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All About The Grey Bandit Influencer Program


All About The Grey Bandit Influencer Program

With brands expected to spend an estimated $4.6 billion on influencer marketing campaigns, it is no surprise that these initiatives are becoming more commonplace in the world of social media marketing. Influencer marketing can also help brands form deeper connections with vital audiences, ensuring that they can continue to compete against others in the field. To discuss the success of this type of marketing, Netinfluencer will refer to the Grey Bandit influencer program and how it can help creators boost their income and engagement rate. 

Company Background

After completing their undergraduate degrees in 2017, triplets Lindsey, Courtney, and Robert Glasser set out to create a brand that would break the stigma surrounding mental health issues as well as adhere to the style of the younger generations. To help them become more competitive in this incredibly dynamic niche, the team decided to share their vast selection of products on Instagram, offering the brand a wealth of positive exposure. 

Grey Bandit’s success on social media led them to work with a plethora of desirable influencers, forming three-month contracts with creators from around the world. This allowed the brand to collate a catalog of support, ensuring that they can consistently tap into their variety of lucrative customer bases.

Though this brand began its life as a simple venture to keep the founders occupied after graduating college, it has managed to see grandiose levels of success. In just four years, Grey Bandit has managed to earn $5 million in revenue and still donates 30% of its net proceeds to vital mental health organizations.

Who Are the Grey Bandit Influencers, and What Do They Do?

In order to work alongside a variety of desirable influencers, Grey Bandit devised a unique program exclusively for content creators. The first cohort for this program was selected in 2021 and required influencers to use Instagram and TikTok to promote an array of popular garments. This content had to show the outfit in full, encouraging influencers to produce engaging and creative videos such as try-ons and hauls. 

Though the influencers were asked to produce an assortment of high-quality content, Grey Bandit was not concerned with traditional metrics such as follower counts. In turn, the brand relied on micro-influencers to showcase the versatility of its product line. For example, Lexi Hidalgo used TikTok to create a diverse haul for her 2.3 million followers. She also supplied them with a discount code that they could use for future purchases. 


Just found this gem in my drafts @greybandit code LEXI

♬ original sound – Lexi Hidalgo

What Are the Grey Bandit Influencer Requirements?

Grey Bandit is often seeking new cohorts to collaborate with, making this an ideal venture for influencers who are looking to work alongside a transformative fashion brand. This influencer program requires creators to keep their active social media platforms public throughout the duration of the partnership. As such, this ensures that potential customers can always engage with the content and inspires them to complete a purchase on Grey Bandit’s online store.

This program is only available to US residents over the age of 18 and asks that candidates respect and adhere to the deadlines given. This creates a professional relationship between the brand and its desired creators, building a secure foundation for future projects. 

How To Promote Grey Bandit Products as an Influencer and Make Money

This brand enjoys sharing the work of influencers and often posts images of creators on its own Instagram page. Previously, Grey Bandit has highlighted the work of Ani Victoria and Mel Martinez, ensuring that product names are listed in the description for ease of purchase. If you are looking to reap the same level of exposure, try tagging Grey Bandit in one of your own posts. This can help your audience become more aware of the brand’s success, and place you in a favorable position for potential collaborations. 

Since Grey Bandit is also recognized for its CSR initiatives, namely in the world of mental well-being, it is an ideal brand to highlight if you also discuss the crucial matter of mental health. You could dedicate a blog post to this concept, or even reach out to Grey Bandit directly to see if you could contribute to the Ride the Wave blog. This can also help influencers who are looking to showcase their skills in copywriting as well as social media marketing. 

How Influencers Promote Grey Bandit on TikTok


With an impressive 784.9K followers, Hallesoswag successfully promoted Grey Bandit on TikTok by supplying her loyal followers with an exclusive discount code. She also modeled a series of popular items such as the woven gray sweatpants, giving her audience a detailed look at the design. 


@greybandit officially my new favorite pants🤍 code ‘halle’ for $$ off!!

♬ Pink + White – Frank Ocean

Kyra Aaliyah

This fashion influencer followed a similar format, producing a stylized try-on haul for her 144.2K followers. Kyra Aaliyah sported a unique blouse and a simple floral print dress, indicating the brand’s diverse product line and minimalist style. She also offered more detail about the products on her Instagram Stories. 


#ad @greybandit try on haul ✨ outfit details on IG stories! discount code: KYRA15 #greybandit #greybandithaul

♬ Come Back Be Here x Teach Me How To Dougie mashup – DJ Rog 🎧

Presley Anne

Presely Anne gave more insight into Grey Bandit’s swimwear range, sharing a collection of garments that can be worn on holiday. She also offered a glimpse into how the items are packaged, helping 43.5K followers to know what to expect when they purchase the clothes for themselves. 


putting y’all on to the best bikinis @greybandit @Ana #haul #haultok #greybandithaul #greybandit #bathingsuithaul

♬ Summer day – TimTaj

How Influencers Promote Grey Bandit on Instagram

Maren Shea McGrath

Maren Shea McGrath was featured on Grey Bandit’s Instagram Stories, labeling her as a Bandit Babe. This particular post showcased a complete outfit from the brand, offering product names and a tag to her personal account. This helped McGrath to become associated with this developing fashion brand and also increased engagement with her 10.2K followers. 


This influencer was linked to Grey Bandit after tagging the brand in one of her posts. Thatchickfilagirl, also known as Nicole, was sporting a knitted zip-up jacket, helping her to create the ultimate fall aesthetic for her 11.3K followers.

Sydney St Cyr

As an accomplished travel and lifestyle influencer, Sydney St Cyr has an outfit for just about any adventure. During her trip to Maryland, this influencer tagged the brand in one of her posts, leading to a positive response as well as a wealth of engagement. Thus, her 2167 followers were able to gain fashion and travel advice all from one post. 

How Influencers Promote Grey Bandit on YouTube

Giana Galan

Despite having only 142 subscribers, Giana Galan has managed to produce a handful of high-quality videos. This influencer offered a comprehensive review of Grey Bandit’s collaboration with Ana Stowell, giving her audience a detailed look into the nuanced product line. 

Greta Wilson 

Known best for her joyful weekly vlogs, Greta Wilson also shares what she wears during her incredible vacation trips. During her trip to Orlando, Wilson created a swimwear try-on video that allowed her 23.3K subscribers to gain some inspiration for their own vacation outfits. 


With a growing audience of 349 subscribers, Babyyyli followed a more off-beat approach when promoting Grey Bandit’s selection of items. This influencer purchased a mystery bundle, allowing her audience to observe a random selection of clothing and see for themselves if they suit their own personal styles. 


Although Grey Bandit started as a pet project for three college students, it has quickly grown into a popular fashion brand with the younger generations. Its work with influencers also exemplifies its drive to enter new markets and see exponential levels of growth. 

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Melody Day is a UK-based copywriter, working in developing industries such as travel, beauty, and lifestyle. She creates digestible copy that is fully optimized for SEO and gains positive engagement from readers. They are able to create engaging blogs and website copy for a range of unique brands.

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