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YouTube Create Opens The Gates For Content Creators To Produce Next-Level Videos On The Go


YouTube Create Opens The Gates For Content Creators To Produce Next-Level Videos On The Go

YouTube has launched a new video editing app called YouTube Create that aims to simplify the process of creating Shorts and long-form videos for content creators. The free app, now available in beta on Android across 13 countries including Australia, Brazil, and Spain, provides tools to streamline video production from recording to publishing, the platform announced on February 28.

YouTube Create Opens The Gates For Content Creators To Produce Next-Level Videos On The Go

“With YouTube Create, creators can make video creation simpler, easier and more lightweight,” says YouTube Create Product Manager Kelly Lau-Kee, who also provided details on the app’s features.

According to her, aspiring content creators can now maximize their video content simply by utilizing the following features:

  1. Recording videos directly in the app, then immediately editing the clips. Creators can capture content on the go without extra equipment. Convenience and flexibility.
  1. Adding royalty-free music from YouTube Create’s library of thousands of songs, avoiding any copyright issues when monetizing the final product. Once the footage is recorded, creators can rest easy knowing record labels won’t push to take down their clip.
  1. Using the “beat matching” tool to perfectly sync transitions between clips to the rhythm of the selected music track. Make the whole process flow as smoothly as possible.
  1. Applying filters, effects, stickers, and animated GIFs to further stylize videos. Enhance the visual aspects the audience will find innovative.
  1. Improving audio quality with the “Audio Cleanup” feature that removes unwanted background noises. Video makers can make their recordings sound cleaner.
  1. Recording voiceovers and enabling auto-captioning to transcribe speech and customize caption styling. Once the visual segments are set, creators can focus on getting their message across with advanced captioning tools.
  1. When editing is complete, users can upload Shorts and long-form videos directly to the creator’s YouTube channel with a single tap, saving a lot of time and potentially increasing daily output.

While floaty and mobile-focused, the app packs an array of professional-tier editing capabilities. The seven listed features are there to elevate video production by giving creators powerful but intuitive tools at no cost.

YouTube says more features are coming to YouTube Create based on feedback from its global creator community. The platform aims to empower a new generation of video creators and meet evolving demands in the flourishing digital content economy.

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