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The 12 Best Booktubers in 2022


The 12 Best Booktubers in 2022 

YouTube is a great way to connect with others and build communities based on shared interests. Booktube is a community on YouTube that has quickly risen in popularity. It brings all readers together and even inspires viewers to start and have fun reading more often. Here are 12 of the best booktubers active on YouTube right now.

YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms for people to get together and connect about common interests. There are so many communities on this platform like beauty, gaming, cooking, and more.

The 12 Best Booktubers in 2022 


One YouTube community that has really skyrocketed is booktube. Booktube is a welcoming space on YouTube for all reading lovers to come together and talk about books. The rise of booktube has inspired many viewers of all ages to have fun with reading and start reading more often.

We’ve rounded up some of the best booktubers on YouTube today, and we’re here to tell you about 12 of them! Let’s get into it.

What is Booktube?

Just as the name suggests, booktube is an online community for book lovers on YouTube. What started as just a small niche on social media, booktube has quickly grown into a welcoming community, encouraging viewers everywhere to pick up a book and start reading!

Booktubers post all types of content from reading vlogs to book reviews to book round-ups. Some larger creators have even hosted book-related events to bring everyone together in person.

There are also so many different genres that booktube creators focus on, so no matter your favorite genre, there’s sure to be a booktuber out there for you!

So, without further ado, here are the 12 best booktubers!

Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett is easily at the top of the list, as she was a part of booktube when it was just the beginning. Many people in the booktube community know and love Ariel for her sense of humor and thoughtful take on reading and book reviews. 

She covers a wide variety of genres on her channel including:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Classics
  • Fantasy
  • Graphic novels

Ariel also uses her channel as a platform to talk about climate change and the impacts of COVID-19. 

Check out her top binge-worthy book recommendations here.

Jesse the Reader

Also a pioneer of the booktube world, Jesse the Reader is known for his bubbly, high-energy personality in all of his videos. Jesse is a huge fan of young adult (YA) and fantasy books, but he also dabbles into some other genres on his channel.

He participates in many popular booktube trends like roasting book covers and his book turn-offs. 

In addition, he hosts a monthly series on the Epic Reads YouTube channel where he gives his takes on books that have been made into movies. 

Check out his opinion on which books do and do not need sequels here.

Peruse Project

Peruse Project, run by Regan, is your hub for all things fantasy-book related. She began her booktube account mainly covering fantasy novels exclusively, but she has since branched out into other genres such as thrillers and romances.

Some of Regan’s most popular content is her monthly book wrap-ups. However, she also consistently posts reading vlogs, book recommendation videos, and book hauls.

Check out her top 10 favorite fantasy books here.


Withcindy is known for being honest and relatable in all of her videos. She covers a wide variety of genres including young adult fiction, romance novels, thrillers, and more. She frequently posts different booktube tags and trends, but she puts her own little twist on them.

Cindy has a huge voice within the booktube community, as she uses her platform to feature books by people of color and queer authors.  

Check out her least favorite books of 2022 here.

The Book Leo

The Book Leo, run by Leonie, is full of all things bookish content. She makes all kinds of content from book reviews to reading vlogs to book recommendations. She also participates in popular booktube tags such as roasting her subscriber’s taste in books (all in good fun!) 

She also talks about books that were made popular by TikTok, also known as BookTok, and answers whether she thinks they’re worth the read.

Check out her ultimate guide to books blown up on TikTok here.

Jack Edwards

With over 1 million subscribers, Jack Edwards is easily one of the most popular booktubers. He does an excellent job at blending pop culture and reading into his videos. For example, in one of his most recent videos, he judges celebrity’s taste in books.

Other than booktube tags and trends, Jack posts a ton of different book recommendations and reading wrap-up videos. 

Check out his video about reading books he saw people reading on the New York City subway here.

Stories for Coffee

Stories for Coffee is run by Olivia, a self-described book lover and avid movie watcher. Viewers love her videos not only for the aesthetic visuals and editing she incorporates but for her honest and relatable takes on popular books.

The content on Olivia’s channel mainly consists of reading vlogs and book recommendations. She enjoys blending her reading vlogs with aspects of her personal life like travel, unboxing, and movie-watching.

Check out her favorite memoirs here.

A Clockwork Reader 

A Clockwork Reader is run by Hannah, an avid reader with a love for all things bookish content. A lot of her channel consists of highly specific book recommendations. For example, she has videos for books you can read in a day, books to get you out of a reading slump, and books that will make you cry.

Additionally, Hannah posts reading vlogs where she takes viewers along with her as she completes popular books and series. 

Check out her reviews on every single book she read this summer here.


NayaReadsAndSmiles is another early creator on booktube who loves the young adult fantasy genre. Run by Nai’a Kamehanaokala, this channel focuses on book recommendations, reading round-ups, and current reading videos. 

Nai’a also uses her channel to highlight authors of color. She even talks about her own experiences with colorism and how it has affected her in the booktube space.

Check out her favorite tear-jerking romance novels here.


If you love watching reading vlogs, Oliviareadsalatte is the booktuber for you. She posts tons of vlogs all in the reading space including book shopping, book unboxing, and 24-hour reading vlogs. A lot of her vlogs also include her book hauls.

Although she mainly posts vlogs, you will also find her posting the occasional book recommendation video or reading wrap-up.

Check out her recent weekly reading vlog here (plus, her only 5-star thriller book in 2022!)

Bowties and Books

Bowties and Books is run by Jesse, a black and queer creator who blends both their love for activism and passion for reading into all of their videos. Jesse has made videos about what it’s like being a person of color and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. This has inspired many other booktube creators to speak out about the same.

Alongside chatty content and reading vlogs, most of their content consists of to-be-read lists, favorites videos, book hauls, and book reviews. 

Check out their video on every book they’ve started in 2022 but didn’t finish here.

Hailey in Bookland

Last but certainly not least on this list we have Hailey in Bookland, a book lover and creator based in Canada. She focuses mainly on young adult (YA) and fantasy novels, but she tends to dabble in all different genres.  

She uses her videos as a way to interact with her subscribers. For example, she has recently made videos about books her subscribers would gift her and her subscriber’s favorite books of the year. 
Check out her favorite quick and easy book recommendations that will help you reach your reading goal here.

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