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Popular VTubers on Twitch


Popular VTubers on Twitch

With Twitch boasting over 140 million unique visitors each month, the platform has quickly welcomed a new generation of streaming influencers. Despite its immense success, some influencers prefer to create content anonymously, using animation as their secondary personas. Netinfluencer explores the alluring world of VTubers and lists the most popular creators on Twitch. 

What Is a VTuber?

VTubers, otherwise known as Virtual YouTubers, are content creators who disguise their real appearance using an array of computer graphics. These individuals often resemble Japanese animated characters, showcasing bold eyes and quirky personalities. 

This phenomenon originated during the 2010s and allowed certain influencers to show off their computer-driven AI skills by embodying a digital avatar. Despite their popularity on YouTube, VTubers experienced a resurgence in success during 2020, particularly on Twitch and Facebook Gaming. 


As the owner of the fictional The Weary 101, Takahata101 takes on the character of a virtual barman who soothes the struggles of his 118K followers. This VTuber’s animation style allows his followers to completely immerse themselves in this otherworld, inviting them to enjoy a variety of gameplays and just chatting streams. Takahata is known to play games such as Farthest Frontier as well as Peglin. Despite his success, Takahata101 wasn’t always known for his animated character. In 2020, this influencer discussed his previous struggles with addiction and uses The Weary 101 to acknowledge his growth both as a person and as a content creator.

Popular VTubers on Twitch


Together with their vibrant personality, SinderVTuber is well known for their lewd jokes and unforgettable sense of humor, building an engaged audience of 44.2K followers. She is often surrounded by the fiery flames of Hell, adding atmosphere to both her streams and her character. SinderVTuber showcases a wide variety of popular games such as Ring Fit Adventure, where she has even gone to the extent of animating the joy cons into her stream. When she’s not on Twitch, this VTuber can be found on YouTube where she has amassed an additional 18.6K followers. On this platform, she shares short clips of her larger streams as well as a variety of background music. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch

Olivia Monroe

Despite having just 12.4K followers, Olivia Monore has built an amicable and devoted community on her platform. Monroe posts content on a very regular basis such as reacting to the latest Nintendo Direct and playing games such as Subnautica. This VTuber is also well known for interacting with her chat, helping her to become very competitive amongst much larger creators. Olivia Monore is also active on TikTok, where she posts highlights of her streams for her additional 23.8K followers. Her content on TikTok also received high levels of engagement, as seen by her detailed comment section and a combined total of 80K likes. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch


TiffanyWitcher invites her 10.6K followers to travel down to her immersive lair and enjoy a varied range of humorous content. Known best for her feisty one-liners and innuendos, this VTuber has seen a lot of success, including becoming an award-winning charity streamer. Alongside her work as an advocate, TiffanyWitcher explores a number of enticing games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Saints Row. She continues her charity work and gaming content on her YouTube channel, where she has a budding audience of 431 subscribers. TiffanyWitcher uses this platform to collaborate with other creators, as seen in her video Celebrating Disability Pride with VTubing

Popular VTubers on Twitch


Delphron, also known as Delly, expresses a wide range of cozy gaming content, creating a supportive community for his 19.8K followers to engage in. This VTuber posts mostly on a weekly basis, sharing his latest updates in Stardew Valley and Minecraft. He also plays more invigorating games such as Geshin Impact and Cult of the Lamb, providing an array of content for his followers. In order to extend a sense of community on his platform, Deplhron has also built a Discord server for his followers to use when interacting with each other. Back in June 2022, Delly began posting on TikTok, where he managed to gain an impressive 1102 followers in just a few months. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch


This VTuber steps away from the traditional motifs seen in Japanese animation and takes on the role of an adorable cartoon panda called Umeru. AdmiralBahroo is also accompanied by another animated character known as Sam. This VTuber completes a selection of popular games such as Yazuka:Like a Dragon and Dead By Daylight for his 823K followers to enjoy. To captivate this large audience, AdmiralBahroo has also released a line of merchandise, showcasing the various animations of his loveable panda persona. Moreover, he also posts content on YouTube where he explains the lore surrounding his fictional characters to an additional 296K subscribers. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch


With an impressive 1.3 million followers, Ironmouse exudes a sassy and intoxicating personality which is much loved by her engaged audience. Ironmouse has been streaming consistently for five years and has produced a plethora of variety content during this time. She often conducts lengthy Just Chatting streams and plays a collection of puzzle games with fellow VTubers. This VTuber is also very popular on Twitter, updating her 693.8K followers on her latest stream schedule. In 2021, Ironmouse surprised her fans by creating a TikTok account, bringing in an additional fan base of 193.4K followers. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch


Known best for their unique Cyberpunk aesthetic, Zentreya has attracted a bustling audience of 358K followers. This VTuber was originally founded in a VRChat roleplaying community, where they were a part of a group called the Anti-Lewd Army. On Twitch, Zentreya uses an automated voice to help protect their real-life identity. This character was also once known as a red dragon in humanoid form but was transformed in 2022 into the persona we see today. They produce a selection of lengthy streams, playing games such as Phasmaphobia and Among Us. Zentreya is also affiliated with the VTuber group VShojo, which they first joined in November 2020.

Popular VTubers on Twitch


NimuVT is a successful streamer based in Argentina with a prosperous fan base of 2.2 million followers. This VTuber delves into an assortment of gaming content including Minecraft Let’s Plays as well as more off-beat games such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. She even takes this animated character over to YouTube, where she has a reaction channel with a further 65.9K subscribers. This channel allows her to comment on a variety of unconventional content such as As Seen on TV products and optical illusions. NimuVT also uses TikTok to share memes and other reactionary content with her 2.7 million followers. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch


As a bright pink eldritch cat, Nyanners has not struggled to quickly build an expansive audience of 850K followers. Her Twitch streams cover a large assortment of games including Metal Gear Solid and GeoGuesser, allowing her to interact with her audience on a range of different topics. Despite her large presence on Twitch, Nyanners is best known for her music, posting soothing remixes of some of the world’s most popular rap songs, Her independent album, Nyannerz Gonna Give It To Ya, has over 120 reposts and 934 likes on Soundcloud. She also uses Twitter to share fan art of her character and updates her 478.1K followers on her latest professional milestones. 

Popular VTubers on Twitch

VTubers on Twitch present a shift in the world of content creation, showing that influencers do not even have to show their real face in order to find success on a variety of different platforms. To discover more about the types of influencers on Twitch, visit our website

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