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All About The Pat McAfee Podcast


All About The Pat McAfee Podcast

In the world of football, the words entertainment and news go hand in hand. Many networks over the years have made their fair share of profit by venturing into the sports media market. 

With the help of social channels and YouTube in particular, the sports entertainment niche is growing at a rapid rate allowing individuals to create their own sports shows independent of big names such as ESPN and FSN (Fox Sports Network).

One of the most recent and widely loved personalities to join the YouTube sports media niche is none other than former Indianapolis Colts ex-Kicker Pat McAfee. 

As stated in the show’s old introduction, he turned down a deal worth millions with the Indianapolis Colts and went on to focus on his passion for being a sports analysts and media personality on the radio/YouTube on his own terms.

The Pat McAfee Podcast originally started on Sirius XM Radio and has a live stream Youtube show that’s broadcast alongside it. The show’s host is Mr. McAfee himself and he’s joined by his co-hosts Ty Schmit, Tone Digz, and Boston Connor. The team is often joined by the legendary linebacker, AJ Hawk who played for the Green Bay Packers.

Together with these co-hosts, the Pat McAfee show is fast becoming one of the most captivating and entertaining sports talk shows in the business. The group discusses news from a variety of teams, but because they all have their favorites it offers a very level-headed approach and fair reporting.

Who is Pat McAfee?

Patrick Justin McAfee was born on May 2, 1987, in Plum, PA, and was originally a soccer player throughout his high school days. During this period, he would also play a fair bit of American Football, though he received a lot more attention from playing soccer and was actively scouted throughout his high school athletic career. 

He would continue to play both sports and would go to a football camp for kickers where Penn State would show interest in him, but ultimately only offer him a walk-on position as they had already offered another player the spot.

Pat would go on to decline offers from both Penn State and Kent State before participating in a kicking competition in Florida and getting a full-ride scholarship to West Virginia. There he would play football as a placekicker, punter, and onside kick specialist before finishing school and getting drafted into the NFL by the Indianapolis Colts. 

When McAfee joined the Indianapolis Colts he played as an all-pro punter, placeholder, and onside kick specialist who would go on to play in two Superbowls before going into sports media analysis. 

Pat Mcaffee intended to go back to football but after his 29th birthday, he decided he was going to hang up the cleats. He’d suffered an injury to his knee that would require surgery, which after much consideration made him realize, “there is more to life than kicking a ball”. This would lead to his retirement from the NFL and ultimately solidify his new career as a sports analyst. 

McAfee began his new career path doing reporting for Barstools Sports and also working as a host and chief operating officer in the Heartland division in Indianapolis. Eventually, he split from the network and venture off solo by launching “The Pat McAfee Show”. 

All About The Pat McAfee Podcast

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Topics and Themes of the Podcast 

The Pat McAfee Show covers all topics related to football and other major sporting events. Whether it be current events or events that have taken place in the past the topics always relate to football in some way. 

The team regularly has top NFL sports writers such as Ian Rapaport on, which allows them to have an insight into what’s going on in the NFL and have the information verified by someone credible who’s up-to-date with behind-the-scenes news. 

Pats’ ability to understand the game from an ex-players standpoint, his knack for storytelling, and his faultless interview style with his guests are second to none when watching or listening to the show. Because of all these aspects, people can take the information they get as more factual than hype, and multiple news outlets now quote and use the show as a source of information in their articles.

All About The Pat McAfee Podcast

Feel Good Friday With Ian Rapaport and JJ Watt

In this episode of The Pat McAfee Show the team talks about March Madness and free agency before the NFL draft. They discuss the Aaron Rodgers NY Jets saga and the conversations happening in trade negotiations, with Ian Rapaport sharing his insight on the situation. 

Rapaport points out how the Packers are trying to leverage the deal even though they have no leverage left at this point. 

Joining the show during the second hour is none other than JJ Watt who talked with McAfee and co-hosts about his life in retirement his thoughts about the NFL draft, Lamar Jackson negotiations, and DeAndre Hopkins. 

In the final hour, Pat and the team answer some calls from viewers on the 5-Hour Energy Phone line to wrap up another Feel Good Friday Show.

Aaron Rodgers Wednesday, Pacman Jones LIVE In The Thunderdome, & AJ Hawk

The Aaron Rodgers Wednesday segment is one that many viewers tune in to listen to on a weekly basis. 

Many viewers find it very insightful to be able to listen and learn about how the NFL works “behind the scenes”, gaining insight that a great player like Aaron Rodgers has on the game. 

The show starts with Pat, AJ Hawk, Pacman Jones, and the team talking about the Free Agency market and moves that are being made in the NFL. 

They then have a call with Aaron Rodgers and discuss his future in the NFL and the rumors surrounding the Packers-New York Jets trade.

Michael Lombardi, Dana White, Von Miller, Pacman Jones LIVE In The Thunderdome, & AJ Hawk

In this episode, Pat, his co-hosts, Pacman Jones, and AJ Hawk talk about the various teams in the NFL that are seemingly not interested in taking on Lamar Jackson at the QB position, and whether or not, Lamar not having an agent is what is holding him back from coming to terms with teams. 

They proceed to discuss the rumors surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, along with how NFL teams are preparing to make cuts to fix their salary cap issues. 

The special guest for the day is the two times Superbowl Champion, former GM of the Cleveland Brons, the special assistant to the New England Patriots coaching staff, and a NY Times best-selling author, Michael Lombardi. 

Lombardi discusses the challenges of Lamar Jackson, and why the Rams are looking to move on and sign Matthew Stafford. 

Later on, Dana White joins the show to mention the UFC’s upcoming Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler fight, his plans for the Slap League, and his contempt for certain reporters and journalists. 

Platforms for listening and reach

The platforms used to host this podcast are Sirius Radio XM, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. 

The channel has 2.18 million subscribers and averages over 300k views per live stream episode on Youtube.


If you’re looking for insight into football and want to be able to look at the league from a player’s perspective then The Pat McAfee Show is definitely one to watch. Plus, it’s a great outlet for news and entertainment in the offseason. 

You can check out The Pat McAfee Show on Youtube, and Apple Podcasts.

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