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How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok


How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok

Data informs us that TikTok is expected to earn over $18 billion in 2023, which is a 22% increase from the previous year. In turn, it seems that many brands are looking to produce content on this lucrative platform and learn to reap its benefits. TikTok has also released a series of initiatives to upkeep this progress. As a result, Net Influencer will discuss everything you need to know about Creative Challenge on TikTok. 

How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok

What Is Creative Challenge?

First announced in June 2023, Creative Challenge is a new and intuitive way to help brands get the most out of their time on TikTok. This new in-app feature gives brands the opportunity to create a selection of prosperous video ads and will receive additional incentives based on their performance. 

Alongside this, creators are now able to scroll through this vast collection of potential opportunities and find the one that best suits them. As such, both brands and influencers have the ability to tap into new markets and earn a profitable source of income in the process. Influencers will also get full creative control over their content, ensuring that they can act in a way that best reflects their style and audience. 

These ads are scattered throughout a user’s For You page, meaning that they can instantly interact and engage with them. This tool is also associated with TikTok’s wide range of artistic resources, including Branded Effects, the Commercial Music Library, and the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Therefore, all applicable users will have everything they would need to produce a highly effective marketing campaign. 

How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok


How Does the Feature Work?

This feature requires brands to provide a pitch for their respective video campaign, providing the influencer with information about its mission and target audience. Then, an influencer will be asked to submit a video in response to this task. This content is then analyzed and sent off for approval by TikTok itself. As such, this tool acts as a catalog for influencers looking to complete a brand deal and ensures that they can achieve this without leaving the confines of the app. 

Once a video has been approved, influencers will be able to see the overall status of their submission and assess where it lies in the performance rankings. If the video has amassed a wide selection of commendations, the creator will receive a collection of additional rewards. Thus, influencers will not only get the chance to work alongside a series of iconic brands but are now able to receive rewards from one of the world’s most successful social media platforms. 

This feature also offers influencers a variety of feedback on their work, giving them the chance to revise or alter their content if needed. These videos cannot be seen on the influencer’s profile and will be used exclusively as ads on the platform. 

How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok


What Tools Are Included?

Creative Challenge offers a wide range of useful resources to help further establish TikTok as a prolific platform for social media marketing. Throughout this program, influencers will be paired with a range of other experienced creatives such as a Creator Community Group and the Mentor Program. These groups aim to help influencers share insight into their respective industry and discuss new ways that they can further monetize their content. 

For brands, Creative Challenge offers them the chance to collaborate with a wealth of nuanced creators without having to conduct any influencer outreach tactics. Advertisers will be offered 30 creatives over 10 days, giving them more than enough time to select the influencer that best suits their specific campaign. 

What Are the Entry Requirements?

In order to take part in the Creative Challenge Program, TikTok asks that candidates are over the age of 18 and own a US-based account. The platform also requires users to have a minimum of 50,000 followers and must abide by the Community Guidelines at all times. 

How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok


Benefits of Using Creative Challenge as an Influencer

Creative Challenge is an excellent tool for both brands and influencers as it offers them the chance to work on a collection of imaginative projects without the hassles of communication difficulties or bureaucracy. This is also a useful opportunity for influencers who are keen to show off their diverse skills and work alongside brands that are outside of their comfort zones. Therefore, this encourages influencers to work harder to defeat the competition and discover new ways to make their content stand out from the crowd. 

Despite its wide variety of exclusive benefits, this program has a range of relatively low entry requirements. With the goal of 50,000 followers in mind, a lot of smaller influencers now have the prime opportunity to delve into the world of paid content creation. As such, TikTok can now collate a very nuanced selection of up-and-coming creators and ensure that they have the same number of opportunities as their larger counterparts. 

This program also offers influencers a lot of creative control and direction, something that may not be seen in a traditional brand deal. Using this tool, influencers are able to revise their submission and appeal any changes, allowing them to promote a higher sense of confidence and experience. Thus, this is a great way to showcase the validity of influencer marketing and ensures that content creators are better able to stand their ground in this ever-changing industry. 

How To Use Creative Challenge To Collaborate With Brands On TikTok


Creative Challenge is just one of TikTok’s many resources that aim to help influencers secure a plethora of high-quality brand deals. By allowing influencers to choose the project that appeals most to them, brands are reassured that they can work alongside content creators that have experience in that niche and are able to produce the best work possible. 

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