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All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


All About Youtube Accent Challenges – Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges

About Youtube Accent Challenges

Youtube accent challenges are an easy-to-make entertaining kind of content that anyone can watch and relate to. There are two main youtube accent challenges going around. 

But you can certainly add your own touch and twist and make them your own. 

  1. The authentic accent challenge 

In this challenge, you will read specific words in your most natural way of speaking, entertaining viewers by pronouncing words they hear every day in an unfamiliar way to them. 

However, the secret to rocking this challenge is using the right word list, not all words are worth taking a shot at. 

Originating from Tumblr, this challenge took off and made its way across TikTok, Youtube, and other social platforms. 

All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


While some people still call it the Tumbler accent challenge, we think the challenge is appropriate for almost all social platforms and prefer calling it The Authentic Accent Challenge.

For more about the original Tumbler accent challenge, you can visit Accent Challenge: Word List, Tag Questions & Rules 2022.

  1. The accent comparison challenge 

In this accent challenge, you can collaborate with other YouTubers, or ask friends from different parts of the world to attempt it with you. You will pronounce the same words on the youtube accent word list in your own unique accent and dialect. 

You can use the popular wordlists provided below, or use your own research to create the perfect wordlist. Additionally, you can shoot multiple versions of this challenge in one take and chop them up into separate 30-second videos. 

A fun way to boost your views and create content that viewers from all over the world can enjoy and engage with. 

The same challenge that is now viral on Youtube has been viral all over TikTok and Tumbler, and would still make excellent content for either platform. 

All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


These Youtube accent challenges are the type of content you can make many different versions and parts of without your audience getting tired of it. 

While the different Youtube accent challenges can be done individually or in pairs, we think the second challenge is more entertaining and will perform better overall. 

No acting or additional fluff is required, just try to say the words you chose in the most natural way possible. 

You can attempt this challenge in so many different dialects and slangs, and can be leveraged as a viral strategy to expand your audience. 

The importance of using a word list 

As much as we love to just freestyle our content and hope for it to go viral, for this challenge you’re better off choosing your words carefully. 

No matter what language or slang you’re making this challenge about, using a concrete list of words that are pronounced significantly differently can make or break your video. 

Word lists will make every word you pronounce funnier and more entertaining than the one before it. 

All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


You need to aim for the perfect balance of imperfection to make your content epic, and do not go for hard-to-pronounce words. 

Also, try to avoid words that are often pronounced the same in every dialect, some words are just not that interesting to viewers. 

Good examples of words you shouldn’t use are: (Bye – here – when – ate – mail – slight – two where) 

Tips for selecting the right word list

The most crucial part of any accent challenge, and the key to creating the best youtube accent challenge. 

Finding the right balance of authenticity and scripted content depends on your personal measurement of quality content. 

Two important factors to take into account when creating your wordlist for  the Youtube Accent challenge are:

Relatability: Using simple words that even the youngest of your audience would know will increase the level of engagement, and ultimately boost your reach. 

All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


Humor: The funnier and more humorous the words sound, the better the likelihood of your video blowing up, and adds a competitive edge over other creators’ accent challenges.

Choosing words that vary in pronunciation across different dialects can help you grab viewers’ attention and influence engagement. 

Good examples of these words are provided in the section below, feel free to copy them and even make them your own by adding to them. 

Watch the best performing videos on youtube, try to analyze what they did right, and use it in your video. 

Commonly used Youtube Accent challenge Word lists 

The best wordlist for the authentic Youtube accent challenge as suggested by Looxcie

( ​​Aunt – Roof – Route -Theatre – Iron – Salmon – Caramel – Fire – Water – New Orleans – Pecan – Both – Again – Probably – Alabama – Lawyer- Coupon – Mayonnaise – Pyjamas – Caught – Naturally – Gin – Tumblr – Crackerjack – Doorknob – Envelope ) 

The best US VS UK English accent wordlist

( Advertisement – Aluminium – Brochure – Adult – Garage – Tomato – Leisure – Privacy – Basil – Vitamin – Parmesan – Nike – Dynasty – Salon – Schedule – Ask)

The difference between these words, and the ones you’d think of off the top of your head, is how common these words are pronounced in different ways.

You may be surprised by how many different ways people pronounce the word “Aluminum” or “Water”.

How to Use Word-lists for Youtube Accent Challenge 

Step 1:Get to know what works for you 

Have the word list on another device, or ask someone to hold flashcards behind the camera, then sync the words to match your speech on the screen. 

Having another person in the room telling you what you can adjust or change and assisting you, can make creating this Youtube challenge so much easier.

You can practice for the word list challenge by shooting a few takes and seeing how you talk, and being your very own critic. 

Attention to detail of pronunciation matters, practice a few times before shooting your Youtube accent challenge, but don’t be afraid to add a personal freestyle touch. 

While most content creators are perfectionists, viewers admire a sense of unscripted rawness of personality. 

How to practice for YouTube accent challenges

Through testing a few methods of practicing, we found that the best way to master this challenge is to have somebody behind the camera holding up the words.

Test your accent challenge wordlist before finalizing everything and deciding to shoot your video. Does your pronunciation flow naturally? Do you stutter on certain words? 

You can also make a backup wordlist in case any of the original words don’t go as expected, it’s helpful to have a list of backup words to use when needed.

All About Youtube Accent Challenges - Wordlists To Use For Your Youtube Accent Challenges


The best kind of challenges are the ones that you can make many versions of, and they all hit. Hoping on youtube accent challenges is the perfect example of easy-to-make “Evergreen” content. 

The same accent challenge you are making for Youtube can be posted all throughout your other social media accounts. Using the wordlists provided above you can make split to make more youtube accent short-form videos. 

Make a few and post them on your channel, and don’t forget to include a Youtube shorts version. Overall, content creation is all about fun, make it even more fun by making both a raw and edited version of you attempting the challenge. 

If your first attempt goes well and your video performs as you thought it would, a bonus move is to make other versions of the Youtube Accent challenge and ultimately, create a compilation of your different wordlists. 

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