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All About the Woosh Beauty Influencer Program


All About the Woosh Beauty Influencer Program

Woosh Beauty targets women who appreciate make-up but also love devoting time to other activities such as family, work, travel, and hobbies. This article unpacks the brand, its target market, and most importantly who the Woosh Beauty influencer is and how to become one. This is a full scoop on Woosh Beauty Influencer Program.

The Brand, Audience and it’s growth

Woosh Beauty tailored their products to suit their market, creating a beauty range that delivers more while taking less time to apply. No emphasis is placed on any specific age group making Woosh Beauty one of the more inclusive make-up brands. If anything, the brand is a testament to women’s empowerment. 

All About the Woosh Beauty Influencer Program

The brand has evolved since its launch. This is not uncommon, considering the changes in the market. In 2017 Woosh Beauty launched in 150 ULTA beauty stores. This is a sizable achievement for Woosh Beauty and the brand’s CEO and sole investor, Andrea Abraham. When talking about Woosh Beauty’s beginnings and growth in Episode 56: How Woosh Beauty Got Into 150+ ULTA Beauty Stores with CEO Andrea Abraham on the Glam & Grow podcast, Andrea speaks about her challenges to bring the brand to life.

Their Influencers 

Woosh Beauty harnesses the power of micro-influencers that showcase the brand’s strengths: speedy and easy application. Many influencers have taken to YouTube to review products or share make-up tutorials, while others use Instagram. Woosh Beauty’s target market is not age specific. Anyone who appreciates this make-up is invited to use the brand. Therefore, the influencers used are as diverse as the interesting women this brand targets. 

All About the Woosh Beauty Influencer Program

Make-up artists and beauty experts suit the brand well, demonstrating the product’s proficiency. However, considering the brand’s target audience, influencers of varying levels of make-up experience can be considered. Provided they create quality content that drives sales and can engage with the audience. Micro-influencers fit the profile, targeting pockets of the market and allowing for more meaningful engagement. However, influencers with a greater number of followers are welcome to the party too.

The most influential personalities endorsing this brand are the women featured on Woosh Beauty’s blog page. In each feature, Woosh Beauty interviews professional women who are passionate about their careers, lives, and other interests. Carrying the hashtag #WomenWhoWoosh, these women provide incredible and inspiring insights. 

We have featured a few Women Who Woosh (use and have endorsed the brand) : 

Wendi San George 

This celebrity hair and make-up designer is known as the make-up department head of Deal or no Deal, Hollywood Game Night, and Howie Mandel. She came across Woosh Beauty on Instagram and immediately reached out. She speaks about this and her 30 years in the make-up and beauty industry, in the August 2022 interview hosted by the brand and posted on their blog site. 

Dana McGlone

Dana, a meteorologist who sports Woosh Beauty make-up, is an accomplished scientist in a male-dominated field. She leads an active life that has nothing to do with make-up and she prefers that most days. But when she needs glam assistance, she turns to Woosh Beauty. She covers this and her inspiring career highlights in her Woosh Beauty interview

The Levesque Triplets

Athena, Arianna and Andrea are the Levesque Triplets. These sisters’ model, create content, and act. They are affiliated with many other fashion and beauty brands, appeared on several T.V Shows and live their brand through use of fashion and love of art.  In Woosh Beauty’s October 2019 interview with them, they gave the brand the inside scoop on Fashion week and their favorite Woosh Beauty make-up.

How to become a Woosh Beauty Influencer 

If you’re interested in becoming a Woosh Beauty influencer, submit your application on Woosh Beauty’s influencer Contact Page. Complete the online form, which requests the following information:

· Name

· Contact details

· Instagram and other social media handles

· Niche

· Location (and address)

· Fold out face palette shade

· Answer to this question: Why do you want to work with us (Woosh Beauty)

Click submit and wait to be contacted to find out if you are a fit!

Pssst: It appears that Woosh Beauty is focusing on influencers based in the USA

How to promote Woosh Beauty? 

Social Media engagement through posts and content is how Woosh Beauty attracts their shoppers. Regardless of the platform, always include the names of the products with links and discount codes. Content must be engaging, and aligned with the brand. Understanding your audience helps create audience-specific content. 

Let’s tackle this according to the different platforms:

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are well suited to posting product launches or sales, with promo or discount codes. Include a glam shot, short promotional video, or a product review. 

Live to stream

YouTube make-up tutorials garner a lot of interest. Create specific looks and make use of themes, e.g, make-up tutorials for busy moms and getting ready in 5 minutes. Demonstrate the ease, and versatility of the make-up.

Product reviews can also be done on live streaming. Side-by-side comparisons of Woosh Beauty and other established brands, are effective in helping followers gauge the wearability and quality of the products. 

Other channels

Woosh Beauty uses their blog page to promote products. You can also use this platform to write reviews and do tutorials. 

Collaborating with other influencers on their channels combines followership and increases your reach.

Email marketing has been a successful method used by Woosh Beauty. Innovative emails about Black Friday campaigns or reminders about upcoming sales are examples.

We handpicked some examples for your review : 

Whitney Fransway

Whitney is a wellness, lifestyle, and beauty influencer. She created this mini make-up tutorial for  natural make-up look. In 15 seconds, she conveys the brand message effectively. Although Whitney does not speak, the content is still highly engaging. She makes use of trendy music, relevant hashtags and a short caption. The success of the video comes from the combination of all these elements being well executed by Whitney.


Gail is a fashion blogger, who concentrates on the 50-plus audience. Her Instagram video reviews Woosh Beauty’s lip gloss. She encourages followers to shop using her Instagram handle. Gail wears no other make-up but the lip gloss she is reviewing. This puts the spotlight on the product, it’s smooth application and neutral tone that enhances a natural look. This content provides value for her audience but also lets the product stand alone for fair review by followers of all ages. 

Rebecca Aneloski

Rebecca uses YouTube to promote the Woosh Beauty Fold-out Face Kit. She shows and tells us what the kit includes and shares her first impressions. Rebecca highlights the convenience of this product for travel, and its quick application.The video is useful and relevant to shoppers. Rebecca includes links to the products and other videos she has done for Woosh Beauty products. This content will easily convince viewers in doubt to buy the product, as Rebecca’s review is not sales pitchy but honest and authentic. Nothing works better than this style.

Woosh Beauty’s website has more valuable information and examples on their blog. Check it out.

This article provides practical information on the brand, its audience, expectations of influencers, and examples. Woosh Beauty is still making its presence known and felt in the market, opening up opportunities for many make-up and beauty influencers or influencers who align with their brand. This could be your ticket to connecting with them and taking the next step in your career as a successful influencer. Grab this opportunity!

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