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Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One


Youtube Vlog Ideas – The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Are you struggling to think of any good ideas for video content?

Thinking of new vlog ideas can sometimes feel challenging, as inspiration is not always forthcoming.

Are you struggling to think of any good ideas for video content?

As a YouTube creator, it can be hard to always think of great content ideas. Sometimes you have no creative drive, leaving you feeling deflated and defeated.

Rest assured, we’ve compiled a list of top YouTube vlog ideas for you to try, which will help keep your content fresh and exciting.

How to Choose the Right Vlogging Idea for Your Channel

When choosing a vlog content idea, there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Your target audience: Will your audience like that type of content, and does it meet their requirements and expectations from your channel?
  • Your competition: Has your competition done something similar? If so, was it successful? How can you put your unique spin on it to ensure you are not copying from other creators?
  • Your budget and available equipment: Is the idea you have feasible? Can you afford the tools and equipment you need to make it work?

The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Your Daily Routine

Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Providing an insight into your daily routine is an excellent choice of content, especially if you have an impressionable younger audience. It is essential to provide your audience with context and promote yourself as a good role model for those watching your content.

Cover an Event

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of YouTubers covering live events on their channel. Generation Z is much likelier to head to YouTube to catch up on their favorite events, and you can take advantage of this by creating your own coverage.

Share Your Goals

One type of content that many creators like to do is a “Share Your Goals” post. This type of content is incredibly well-received near New Year, as people set resolutions for the upcoming year.

You can also use this video as a benchmark to revisit when you achieve those goals, which will add plenty of value to any viewers that have been loyal to your brand over this period.

House or Room Tour

Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Viewers love to feel like they know content creators better than just watching them on their screens. When creating YouTube content, it is easy to look at the relationship with your viewers as you give and they take, but by creating house tour content, you give them a little insight into the inner workings behind the content they consume.

Be cautious about what information you share, and don’t ever tell your audience your address. However, if you are happy to share information about the behind-the-scenes part of filming, your loyal following will be very grateful.


Challenges are a fantastic way to engage your audience and add a little thrill and excitement to your content. 

If you produce gaming content, and you have completed a game that lots of your viewers enjoyed watching, why not create your own in-game challenges to complete?

You’ll make the game more fun for yourself to play with the new unique challenges, and your audience will get to see you play more of the game they love. It’s a win-win.

Tell a Story

Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Telling a story to your viewers is an excellent way to build rapport with your audience and help them feel they know you better as a creator.

Got a funny story from a night out with your friends or time spent with other leading creators? Share it! Just be careful not to share anything that could get you in trouble or get your video demonetized.

The more personal the story, the more loyal your viewers will feel toward you and your channel.

Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

“How To” guides

“How To” guides are an excellent way to provide your audience with engaging and insightful content and will result in plenty of viewers revisiting your channel if the information is insightful and valuable.

“How To” guides also make you seem like an expert in a particular subject, which can come in handy when promoting products or working with sponsors within that industry.


2022 saw the rise of what was coined the “React Meta.” Reacting has quickly become one of the most popular forms of YouTube content and, if done well, can lead to thousands of new views and subscribers.

Reaction content is pretty simple once you have identified content to react to. Ensure you provide enough comments throughout so that you don’t look like you have just stolen content, and always ask a creator before using their content in your videos.

Draw My Life

Youtube Vlog Ideas - The Top Youtube Vlog Ideas and How to Choose the Right One

Although this type of content is not as popular as it was several years ago, draw my life videos are still extremely popular.

Not only do you get to show off your creative side, or lack thereof, but you also get to offer your viewers an insight into your life story in a friendly and engaging manner.


When done correctly, parody content can be fantastic and very funny. There is a fine line to walk with parody content, especially in 2023. You must ensure your content is made tastefully and that your parody content does not come across as mocking or bullying.

However, if you do manage to create parody content that doesn’t offend, you are sure to get many laughs.


Similar to parody content, if prank content is performed correctly, it can be highly enjoyed and is one of the most likely video content ideas that could go viral.

As with parody videos, you must ensure the pranks are not mean or bullying, but if you manage to pull this off and you have the right type of audience for prank-based content, it could be very successful for your channel.


Another form of video content that stands you in good stead for any future sponsorships is review-based content.

When people consider purchasing a product or service, they often head to YouTube to hear reviews for real-life purchasers of that product or service.

If you provide educational and honest reviews, people will appreciate that information and begin to trust your opinion on many things. 

Many sponsors like to see that you have a loyal following before working with you, and if they see that you create excellent review content, that is a significant advantage that might make them choose your channel over a competitor.

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