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Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube VideoTop 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video


Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

This article will outline the top 10 Q&A questions you can try out in your next YouTube video.

Sometimes it can be hard for YouTube creators to engage with their audience. Viewers can leave comments and opinions on YouTube videos, but there are few ways to interact with clients in real time.

This issue is even more prominent for content creators with a large following. The bigger your following, the more comments you will see under videos, the more direct messages you will receive, and the harder it will be to reply to each one of them. 

One way this can be done is through live YouTube content, similar to streaming on Twitch. However, not everyone has the right content to go live on YouTube and might get nervous about producing live content.

One form of content that works well as live content or as a video to engage with fans is question-and-answer sessions. This article will outline the top 10 Q&A questions you can try out in your next YouTube video.

If you want to take your viewer engagement to the next level in future videos, you could ask them to share questions they want you to answer in the comments section. 

Not only will this ensure you have high engagement on your Q&A question, but it will show you whether there is a desire to see this content again in the future and offer you some ideas for questions too. 

Before you post any question and answer content, you should ensure there are no questions you would rather not answer.

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

As an influencer, you can often feel pressured to give your audience details about your life. Still, it is perfectly acceptable, and in some cases appropriate, to keep some private life details to yourself.

Finally, never share any personal details, such as your home address. Sure, most of your viewers will be kind-hearted, well-meaning individuals, but some may have malicious intent and could put your safety in danger with that information.

It is always better to air on the side of caution!

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Top 10 Q&A Questions to Try

What is your favorite TV show?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

An excellent starting point for any Q&A session is to discuss popular television and movie content. While some people like sports, and some enjoy academia, almost all of us enjoy watching television from time to time, so this is a safe bet for question number one!

For your viewers, your answer will offer insight into your favorite TV genre, and you might even get suggestions for similar shows to try from your chat.

On the flip side, if your audience hasn’t heard of the show, your review might tempt them to try it, and it could lead to an even greater following for your favorite show.

Remember to only talk about shows that are relevant and sensible for your audience. If your average audience is under a certain age demographic, don’t suggest too adult-based content.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

As well as informing your viewers about your favorite TV shows, don’t forget to include movies and TV that you hated!

It might seem like a strange concept at first, but when you think about it, discussing content you hated often comes with a fantastic story and one your audience would likely love to hear.

How did you end up watching your least favorite movie? Was it a movie night with friends? A terrible first date? An awkward watching experience with your parents? Often this will lead to a story that your audience will find insightful and entertaining.

Whatever movie you choose, be careful not to bash it too much, just in case it is a particular favorite for most of your audience!

Which sport do you like the most?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

Once you have worked your way through TV and movies you enjoyed and hated, another aspect of your life that is probably easy for you to discuss and that your audience will want to hear about is your sports background.

One great way to engage with your audience is by revealing your favorite sports team for different sports. For viewers that also support that team, it will make them like you even more.

For fans that hate that team, it will offer them a fun and engaging way to tease you in your future videos. 

Remember, the more likes, comments, and engagement you get with your content, the more YouTube values it as great content, and it is more likely to share it with a wider audience, increasing your view counts.

What is your biggest fear?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

As a streamer or YouTube content creator, many fans will only see your best side and will often see you as a person with no flaws, no uncertainties, and no unhappiness.

However, no one lives without fears, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities. While it might be tempting to have your audience believe you are squeaky clean and perfect in every manner, it will be much more beneficial to show weakness.

Sharing your biggest fear is a fantastic way to do this, and the vulnerability will make you more personable, more relatable, and bring you closer to your fans.

On top of this, you might even get some excellent advice from your fans that can help you overcome your fears.

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

If you have noticed the main demographic of your audience is at an age where they will still undertake several tests, this question is an excellent opportunity to help inform and educate them.

You can tell a fun, light-hearted story about how you got caught cheating to keep the content engaging, but remember to highlight that cheating is bad, and they shouldn’t do it under any circumstance.

After all, part of being a content creator is ensuring you are a good role model to your followers.

What is a talent nobody knows you have?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

If you would class yourself as a veteran content creator, one that has been in the game for many years, it is likely that your audience all believe they know everything about you.

So if you have a hidden talent or skill they are unaware of, this is a fantastic option for your Q&A list. 

Not only will you show them they don’t know everything about you, but you will also entice them to tune into future streams to see what other talents you have hidden.

This could even transition into a monthly series where you try new things your audience suggests in the comments on your videos.

What do you miss most about being younger?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

Nothing beats a bit of nostalgia! Take your audience on a journey back in time and offer them an insight into your past and upbringing, which will only make them more loyal to your channel.

What is the most trouble you’ve been in?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

YouTube content creators are a little like secondary school teachers. You often forget that they have a life away from their job and that they have to deal with a lot of the daily issues and problems that we do.

However, even the most clean-cut content creators have gotten into trouble once or twice! 

Opening up to your audience and talking about an instance where you got into a lot of trouble will have a similar impact as opening up about your fears will do.

It will show another side to you that most of your viewers haven’t seen before and will make you seem more personable and relatable.

Just be careful not to share any stories where you broke the law, though, especially if it was something you could still get in trouble for.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

Outlining your ideal day allows your audience to establish your preferences and priorities in life.

It could be a lavish day out or spent with your family or fans. This question is a great way to share your personality.

If you could have dinner with anyone alive, who would it be?

Top 10 Q&A Questions For Your Next YouTube Video

If you’ve ever tuned into a Q&A session on YouTube before, chances are you have heard this classic question. 

It might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s a classic for a reason! Try and be creative and unique with your answer, and be careful not to choose anyone controversial!

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