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The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok


The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok

Gaming is a lucrative industry that has managed to see an exponential level of success across a majority of social media platforms. In 2022, TikTok reported that gaming-related videos saw around 3 trillion views on the app, offering a key insight into the future of this diverse niche. To discuss this idea further, Net Influencer will explore the main findings displayed in the What’s Next Gaming Trend Report from TikTok.

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok

Who Conducted the Survey?

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report was carried out by TikTok and works to display the benefits of promoting games on the platform as well as acting as a comprehensive playbook to help brands achieve this goal. 

The data showcased throughout this report was collected by TikTok itself, mainly via previous studies and surveys. It also includes references to popular hashtags to help highlight the influence of trending phrases within this niche. 

This report is also a subsidiary of a much larger collection of data known as the What’s Next Trend Report 2023. As such, this report focuses solely on the impact of gaming on the platform and offers actionable advice and examples to help marketers use TikTok’s vast portfolio of creative features effectively. 

Survey Methodology

After analyzing the abundance of data within this report, TikTok has managed to present a trio of forecasts for the future of gaming. These are Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community Built Ideas. Therefore, these categories indicate how the platform is working to upkeep these prosperous trends as well as predict how they will impact the wider circles of the marketing industry. 

Each of these categories also uses a collection of Key Trend Signals, which are a range of guidelines that aim to support brands who are looking to work alongside influencers to promote their next game. These signals are an integral part of the research because they add a useful case study element to the large amount of quantitative data. 

Three Key Takeaways

  1. 77% of TikTok users enjoy it when a brand creates an interactive challenge that they can involve themselves in. 
  2. 75% of users believe that the platform offers them the chance to join a community of like-minded people. 
  3. 78% of global TikTok users believe that it is acceptable for brands to experiment with different forms of content. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding in this report supports the need for interactive content, showcasing how branded challenges and memes are becoming a popular force within the influencer marketing industry. TikTok also uses this finding to promote its Branded Mission campaign, a platform that allows brands to crowd-source their next project using talent from the app. In turn, this finding not only emphasizes the importance of brand-generated content but also offers a way for these brands to act on their ideas without having to use any other external platforms. 

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok

Three-quarters of global users also believe that TikTok is an ideal platform for joining a plethora of online communities and conversing with other people. With regard to the gaming industry, this is particularly important as it means that gamers can discuss the nuances of the latest release and promote it to other potential customers. This report uses the example of Roblox, who collaborated with a collection of influencers to help showcase the collectivist nature of the game. Thus, this can also help online role-playing games continue to create an amicable atmosphere for players to enjoy. 

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok

Although marketing on TikTok can seem like an intimidating feat for many brands, nearly 80% of users appreciate it when brands take a step out of their comfort zones and try something new. For example, this report highlights the popularity of fandom edits, which take desirable pieces of footage and edit them into a short video for fans to enjoy. Thus, the platform advises that brands take note of how their fans are expressing their appreciation of a certain game and learn to respond with a similar level of passion and interest. 

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report By TikTok

Link to the Report

The What’s Next Gaming Trend Report can be found on TikTok’s website alongside a collection of other reports and playbooks that can help brands achieve their campaign goals. 

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