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All of the Successes of Ebay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign on TikTok


All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok

Influencer marketing campaigns are becoming a key feature within popular culture with 1 in 4 brands looking to leverage content creators to help them further promote their work. TikTok has also grown into a popular platform for this type of content, aiding brands in receiving tremendously high levels of engagement. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will unpack the key successes of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown campaign on TikTok. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok


Objectives of the Sneaker Showdown Campaign

In March 2022, eBay paired up with TikTok to conduct the lucrative Sneaker Showdown Campaign. This project worked to generate a wealth of organic growth by using some of TikTok’s most popular features. As a result, the platform was able to create a bustling community and promote itself as a youth-focused brand.

eBay used a variety of in-feed promotions to encourage users to vote on their favorite pair of sneakers, in a unique March Madness style format. Therefore, each week a new pair of shoes would battle it out until a final winner was declared. Despite its simple approach, eBay implemented a collection of story-telling techniques to give the entire campaign an off-beat sense of flair and character. 

Aside from its vivacious presence on TikTok, the platform also created a specific Instagram account named eBay Sneakers. Here, its 144K followers could browse through a plethora of desirable sneakers and gain premium updates from this incredibly elusive industry. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok


What Features Were Used?

This campaign made good use of Voting Stickers, one of TikTok’s many add-ons that can be used to extend engagement across a wide selection of areas. eBay used this feature to create an assortment of unique polls, which audiences could interact with as a way to vote for their favorite pair of sneakers. As such, eBay could easily collect vital analytics about their newly-found audience without the viewer having to complete lengthy forms or surveys. 

The Sneaker Showdown campaign also used Spark Ads, a promotional advertisement that was designed to increase the number of audience interactions. These ads usually occur as soon as the user opens the app and is signified by a Promoted symbol at the bottom of the screen. Viewers can also duet these videos to help them create more original content surrounding a collection of viral trends. 

What Influencers Were Involved?

Harrison Nevel

Boasting an impressive 168.2k followers, Harrison Nevel is well-known for creating a selection of alluring content surrounding the world of desirable sneakers. For his work with eBay, Nevel showcased the platform’s unique authentication feature. After purchasing a pristine pair of Air Jordan 5s, this influencer shared how eBay is working alongside a team of expert authenticators to ensure that customers are always receiving a legitimate product. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok

Briana Green

As an acclaimed basketball player, it is vital that Briana Green is equipped with the best pair of sneakers to help elevate her performance. This influencer took part in a wealth of popular trends to promote her affiliation with eBay, helping her to form a stronger connection with her vast collection of 616.3K followers. She also took the time to share the semifinal of the Sneaker Showdown itself, sharing her opinion on the shoes on offer. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok

Qias Omar

Presenting an abundance of unboxing videos for his 626.5K followers, Qias Omar has established himself as a prime figure in the sneakerhead community. During the Sneaker Showdown campaign, Omar shared his own views on what he thought would be the winning pair and also encouraged his bustling community to take part in the competition. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok


Infamouskayce’s devotion to the fashion and lifestyle niche has allowed her to amass an admirable community of 231.8K followers. With regard to eBay, this influencer created a plethora of sponsored videos such as showing off the platform’s mind-blowing AR tool. She also commented on the results of the Sneaker Showdown campaign to help express her expertise in this profitable niche. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok

Ralph Romeo

With a growing collection of 61.9K followers, Ralph Romeo uses TikTok to show off his latest looks, making him a key asset to the fashion industry. Romeo also promoted eBay’s authenticity tool, presenting an assortment of desirable sneakers to his loyal fan base. He also used a range of screenshots and phone footage to share how user-friendly this interface can be. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok


Though she may only have 710 followers on TikTok, Tamaradhia still manages to build an amicable community on this platform. In May 2022, she visited eBay’s unique pop-up shop in LA, sharing how the brand is becoming a key force of competition in the sneaker industry. She shared a series of photos and videos from this trip, showing her talents as an up-and-coming creator. 

All Of The Successes Of eBay’s Sneaker Showdown Campaign On TikTok

Outcomes of the Sneaker Showdown Campaign

The Sneaker Showdown Campaign managed to see exceptional levels of success, gaining an outstanding 1.2 million poll views. The project also saw a 54% increase in comment rates, further exemplifying its immense engagement. Thus, we can assume that a combination of influencer endorsements and Voting Stickers were the main driving forces behind eBay’s success on the platform.

The overall outcomes of this campaign highlight how many global brands are looking towards influencers for their next outlet for growth. eBay’s phenomenal campaign relied on a variety of experienced influencers to help the brand successfully break into the highly competitive luxury sneaker market. 

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