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World’s First Vlog A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging


World’s First Vlog: A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging

In this article, we’ll take a look at the world’s first vlogs ever made and how they have changed up to this day.

Vlogging is a trend that no one can deny. With its potential to capture someone’s attention just like movies do, they have grown until taking over the digital world. 

Vlogs have come a long way since the days of early internet content creators who decided that having a camera and something to talk about was a good starting point. 

But who were these early vloggers and what did they talk about?

How could something so common become so appealing that, even though trends change, its potential remains undeniable?

World’s First Vlog: A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging


First, what is vlogging?

Vlogging is essentially just taking your webcam (or any camera), recording yourself talking about whatever you want, and then uploading that video to the Internet. It’s kind of like how people used to write letters or diaries that they would keep in their homes, but instead of writing them on paper, vloggers use the power of video content.

Vlogs can be about your own routine, your opinions but also about specific processes that you go through, like choosing a career, applying for a job, or even trying to get over a breakup. 

With the power of storytelling and a strong combination of different resources like visual elements, sounds, and engaging transitions, vlogs have created an unimaginable impact that most people can not resist. But, what makes vlog content so easy to enjoy?

What makes vlogging appealing?

The first reason is aesthetics: vloggers have been able to capitalize on the fact that they can frame their videos in any way they like. This means that they can choose what parts of their lives they want to share. This sense of control over one’s own image is obviously appealing, mainly because it’s something we don’t get much of in our everyday lives.

World’s First Vlog: A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging


Another reason is reliability: when you’re watching a vlogger talk about something, there’s no doubt that it will be their opinion, they’ll tell you what they think about things, rather than just repeating things someone else said or trying to sell you something. That makes them trustworthy and reliable sources of information about whatever topics interest them most.

A clear timeline of vlog content 

The word vlog comes from a combination of the term video and blog, a combination that comes to englobe a type of video content with a strong narrative nature. Blog posts were around since 1994 and they were already known for their potential to share meaningful stories across the web. Vlogs came to the scene to take the same goal that blog content was already achieving but with a new, engaging approach that only video can achieve.

Vlogging can be traced back to the early 2000s when Adam recorded a video to talk about his journey to Los Ángeles to later upload to his own website. This first vlogging attempt was disruptive, but it was not until years later that it will be followed by a crowd. Adam’s vlog was thrown into the world in an era where vlog content was not an accessible option for everyone, mainly because of the expensive equipment required to record video content.

It wasn’t until the mid-2000s, with the combination of factors that included the availability of affordable digital cameras and the launch of Youtube, that vlogging began to take off as a form of online expression.  In 2005, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first-ever video to the site, which was, surprisingly (or not) a vlog of himself at the zoo. This first video helped set the foundation for YouTube’s emphasis on user-generated content. The way for the rise of vlogging was already paved. Growth was almost inevitable.

World’s First Vlog: A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging


Technology did its thing and, while society was getting more and more used to having devices at the top of their finger, filming became a more affordable activity. In 2006, while Youtube was already experimenting its growth, Lolnelygirl15 entered the scene. This content creator who openly talked to the camera from her own bedroom defined herself as a dork video blogger and, sooner than later, she became a viral sensation. However, it was later discovered that this channel was actually professionally produced by a company, and lolnelygirl15 herself was an actress. Yes, kind of a disappointing end for what seemed like an inspirational story. But, disappointment aside, this was a huge influence on future creators.

By the early 2010s, a lot of people had digital cameras to document their precious moments. And some of them decided to use them as a way to talk about things that other people might want to hear. The paved way was a crowded one and many vloggers were positioning themselves as internet sensations with lots of views and subscribers.

World’s First Vlog: A Quick Look Into The History Of Vlogging


How has vlogging evolved since it first appeared

Nowadays, vlogging can be about everything.

Study with me, days in the life, Q&As and even commentary videos. Each of these serves specific audiences by providing information, but also company. The company of having someone telling you what you need to hear, even if you can not respond.

It is exciting to think what the future holds for this versatile format. Do you think that vlogs will ever get obsolete?

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