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Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers


Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers

What Is Reselling and Why Is It So Popular?

Reselling is the act of buying a product from a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer and then selling said product for a profit. Though this process may sound a lot like drop-shipping, reselling focuses mostly on flipping second-hand products for a higher price online. This activity has become extremely popular over the last two decades, particularly as platforms like eBay and Whatnot continue to make their way into the mainstream.

Alongside helping these sellers to earn more money, this is a fantastic activity for those looking to protect the environment. Since the vast majority of this process consists of buying pre-loved items, sellers don’t have to fret about mass consumerism or doing more harm to the planet. Plus, a lot of these resellers have since taken to social media to showcase their daily buying and selling routine, ensuring that they can also take part in a number of lucrative brand deals. 

  1. The Great Reseller Life

This Reselling influencer has been selling items on eBay for over 20 years, making them a pioneer in this ever-developing field. From vintage Hot Wheels cars to niche action figures, The Great Reseller Life educates his 18.2K subscribers on the best items to look out for and explores just how well they perform on eBay. Alongside this type of content, this influencer also showcases how to use these platforms to the best of your ability, indicating how to list items as quickly as possible. The Great Reseller Life also posts content on their second channel called Dollie Does Whatever. Here, he explores the wacky adventures of Dollie, a puppet character who strives to entertain her 183 subscribers. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. The Homeschooling Picker

After posting her first video back in April 2021, The Homeschooling Picker has managed to build a bustling community of 144K subscribers in just a few years. As a SAHM who also homeschools her kids, this Reselling YouTuber decided to hit a selection of thrift stores to see if she could make a bit of extra cash online. Since then, she has managed to create a thriving eBay store as well as host her own stall at a local flea market. On Instagram, she offers more inspiration for her 23.7K followers by posting screenshots of her most recent items and discussing how much profit she made. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. The Rebel Reseller

The Rebel Reseller boasts having a handful of interesting jobs including a Navy veteran as well as a special education teacher. Together with all of these demands, she has also been reselling on eBay since 1999 and enjoys sharing these ventures with her 13.2K subscribers. This influencer produces a wealth of different content from her latest trips to the Goodwill bins as well as livestreams that help her followers to learn the tips and tricks of this fine art. She also shares the progress of her eBay account, highlighting how her vintage items are performing each week. Thus, she is an incredible Reseller to follow if you’re keen to learn how to maximize your earnings on this complex platform. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Beau Johnson

Though a lot of Resellers aim to earn a few extra bucks a month from their side hustle, Beau Johnson strives for much more. He uses his YouTube channel to show how he uses this medium to build a six-figure business and describes his aspirations to buy a house. With nearly 600 videos and 6.93K subscribers, Johnson leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his channel. Whether he’s showing off his latest stockpile of fashionable clothes or sharing the best tips and tricks to earning hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of work. This influencer is also a devoted coach, helping his loyal community of followers to mimic his success for themselves.  His 1-1 coaching course takes place entirely on Zoom and aims to keep Resellers motivated during slumps and educate them on how to successfully sustain their growth online. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Reseller Information Network

The Reselling community is surprisingly interconnected, even on an international scale. Many of these influencers tend to share advice and guidance with each other as well as their followers, which is why Reseller Information Network has managed to have a decent amount of success on YouTube. With 3.2K subscribers, this channel highlights the best way to find new stock and guides its followers as they learn to navigate nuanced platforms such as Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace. This influencer also enjoys conducting lengthy livestreams, particularly for their series Listing or Loafing, where they interact with others in the community and answer burning questions for their followers. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Reseller Workroom

The Hustle Couple, also known as Dan and Amy have been creating Reselling content since 2020. Recently, they created a separate channel called Reseller Workroom so that they can easily share their livestreams with their growing selection of 1.47K subscribers. These streams take place on a very frequent basis and tend to show the couple listing an abundance of items on eBay. This has been a successful approach for the couple as it offers them the perfect opportunity to communicate with their fans and give them a glimpse into their regular working lives. The pair have also received a few sponsorships, including a partnership with Vendoo. This platform allows Resellers to cross-list their items across a number of platforms, making it a perfect accompaniment for influencers who want to make this hobby their full-time job. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Shed Flips

Reselling couple Lonnie and Candice first started their channel Shed Flips in 2016 and have gone on to collect an impressive 57.7K followers. Though their channel has been up and running for several years, they didn’t start producing Reselling content until 2019. The couple is well-versed in the workings of eBay and strives to make a wide variety of content like Shorts and livestreams. Shed Flips also aims to highlight every step of their usual process, filming their packing process as well as how they hunt for goods at garage sales and thrift stores. These influencers also make good use of their Community tab, asking their followers key questions in order to boost their engagement and gain a better understanding of their audience. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. The College Picker

The College Picker has been informing its 77.5K subscribers how to make money online since 2012 and has managed to collect an assortment of experiences along the way. This Reselling influencer uses his channel to share an array of life hacks and selling tips such as how to repair a Toyota Prius touchscreen as well as how to put your eBay store on vacation mode. Though he is very experienced with the intricacies of eBay, The College Picker also sells vintage and nostalgic items on Etsy as another income stream. On Instagram, this influencer offers a snapshot into his personal life for his 14.9K followers and also shares how he continues to live a debt-free lifestyle. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Ralli Roots

Ryan and Alli are a testimony to the power of Reselling online and use their channel Ralli Roots to show how they transformed a small investment of $200 into a six-figure income. The pair also work on a number of lucrative platforms including Whatnot, eBay, and Tradesy, proving that there are a number of different ways to earn money through this side hustle. Ralli Roots mainly focuses on vintage t-shirts, some of which sell for around $200 each. In order to share their experience with their 224K subscribers, these influencers also host a comprehensive mentorship program. This course provides access to a lively Discord channel as well as personalized guidance from the Resellers themselves. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers
  1. Ginger Marvin

Ginger Marvin, also known as Catherine Marvin had already been Reselling for many years before she posted her first YouTube video in 2020. However, the introduction of her channel has allowed her to grow a tremendous community of 29.2K subscribers as well as an additional 24.7K followers on Instagram. Her most consistent video series is What Sold, where she goes through her latest collection of pick-ups and discusses how much profit she made in that week. She also produces laid-back livestreams with her partner so that she can converse with her fans as she lists her latest purchases on eBay and Kidizen. 

Top 10 Most Popular Reselling YouTubers

Though Reselling is a profitable activity in its own right, sharing these ventures on social media can also have a lucrative effect. These Reselling influencers have managed to accumulate a wide variety of additional incomes, allowing them to find a keen sense of financial security. They also have the potential to share these experiences with their followers, making them key thought leaders in their respective fields. 

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