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Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow


12 GTA Channels to Follow on YouTube

In this article, we’ll explore GTA, why the game is so popular, and the Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels you must follow if you want to stay in the know about all things GTA. In addition, we will also share how you can stream GTA 5 on YouTube. 

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure game series frequently ranked among the best-selling video game series. The original Grand Theft Auto appeared in 1997, and the recent addition to the series came in 2013.

In addition to the main series, many expansion packs, handheld games, compilations, and remastered editions have also surfaced online. The game lets the user step into the shoes of a criminal and gradually rise in the ranks by completing action-packed missions.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

Its gameplay features an open world, allowing gamers to make their own choices, do what they desire, and have fun. It is one of the main reasons why even the old games in the series are still popular today. Thanks to mods, expansion packs, and updates, every game delivers a unique experience and stays relevant.

What is the purpose of playing GTA and what makes GTA so popular?

People play GTA because the gameplay permits you to do anything you want. In the game, there is almost something from everyone. From young kids who like to drive cars mindlessly to pro gamers who welcome a challenge, GTA has it all. Safe to say, its versatility is the reason the game is super popular even today.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

For ordinary kids, the purpose of playing GTA is fun. However, for some, it is not the only thing. Gamers, streamers, and YouTube content creators play GTA to build a social presence and earn money.

Nowadays, thousands of gamers use YouTube to live stream their gameplay, build an audience, and promote and scale their game-related online businesses. 

Big names in the scene also partner with other brands as gaming influencers to promote products and help businesses grow.

Top GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

The following twelve channels are some of the best, oldest, newest, and most promising channels on YouTube focused on GTA. Follow these to know more about the creators at the helm, their content type, audience, subscribers count, and success secrets.

1)   GTA Content Channel

Also known as GTA SpongeBob Channel, GTA Content Channel joined YouTube on Mar 12, 2020, and attracted 161K+ subscribers in a short time. The channel entails short funny videos of GTA San Andreas’s lead protagonist CJ.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

Some video on the channel also entails scenes from other games in the series like GTA Vice City, GTA IV, and GTA 5. Undoubtedly, the most likable feature on the channel is the fusion of GTA characters and the world-famous yellow sea sponge cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

2)   GrayStillPlays

Joined on Jan 20, 2016, GrayStillPlays is among the most watched GTA YouTube Channels. With almost 6M subscribers, the channel regularly uploads clips from the GTA game series.

However, GTA is not the only game featured on the channel. Some other games include Life Simulator Games, Heaven or Hell Games, Driving Simulators, Minecraft, and old-school arcade games.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

GrayStillPlays YouTube Channel is famous mainly for its humorous 10-20 minute streamed videos and in-game commentary. The channel posts a video almost every day and serves as an incredible example to follow for new up-and-coming content creators.

3)   RGR29

RGR29 is a gaming YouTube Channel aimed at the generic gaming community. The channel posts PC gameplay walkthroughs and mods videos and has an audience of 341K subscribers.

The channel joined the platform on Nov 8, 2011, and high definition, no commentary gaming videos helped it rise in the ranks to become one of the best gaming channels on YouTube.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

Top games on the channel include Skyrim, Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed, Stray, God of War, GTA San Andreas, Far Cry, The Crew, Metro Exodus, Batman, Battlefield, Resident Evil, Minecraft, and many more.

4)   Madd Mike

Madd Mike is a YouTuber solely targeting the Grand Theft Auto game series. Joined about three years ago, the channel has an impressive subscriber count of 304K. The channel posts original, unique, and funny gameplay videos from different games in the GTA series.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

Madd Mike posts fun, action-packed gameplay videos of GTA 5 once or twice a month. Multiple videos on the channel have amassed millions of views, with the top pick getting over 11M.

5)   RedNeck

RedNeck is another popular channel with over 376K subscribers posting high-quality GTA gameplay videos. Live since Nov 28, 2017, it has a huge fan following and posts multiple 20 to 30-minute gameplay videos twice a week.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

The most popular video on the channel has over 14M views, and multiple other videos also hit over a million views. Most videos highlight scenes from GTA 5 centered around heists, adventurous escapes, car comparisons, etc.

6)    FuriousFade

FuriousFade is a name popular among game enthusiasts worldwide. With almost 2M subscribers, the channel uploads funny, edited, HD videos of top mobile PC games, new and old.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

FuriousFade uploads frequently hit the million mark. His most popular video has over 5M views in which he plays every GTA game ever made.

7)   Prestige Clips

Another popular gaming YouTube Channel is Prestige Clips. Joined the platform on Dec 20, 2011, the channel has 4.86M subscribers. The clips are mostly gameplay videos of GTA 5 and Rainbow Six Siege. Action-packed, funny, and unique compilations helped the channel rise to popularity.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

The most popular video on the channel has over 49M views and is a GTA 5 funny moments compilation. Many clips have reached over 20M views, and Prestige Clips is among the most watched YouTube gaming channels.

8)   Nought

Nought is another popular GTA-based YouTube gaming channel posting GTA 5 gameplay videos and mod clips. Named after the player, Nought is a simple old-school game stream channel packed with funny commentary and reactions.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

The channel has over 5.75M subscribers, and multiple videos on the platform have reached over 10M views. Nought usually plays GTA 5 game loaded with awesome mods to add a new twist to the gameplay.

9)   Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer is the second-most popular channel on the list, with 12.9M subscribers. The YouTuber posts live game streams and clips from games like GTA 5, Minecraft, Fortnite, and more.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

One of the oldest gaming channels on the platform, Typical Gamer, joined YouTube on Aug 25, 2008. His most viewed video on the channel has over 21M views, and his second-most popular video is GTA 5 Live Gameplay stream, with 16M views uploaded seven years ago.

10) FlashOP

A new, up-and-coming Indian gaming channel, FlashOP, is rising in ranks and amassing an audience fast. He joined the platform on May 1, 2022, and reached over 82K subscribers within a few months.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

The most viewed video on the channel has over 960K views, and FlashOP is known for funny, creative, and original GTA 5 gameplay clips. He uses marvel-inspired skins to play the game, solve missions, and have fun. 

11)  GtaMedia

GtaMedia is like Prestige Clips and posts funny compilation videos from GTA 5 gameplay. The channel uploads HD edited gameplay videos with background sounds to entertain the gaming community. Even with a relatively low subscriber count, GtaMedia’s top compilation reached over 38M views, and multiple clips on the platform have over a million views.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

12) Jelly

With 22.9M subscribers, Jelly is the most popular YouTube gaming channel on the list and regularly posts child-friendly content packed with action, fun, and thrills. Their most viewed video has over 67M views, and besides GTA 5 gameplay videos, he also posts clips from Fortnite, Minecraft, and other popular kid-friendly games.

Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow

How to Stream GTA 5 on YouTube

Streaming GTA 5 videos on YouTube is a simple process. Anyone can stream gameplay videos on the platform using software like OBS Studio. The software helps stream content easily across top social media like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

However, to post live streams on YouTube, you must sign up on the video-sharing platform and create a channel.

Wrap Up

The Grand Theft Auto game series has reached legendary status in gaming circles. Thanks to its high popularity, its gameplay videos get a lot of attention, views, and likes.

Many YouTubers use GTA gameplay videos to build an audience and create a viral social brand with millions of subscribers. These content creators and social influencers have a huge fan following and use their fan base to promote products, services, and brands.

Check out YouTube’s Game On Event: All of the Influenced Involved to explore the best gamers ruling the global arena.

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Top 12 GTA YouTube Channels to Follow