YouTube to help aspiring musicians find success in the music industry. 

10 Most Popular Sex-Positive Podcasts

Sex-positive podcasts are becoming extremely popular across the medium as they allow content creators to show another side of themselves and open up a wide range of intimate discussions. This powerful source of expression also makes them more desirable to brands who are looking to increase their success in podcast advertising. 

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