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The 10 Best Food Review Accounts To Follow On TikTok


The 10 Best Food Review Accounts To Follow On TikTok

We all love a delicious dish, but to be a foodie Is taking your love for food to a whole other level. Foodies are devoted to their content, but not all food reviews are genuine with their reviews and rankings.

With the ever-increasing demand for influencer marketing, food reviewers work like a life hack for restaurant owners and operators. 

The 10 Best Food Review Accounts To Follow On TikTok


While some food reviews are more trustworthy than others, It’s up to you to spot the differences and biases to determine which reviews are authentic and which are paid promotions. 

Here is a versatile list of all the foodies On TikTok that you might want to check out.

10 Best Food Review Accounts To Follow

1- @Karissaeats

Karissa, one of our favorite foodies to follow, is one of the best creative food enthusiasts due to the diverse range of content she offers. Karissa is on her own journey traveling the world on a cruise ship And reviewing delicious cuisines from around the world.

@karissaeats El Maco Burger! 🤤#fyp#foodie#McDonalds#Australia ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Karissa is a full-time singer on the cruise ship that enjoys new things and visiting new places and shares everything on her TikTok account.

From fast food to her daily meals on the cruise ship, follow Karissa and tag along on her journey. 


Bilal Bhatti is a Canadian food fanatic who makes and reviews different foods and dishes he finds on social media, mainly recommended by his followers. 

@goldengully Replying to @samuelbergeron2 #mapletaffy #snowstorm #candy #maplesyrup ♬ original sound – Bilal Bhatti

With impeccable cheffing skills and his humble character, Bilal is a positive influencer who will give his honest opinion on everything he tries out while showing you step by step how you can make it.

If you are into everything extravagant and against the norms of typical everyday fast food, GoldenGully makes content around anything from rare exotic fruits to weird traditional dishes. 

3- @s_Johnson_Voiceovers

A hilarious comedian and snack reviewer, Stefan Johnson, is one of the funniest food influencers on this list of best Tiktok foodies you need to follow. 

The influencer is known for the famous sound “This is a work of Art,” which recently became an internet-wide trend. 

@s_johnson_voiceovers Back again with @Screamin' Sicilian – Fun, Facts, and Fire Food! #AD #food #pizza #funfacts ♬ original sound – Stefan Johnson

Whether it’s fast food, snacks, or just a wild dish he found on the internet, Stefan always creates engaging, entertaining videos that never miss. 

Aside from his food-related content, S Johson can go on ranting about any food-making videos and absolutely kill it. 

4- @bechardgrave

Bec shares with TikTok everything food related and is a trendsetter for all foodies on TikTok. With over 117k followers on TikTok, Bec launched her recipe book and podcast, named the Fit and Full of it podcast. 

@bechardgrave RATING COSTCO FOODS…hazel is our dog 😂 #costco #costcohaul #mozzarellasticks #macandcheese #foodreview #americanfood ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Bec’s passion for fitness, finance, and everything in between keeps her content diversified and attracts people with similar interests across different niches. 

While Bec has her largest audience on Tiktok, you can find her all across different socials, with captivating long-form content on Youtube.

5- @how.kev.eats

LA-based food fast-food and snack reviewer who reviews some of the most random snacks from around the world while mainly comparing popular fast/street food. 

Kev also loves taking suggestions from fans and followers and will try almost anything if you keep suggesting it in the comments section.

@how.kev.eats Replying to @.aryaman_singh Mom’s Touch Fried Chicken Sando shoutout: @S.Ley #foodreview #mukbang ♬ original sound – how.kev.eats

With over 2.7 million active followers, almost any Video Kev makes is a hit and gets over 1 million views. 

One of the best influencers to get food ideas and inspo from, while also being one of the foodies who dominate the food review niche with his quick unscripted car reviews. 


World traveler and foodie by nature, shay is more of a local guide to everywhere he sets foot than a food reviewer. He creates these fantastic food experience collages, giving you many new ideas, restaurants, and places to visit.

@theshayspence very very fancy meal at victoria and alberts in disney world #grandfloridian #wdw #disneytiktok #finedining #foodtiktok #disneyadult ♬ Cafe Jazz BGM | Distribution / Video / Events(911839) – STAR DUST BGM

Initially, Shay tries out a bunch of different places during the period he is in another city or country and shares that content as single videos and a whole round-up of videos.  

If you’re looking to visit a new city and need help navigating local cuisines, check out this foodie who has most likely been there. 


A TikTok star and funny food influencer who started off reviewing coffees, specifically iced coffees, and worked his way through to become one of the most recognized Canadian food reviewers. 

Known for the phrase “Quick sip keep it healthy,” we followed this Tiktoker throughout his career and love his commentary and unique sense of humor. 

@tybridgwater Made my own Delissio Croissant Ad, its not Delivery. It’s Delissio! #DelissioCroissantPizza ♬ These Beats have Layers – Delissio

A foodie that’s more humorous than genuine with his reviews Ty Bridgwater is worth checking out for daily funny food ratings and food-making reviews. 


Sydney, Australia-based foodie who loves reviewing unique foods and traveling worldwide, creating food reviews as a full-time job. 

What’s unique about Lily is her enthusiasm for Asian cuisine and her courage to try some of the weirdest foods out there. 

@biteswithlily 7 Eleven fruit smoothie in Japan 🫐🍓 #711 #conveniencestore #japan #7eleven #fruit #smoothie #blueberry #strawberry #japanconveniencestore #japanfood #tokyo #icecup #asmr ♬ original sound – biteswithlily

Some of our favorite reviews from Lily are her Japanese Kirby Cafe and Louis Vuitton Cafe in Tokyo, Japan. Tag along with Lily’s unique journey and explore some of the fantastic foods out there. 


Nicole is a pastry and sweet foodie, offering a joyful take on the best-baked goods from coffee shops, grocery stores, and small businesses. 

While most influencers on this list go after traditional and unique global cuisines, Nicole is after the sweeter things in life. 

Some of her most popular reviews, include Starbucks Menu items, Dunkin doughnuts, and Crumble Cookies. 

@nicoleaxelrod happy holidays guys!! 🎄 #crumbl #crumblcookies #cookies #cookiereview #crumblreview #crumblcookies #flavors #newflavors #cookietiktok #cookietok #christmas #hannukah #christmascookies #fyp @crumblcookies ♬ Jazz that Christmas masterpiece 3 – Single Origin Music

A few things we love about Nicole’s content, and differentiate it from other foodies are her bright personality, honest reviews, and her balance of food and personal content, such as her flight attendant training videos. 

Providing A little bit of personal life in her videos and TikTok channel adds to the personalized experience gaining the trust of viewers with reviews, and adding to the depths of her online personality.


On to the finer side of food, this foodie only reviews extravagant and highly-rated restaurants, and never fails to surprise viewers with his out-of-the-box gourmet cuisine.

@highspeeddining Mountain of Caviar – Carte Blanche Restaurant in Dallas Texas – Restaurant Reviews #dallas #texas #food #caviar #tiktokfood #foodie #restaurantreview #docueatery #highspeeddining ♬ original sound – Joel Haas – High Speed Dining

In 2019 Joel challenged himself to eat fine dining every day and hasn’t stopped ever since, for more about Joel and his lavish dining experiences check out High-speed Dining.

Caviar, steak, and lots of seafood Joel may not be the perfect person to follow for food recommendations and places to eat due to his extravagant taste. But he leads a unique food journey you may not want to miss out on.

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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