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YouTuber Backdrop - The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos


YouTuber Backdrop – The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos

Whether you are a vlogger, a performer, or you have any other kind of YouTube channel, choosing the right backdrop is important for your success. Discover best practices and easy, creative and effective ideas for YouTuber backdrops.

One of the first things viewers notice when they click on a YouTube video is the backdrop. The backdrop you choose literally sets the stage for your videos, making it an essential element to get right.

This post will give you some creative and easy ideas for effective YouTuber backdrops. But first, let’s go over why it is so critical to put time and effort into choosing a suitable backdrop.

Why Your YouTuber Backdrop Matters

YouTuber Backdrop - The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos


Picking an appropriate backdrop for your YouTube videos helps you achieve the following:

  • Establishing your tone and brand.
  • Demonstrating your professionalism.
  • Defining your personality.
  • Helping the viewer focus.

A low-quality backdrop will distract your viewer and send the wrong message about your personality, values or channel. But a beautiful backdrop that is a fit for your videos will help communicate to viewers what they can expect from your content.

Best Practices for YouTube Backdrops

When creating YouTuber backdrops, follow these best practices:

  • Avoid backdrops that are too busy. You do not want the background to be so cluttered that it pulls attention from the foreground.
  • Consider lighting, contrast and color. Make sure the color(s) in your backdrop and the lighting do not create aberrations in the hues of objects in the foreground.
  • Choose a backdrop that fits with your personality, theme, subject matter and format.
  • Think within your budget and time constraints.

Top YouTuber Backdrop Ideas

Now that you have an idea what to consider when you are deciding on a backdrop for your videos, let’s go over some top ideas for YouTuber backdrops.

1. Paper

If in doubt, go basic with your backdrop. A simple paper background in a sold color can provide you with a totally clean and unobtrusive setting for your videos.

In fact, even if you do not want to use a solid color for the long term, this makes an excellent short term solution while you work on something else.

2. Fabric

Another option for a fast and simple YouTube backdrop is to hang some fabric behind you. There are so many options here to consider: muslin, a sheer curtain, some patterned fabric, a quilt, a blanket or even a tapestry. Your look can be minimalist, maximalist or anything in between—it all depends on what you hang.

3. A privacy screen

Another simple idea that frankly does not get enough use is a privacy screen or room divider. These come in numerous different materials, colors and patterns, and are quick and easy to set up or take down as needed.

4. A textured interior or exterior wall

A regular empty interior wall can offer a clean YouTuber backdrop, but drywall can also may feel a bit too stark and barren. If you want to use a blank wall, consider choosing one with a texture such as stone, wood or brick. For a really eye-catching backdrop, you could even shoot your video with a graffiti-covered wall behind you.

YouTuber Backdrop - The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos


5. A room in your home

The backdrop ideas above can work pretty much regardless of what type of content you produce. But for some kinds of YouTube videos, it is also entirely appropriate to simply use the backdrop of a room in your home.

Keep in mind that this approach is best if you are, for example, a vlogger or product reviewer. In these scenarios, your home backdrop helps to reassure viewers of your authenticity. In fact, showing your real home environment may actually be better than a clean backdrop like paper or fabric.

For more formal content, however, such as videos produced for a business audience, you should generally avoid using your home as your background.

6. The great outdoors

If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area, you might consider taking advantage of it by using outdoor settings for your YouTuber backdrops.

Viewers might judge you from the appearance of your house, but nobody is going to negatively judge a lake, river or forest.

Shooting outdoors can also give the impression that you lead an active life and are connected to nature. This can be great for certain topics, i.e. sports, outdoor activities, or anything related to eco-conscious living.

YouTuber Backdrop - The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos


7. Wall art

If you want to shoot with a wall in the background, you could always consider transforming the wall into something more interesting.

Doing so might involve hanging some interesting wall art you have stumbled across, or creating your own. This type of backdrop can show off your excellent taste or showcase your creativity.

You also can tailor it to precisely convey the tone you want to set and to be as clean or detail-packed as you’d like.

8. Shiny stuff

Whether it’s tinsel or glitter, YouTubers right now are enraptured with all things shiny and shimmery. So, if it is suitable for your topic, consider adding a bit of sparkly pizzazz to your backdrop.

9. A chalkboard or whiteboard

Is your topic related to education or work? You might consider using a whiteboard or a chalkboard for your backdrop. You could even apply chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint to transform an entire wall.

This type of backdrop not only presents a clean surface, but a useful surface. For technical topics in particular (i.e. math, computer programming, engineering, etc.), it can be a game-changer, since you can create detailed visual aids for your viewers right there on the wall behind you.

But even for non-technical subjects, a chalkboard or whiteboard makes an amazing backdrop. You can outline your video as you go, make silly doodles, or use it for anything else that springs to mind.

Incidentally, chalkboard paint is very trendy with DIYers, so it can be an especially good style choice if your niche is home improvement or décor.

10. Your workspace

Finally, for certain topics or types of content, workspaces can make appropriate backdrops.

If you are making a video related to your profession, for example, it might make perfect sense to shoot it in your office, workshop, or so on.

A workspace also is a logical backdrop if you are making how-to content. Filming with your garage or craft room on full display will put viewers in the right frame of mind to follow along with your steps and get to work on their own projects.

YouTuber Backdrop - The Top YouTuber Backdrops And How To Choose The Right One For Your Videos


The Right YouTuber Backdrop Sets the Tone for Your Videos

Putting together a suitable backdrop for your YouTube videos does not need to be expensive or complex.

When you choose a backdrop that is a solid fit for your type of content, you can establish trust, set expectations, filter out distractions, and pull viewers into your content.

With the ideas above, you now have the inspiration to create beautiful and effective backdrops to use on your own YouTube channel.

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