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How to Access TikTok’s New Audience Insights


Access TikTok’s New Audience Insights: A Step-by-Step Guide

TikTok famously has the highest engagement rate of any social media platform, making it a fierce force of competition for other popular platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. With so much reach and usage, it is vital that brands can monitor their engagement effectively to help them stay on track and reach new goals. The platform has recently extended its analytics dashboard to give them more information about their viewership. As such, Netinfluencer has all the details on TikTok’s latest Audience Insights data.

What Are TikTok Audience Insights?

As part of the TikTok Ads Manager platform, Audience Insights are a set of key data that conveys the diversity of your audience. This data is then used by businesses to help them refine their advertising campaigns and tap into new and competitive markets.

These insights can also be used to aid businesses in their workflow, prompting more productivity and success. With a range of quantitative and qualitative data to choose from, marketers can now gain a more comprehensive view of their typical audience. This allows teams to come together to strengthen business decisions and achieve a higher rate of success. 

TikTok also encourages businesses to use Audience Insights to gain inspiration and information about trending topics. Brands can see what their audience is also watching on the platform, which gives them more detail about other popular market segments that they can begin to infiltrate. 

How to Access TikTok’s New Audience Insights


How Can I View Them?

TikTok’s new Audience Insights features are located in the ‘Reporting’ section of the Ads Manager page. Here, users will also find a wealth of filters that can help them to better refine their search. 

To access these insights, users must also have a TikTok For Business account. This provides them with the right tools to create, promote, and track an advertising campaign on the platform. 

What New Features Have Been Added?

Define Your Audience

TikTok Audience Insights provides users with an assortment of customization filters, each with a collection of sub-filters to give them a more in-depth look.

  • Locations: This filter showcases where your audience resides around the world. Therefore, you can see where your products and services are becoming most popular.
  • Languages: Here, you can analyze how your audience communicates. This is helpful for those who may need to update their campaigns to support multicultural audiences.
  • Demographics: Brands can now see which age ranges engage with their campaigns, making it easier for them to adhere to their customers’ needs.
  • Ad Interest Categories: This highlights the audience members who have interacted with a specific collection of ad campaigns. For example, individuals who have engaged with a cosmetic brand.
  • Video Interactions: These are audience members who have viewed and engaged with other videos in the past.
  • Creator Interactions: Brands can also refine their audience to show which influencers they have engaged with. This is paramount for brands looking to embark on their first influencer marketing campaign and looking for the right influencer to collaborate with. 
  • Hashtag Interactions: This indicates which hashtags are most common within your most active audience. 
  • Devices: You can even see what type of devices your audience is using in order to engage with your content. 
How to Access TikTok’s New Audience Insights


Audience Overview

If you wish to just see a simple overview of your audience, TikTok Audience Insights allows users to analyze simple graphs based on key metrics. These are 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • State
  • Device Operating System (e.g: Android, iOS)
  • Device Prices (These are only available in USD)
  • Top 10 Interests
  • Bottom 10 Interests

Audience Interests

The final feature allows users to analyze their audience interests based on their favorite hashtags and ad categories. Brands can also add certain filters to this data to gain a more nuanced look at their viewership. For example, you can refine your search to show the most popular hashtags for males aged 18-25.

This offers a much more specific look into your landscape and allows you to maximize your campaign using data that is free and readily available to you. 

Benefits of Using TikTok’s Latest Audience Insights

These new features give businesses the chance to uncover the intricacies of their audience base without completing any costly or arduous market research. In turn, this allows brands to reduce their costs and still gain incredible results in their marketing campaign. This also gives them the skills to operate other campaigns on other platforms. Therefore, even the smallest of businesses have the capability to launch a variety of prosperous social media marketing campaigns.

TikTok’s Audience Insights now allows users to download their audience data straight to their personal devices. By using the ‘Export All’ function, users will be able to download their data into a spreadsheet, which they can access at any time. Brands can then share this information across their business and with any eligible partners or shareholders. This offers the same benefits as some of the leading research platforms but in a much more accessible format. 

Lastly, these insights showcase their audiences’ key interests, which helps businesses to understand their competition but also where they can improve. Through the use of ad categories, hashtags, and creator preferences, brands now know how their audience uses TikTok on a regular basis. Thus, businesses can now master the TikTok algorithm and collaborate with influencers that are best suited to their audience. 

How to Access TikTok’s New Audience Insights


TikTok’s new Audience Insights highlight how many businesses are looking to extend and maximize their latest social media marketing campaign. These tools also allow brands to become more aware of their most recommended influencers, promoting a series of successful campaigns and brand sponsorships. 

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