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Instagram Revamps Brand Partnerships With Creator Marketplace


Instagram Revamps Brand Partnerships With Creator Marketplace

Instagram is expanding its Creator Marketplace, a unique platform that connects brands with content creators. The platform, which was first tested in the US in 2022, has onboarded thousands of creators and brands and is now set to expand to eight new markets, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, India, and Brazil. Chinese export brands will also be invited to connect with onboarded creators in countries outside of China.

Instagram Revamps Brand Partnerships With Creator Marketplace

The expansion of the Creator Marketplace comes with new features that will allow brands to find the perfect suits to help boost their marketing campaigns while also aiding creators in gaining exposure. Instagram is testing machine learning-based recommendations that use Instagram data to help brands more easily discover creators who are the best fit for their campaigns. Eligible brands in the US can access these recommendations over the coming months on Instagram’s Creator Marketplace in Meta Business Suite.

Instagram Revamps Brand Partnerships With Creator Marketplace

One of the most powerful collaborations on the Creator Marketplace is partnership ads, which allow advertisers to amplify content with a creator or other partner’s handle to scale their collaborations. Partnership ads are the most performant and transparent way for advertisers and creators to run ads together, and the Creator Marketplace helps brands discover creators to partner with.

Instagram Revamps Brand Partnerships With Creator Marketplace

To join the Creator Marketplace, brands can sign up through Meta Business Suite, while creators can join from their professional dashboard in the Instagram app. Creators can indicate brands and interests relevant to them and create a portfolio to highlight what makes them unique. Once brands and creators come to an agreement, they can create and launch their campaigns. Advertisers can boost organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including branded content with the paid partnership label, or they can create new partnership ads in Ads Manager.

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace represents an innovative way for brands and creators to benefit from campaigns. By connecting brands with the right creators and helping creators get discovered by brands, the platform is evolving to offer even more ways for brands and creators to connect, partner, and grow.

The expansion of the Creator Marketplace to new markets and the introduction of new features like machine learning-based recommendations demonstrate Instagram’s commitment to supporting the creator economy and helping brands find success on the platform.

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