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Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow


Must-Follow Premier League YouTube Channels

Gearing up for “bigger game?” Discover the top Premier League YouTube channels to follow and get access to the best football content from across the globe.

A brief history of the Premier League

The Premier League, legally known as the Football Association Premier League Limited, is the sport’s top English league. 

It all started in the early 1990s. During that time, most of the major football clubs were playing for the Football League, which was the original football association. This body was established in the late 19th century to organize the increasingly popular game.

Decades later, the clubs decided that sweeping changes were needed to ensure the growth of football. So, they came together on July 17, 1991 to sign an agreement that contained the founding principles for the new body, which would be called the Premier League. This enabled the organization to come into its own broadcast agreements and sponsorships away from the rules of the Football League (and those of the Football Association, another older organization).

Then, on February 20, 1992, the 22 First Division Clubs playing for the Football League transferred to the Premier Club. Three months later, the Premier League became a limited company. Since then, the football body has been able to strike lucrative deal upon lucrative deal. The 22 clubs were later pared down to 20 to promote excellence within the club and internationally. Today, these clubs earn from sponsorships, ticket revenues, broadcasts, and other profitable arrangements.

And, of course, the prize fund isn’t bad either. For the 2021/2022 football season alone, the winning clubs of the champion team Manchester City and the runner-up, Liverpool Football Club (FC), boosted their clubs’ coffers by £44m and £41.8m, respectively. Moreover, the Premier League is the most popular in the world, with a potential audience of 5 billion people. So how do these football fans stream Premier League matches?

How to stream Premier League competitions?

The wonderful news is that you can stream your favorite Premier League matches wherever you are. However, if you aren’t in the U.S. or U.K. and you’re trying to stream English Premier League fixtures in either country, you might experience geographically-based online restrictions. To circumvent these, get a Virtual Private Network or VPN, such as ExpressVPN. 

Even if you’re in the U.K., the home country of the Premier League, you’ll run into football blackout rules that prevent the broadcasting of games within a certain period (2:45 pm to 5:15 pm on Saturdays in England and Scotland). These policies help ensure large turnouts even if some games are already being televised. The best way to get around blackout restrictions is to also use VPNs.

If you happen to be in the U.S., you can watch exclusive football coverage on NBC Sports, which has a new six-year rights deal with the Premier League. But if you want to live-stream, you can get NBC’s Peacock Premium subscription to catch every other game in real time. For more opportunities to watch live streams, game highlights, excellent match reviews, and much more about the amazing football game, check out these top Premier League YouTube channels to follow. 

12 top Premier League YouTube channels to follow

1. Rabona TV

No. of Subscribers: 236K

Description: Rabona TV is one of the top soccer YouTube channels whose goal is to educate, analyze, and basically celebrate everything about the game. You’ll find some of the best off-the-cuff football explainers on this channel.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

On top of this, you can catch the latest news, watch exciting live shows, and have fun in watch-alongs with the primary host Adrian Sousa and the rest of the channel’s football pack. However, one of its biggest draws is its Roots of the Rivalry content, which chips away at the ice to explain the deepest reasons for the fiercest football feuds in history. 

2. Football Made Simple

No. of Subscribers: 478K

Description: Football Made Simple has become a top soccer YouTube channel by making one of the world’s most favorite ball games easy to understand. So don’t expect any of the typical YouTube gimmicks like click baits. Although the channel’s creator is a sports scientist and game analyst, they take pride in being, first and foremost, a football lover. This passion for the game is reflected in its efforts to keep things simple so more people can grasp what football is all about and better appreciate it. You’ll find a lot of straightforward stuff on Football Made Simple, from formations, stats, and transfers of the major leaguers. 

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

3. Premier League

No. of Subscribers: 3.12M

Description: As you can tell from its name, this is the official YouTube channel of the Premier League. So it’s but natural to expect this top Premier League YouTube channel to keep you updated on the association’s latest news and information. Straight from the source, you can listen to the hottest interviews and enthralling behind-the-scenes stories.

Get ready to be fascinated by the top highlights of YouTube football games online. The most incredible tackles, the best acrobatic goals, the most outrageous cheeky lobs—these are just some of the “typical” content you can enjoy on the Premier League YouTube channel.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

4. Sky Sports Football

No. of Subscribers: 4.07M

Description: Sky Sports Football is another top Premier League YouTube channel that has shot to the top with millions of followers. As the home of Sky Sports’ Premier League videos on YouTube, it is committed to delivering top-notch content, including the most epic highlights of every game of the season, the most exclusive player interviews, and the most profound and outstanding performance analyses.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

5. MH10 Show

No. of Subscribers: 146K

Description: The MH10 Show is all about high-quality highlights, highlights, and even more highlights! So, you’re sure to discover some of the most epic moments and goals of YouTube football games online, such as the match between Liverpool and Chelsea at the UEFA Super Cup Final in 2019 or the Liverpool vs. Manchester City play at the FA Community Shield in 2022.

And recently, the channel seems to be cleaning up by getting rid of some of its old content—so perhaps we can expect more exciting things ahead from the MH10 Show.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

6. Nouman

No. of Subscribers: 292K

Description: You can see that the Nouman YouTube channel is all about football tactics and match analyses (plus some fun football stuff thrown in the bunch!). But where does it get the credibility to provide a technical breakdown of every game in the season? If you’re fussy about your football explainers, then you might be satisfied to know that the eponymous content creator (aka nomifooty) is a B-license holder.

This means they have a football coaching license to teach adults, youth, and goalkeepers. So, don’t miss any of the enthralling and insightful discussions covering football basics, season analyses, defensive issues, and much more!

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

7. The Coaches’ Voice

No. of Subscribers: 301K

Description: Another top soccer YouTube channel in the know is The Coaches’ Voice. For the channel’s content creators, no one has more intimate and expert insight into football than a coach. Thus, when it comes to dishing out analyses, they can provide the authoritative voice that can beat many amateur soccer explainer wannabees.

Their passion for the sport extends to helping players elevate their performance. A quick visit to their channel will give you a glimpse of what they’re offering, from raising your game to providing inner access to the minds of some of the world’s best football coaches.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

8. Alsido Football

No. of Subscribers: 1.48M

Description: For the content creator of Alsido Football, it is all about being inspirational. This motivation to push others to be their best can be seen in the channel’s high-quality content. Subscribing to this top Premier League YouTube channel will give you some of the most unique and captivating football content on YouTube, including some of the most inspiring match compilations and YouTube football games online.

And the long hours of cinematic edits poured into every football video on this channel (since its creation in 2014) have paid off. This is evident from the channel’s strong follower base of 1.48 million. 

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

Aside from its uplifting football videos, Alsido Football also serves up fresh content every week on the hottest players, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, and even football legends who have ceased to be active, such as David Beckham and Diego Maradona. 

9. AJcompsHD

No. of Subscribers: 273K

Description: AJcompsHD joins the football channels with a strong education bent. They are committed to showing what’s great about football and getting more people interested in this fantastic sport. The content creator does this by pinpointing the strengths of the best footballers.

This helps equip and motivate aspiring football players to know more and raise their gameplay. And the channel doesn’t just cover the most established players like Leo Messi but also up-and-coming football stars like Fábio Vieira (a Kelvin De Bruyne in the making) and Fikayo Tomori.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

10. SEN31Extra

No. of Subscribers: 298K

Description: Seldom will you encounter a top soccer YouTube channel, like SEN31Extra, that is but a backup of another popular channel (SEN31). Like its older sister channel, SEN31 Extra seems to be hitting all the right spots with its football videos. It’s not usual for one post on this channel to amass tens of thousands in views, a feat other channels with a similar follower count find difficult to achieve.

A peek into its content will make you understand how they do it: It’s all about fun! From “Comedy Moments” and “WTF moments” to “Crazy Football Chats,” SEN31Extra never takes itself too seriously. So if you want to chill and enjoy, the SEN31Extra might just be the YouTube channel for you!

11. Tifo lRL

No. of Subscribers: 273K

Description: One of the top soccer YouTube channels that puts the beautiful game of football on a pedestal is Tifo IRL (or Tifo Football). The channel’s breakdowns of football’s different historical and geopolitical aspects are insightful and intelligently presented.

No wonder the channel has become a part of The Athletic. This respected subscription-based sports website provides in-depth and extensive coverage in the United Kingdom and 47 North American cities. This includes authoritative editorials and podcasts on major football leagues, such as the Premier League, the FIFA World Cup, and the Champions League.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

12. Euro Football Daily

No. of Subscribers: 463K

Description: This top Premier League YouTube channel’s focus, which is evident from its name, is razor sharp. The U.K.-based creator takes pride in the channel’s European football specialty. So expect to see tons of content on Europe’s top leagues, such as the Premier League, Football Mundial, and the World Cup. True to their commitment, the channel posts daily content.

Thus, the Euro Daily Channel has prolific playlists like “Stat Wars,” which covers all the scores and football figures, and “One-on-ones,” featuring the most detailed and intimate interviews with the game’s top players. Watch out for the channel’s  upcoming Top 10s, which are sure to delight your football-loving heart. You may also want to check out their other YouTube channel, The Football Daily.

Top Premier League YouTube Channels to Follow

Wrap up 

Ready to leave the sidelines and get into the real action? Then, check out these top Premier Leagues to follow on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for the best football YouTube channel to partner with, aiming to be the next big sports content creator, or simply enjoying the beautiful game of football, you’ll surely find something right up your alley.

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