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How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform


How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform

A staggering 49% of TikTok users believe that the app helps them to make key purchasing decisions. This highlights the platform’s immense influence, especially with brands who use it to create a collection of advertising campaigns. TikTok is constantly looking to support emerging brands, offering a wealth of resources and support to extend their growth and reach. To learn more about this phenomenon, Netinfluencer explores all of the updates from TikTok’s Marketing Partners platform.

What Is the TikTok Marketing Partners Platform?

In 2020, TikTok announced the first rendition of the Marketing Partners platform, which managed to gain an immense amount of success. The platform relies on a variety of creative and technological tools to help guide brands through their first social media marketing campaign.

Marketing Partners provide access to a range of optimization platforms such as Bidshake, Paragone, and Shuttlerock, meaning that brands can produce a high-quality advertising campaign all within one platform.

A variety of businesses have used this platform such as HP, who produced a viral Branded Hashtag Challenge to help promote its collection of sustainability practices. The campaign achieved an engagement rate of 18% and also managed to earn 1.4 billion views. 

How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform


What Is the Purpose of the Platform?

Marketing Partners aims to support brands of any size, encouraging them to produce high-end campaigns that are able to reach an incredibly devoted audience. This also allows them to tap into new markets and demographics, again extending their growth. 

TikTok also created this platform to help retain advertisers. Now that these companies can produce projects just from TikTok’s collection of tools, they have no reason to seek help elsewhere. 

How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform


What Assistance Is Available?


This category allows users to discover a range of visual assets that can help elevate their marketing campaign to the next level. Businesses can also use these tools to learn how to make high-quality video production, as well as the best practices for creating content on TikTok. Creative is a key element of TikTok’s successful influencer marketing strategy as it helps businesses to select the right content creator for their campaign. As such, brands are better able to access new markets and sway the purchasing decisions of a much larger audience. 

How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform



As part of the TikTok Made Me Buy It movement, Commerce aids businesses in maximizing their online sales as well as helping them to build a fully-fledged e-commerce store. Commerce is also useful for tracking key performance metrics such as sales, revenue, and shipping details. This is because Marketing Partners offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard that can be viewed by various members of your team. As a result, these tools allow brands to begin selling to an engaged audience on TikTok, without having to build a separate platform.

Campaign Management

For brands looking to broaden their existing advertising projects, Campaign Management offers all of the tools needed to create, track, and promote a successful social media campaign. This portfolio of tools provides an assortment of automation features, meaning that brands can manage their campaign with ease. This category also showcases a wealth of actionable analytics, offering key advice to help you scale your campaign. 


Sound is one of the key elements of TikTok’s success, engaging viewers like never before. Marketing Partners help to broaden a brand’s success by presenting them with a collection of viral sounds for them to use as they please. This category also showcases an abundance of independent artists, giving brands the opportunity to support emerging creatives within their next advertising campaign. With a range of flexible subscription plans to choose from, these tools have the ability to benefit those with any type of budget. 


TikTok also provides a wide variety of custom effects, such as filters, augmented reality, and CGI. This state-of-the-art technology not only inspires businesses to adhere to viral trends but to also produce their own branded effects. The Effects category combines these tools with rich customer data to assist brands in their content creation strategy, offering assistance to businesses that are looking to amplify their consumer engagement rate.

How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform



Brands must be able to track the success of their campaign throughout various milestones to ensure that they are constantly seeing a high ROI. Measurement provides brands with a selection of premium tools such as in-app data metrics, impression tracking, and brand lifting to facilitate an advertiser’s growth, whilst still remaining within their budget. These tools are presented across a wealth of analytics dashboards, allowing brands to access and monitor them at any time. 

How Can the Marketing Partners Platform Help Your Business?

TikTok’s Marketing Partners platform offers an array of useful tools which have the potential to support businesses of any size. As a result, even developing SMBs can reap the benefits of the platform’s e-commerce revolution. In turn, Marketing Partners offer both large and small enterprises the same collection of tools, helping to produce an extremely competitive and dynamic environment for them to operate in.

This platform also supports brands with content creation, meaning that they do not necessarily have to recruit separate videographers to help them produce engaging videos. Moreover, Market Partners encourages users to collaborate with influencers, allowing brands to gain access to an incredibly large audience base without having to create content themselves. This can help brands to reduce their overall costs and lead them to build a selection of long-term professional partnerships. 

Marketing Partners showcases a selection of flexible subscription plans, making it an affordable option for even the smallest of businesses. Thus, emerging brands can truly amplify their content strategy and use a variety of viral sounds. This can help brands form a deeper connection with their audiences as well as gain more reach in their campaign. 

How to Use TikTok’s Updated Marketing Partners Platform


TikTok’s Marketing Partners platform is just one of many initiatives that the platform is using to support businesses in their growth on the app. This platform boasts a variety of creative tools, some of which compete against industry-standard software. As such, businesses now have the resources to produce leading advertising campaigns, alongside some of TikTok’s highest-performing creators. 

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