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What We Said Podcast A Look At The World Of Pop Culture And Entertainment


What We Said Podcast: A Look At The World Of Pop Culture And Entertainment

One of the reasons why chatty podcasts are so popular is because they’re so relatable for the audience to listen to. What We Said, hosted by best friends Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade, talks about topics in the lifestyle, pop culture, and entertainment space in a relatable, funny, and even heartfelt way.

Within the past several years, podcasts have increasingly grown in popularity and success. With so many different genres and types of podcasts out there, there really is something for everyone. We’re going to take a look at a podcast that encompasses the world of pop culture and entertainment.

The What We Said podcast is hosted by long-time best friends Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis. In the podcast, they talk about all types of topics from relationships to health to pop culture and more. They connect with their audience by telling fan stories, giving heartfelt advice, and incorporating the occasional guest on the show.

Let’s dive deeper into the hosts behind What We Said, the success of the podcast, and what topics are covered on the show!

What We Said Podcast: A Look At The World Of Pop Culture And Entertainment

The Hosts Behind What We Said

What We Said is hosted by best friends Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis who are originally from Arizona. Jaci is a social media influencer who is known for her aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed and branding expertise, and Chelsey is a health coach who is passionate about motherhood, health, and wellness.

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The podcast first premiered back in 2018. Now, the podcast airs every single Tuesday. 

Themes and Topics Covered in What We Said

Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade have a wide variety of interests that come together in a relatable, informative, and entertaining way. They talk about different lifestyle and pop culture topics on the show including relationships, health, entrepreneurship, and more! Here’s a closer look at 3 episodes where they talk about different topics.

“Feminine Energy + How to Be Confident”

In this recent episode, Jaci and Chelsey talk about body positivity and confidence. They are joined by guest star Jessica Janae, and she expands on her experience with body image, insecurities, and gaining confidence back. Additionally, they talk about how to channel your feminine energy, how confidence can change your life for the better, and how to move past body insecurities.

“The Day That Changed My Life…”

Premiering in November of 2021, this episode will tug at your heartstrings, as Jaci and Chelsey share their viewer’s heartwarming stories about the day that changed their life. The stories range from a random act of kindness to a sudden miracle to huge life changes. This style of content allows Jaci and Chelsey to connect further with listeners, and it’s one of their most popular types of episodes on the podcast.

“Episode 22 – Testing Our Personalities”

Airing all the way back in 2018, in this episode, Jaci and Chelsey take different personality tests and see if they agree with their results. They take the Myers-Briggs test, the Enneagram test, the Color Code test, and the Four Tendencies quiz. They also talk about the difference between defining yourself and confining yourself, and how knowing your personality type can help you make positive improvements in your personal and professional life. 

What We Said Podcast: A Look At The World Of Pop Culture And Entertainment

Podcast Reach

The What We Said podcast has 64.6K followers on Instagram and 11.7K followers on TikTok. The hosts have their own individual YouTube channels, but there is not a channel specifically dedicated to the podcast.

As of January 2023, What We Said was ranked #48 on Apple Music’s US Society & Culture category.

Based on this analysis we estimated that the What We Said podcast receives 100k to 500k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, YouTube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Format of What We Said

On the What We Said podcast, Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade talk about all different kinds of topics, and they change up the format of their episodes pretty frequently. Here’s an overview of some different formats they incorporate into their podcast episodes.

  • Advice columns: Both Jaci and Chelsey have lots of experience with dating and relationships, and they are both now married. Therefore, they do a lot of relationship, dating, and marriage advice episodes
  • Sharing listeners’ stories: A very popular format of theirs among listeners is sharing fan stories, which can range from workplace horror stories to relationships drama and more
  • Guest stars: When sharing specific topics, they invite guests who have lived through whatever they’re talking about allowing them to share their personal experience  

Guests on the Show

When Jaci and Chelsey talk about a specific issue or topic that can benefit from another perspective, they invite a guest onto the show to share their personal experience. Here are some examples of when guests appeared on the show:

  • In an early episode, Chelsey’s younger sister Abbey Gustafson is featured on the show to talk about her experience in dealing with anxiety disorder.
  • In another early episode, friend and influencer Aspyn Ovard is on the show to talk about how she’s built a successful business and social media presence.
  • In a Mother’s Day episode, the girls invite their mothers, Stefany Gustafson and Jill McKee, onto the podcast to talk about motherhood.
  • Holistic Health advocate and influencer Kenzie Burke is featured on an episode to talk about overcoming diet culture and eating for your body.
  • From The Blonde Files, Arielle Lorre is featured on the show to talk about beauty and wellness topics such as botox, filler, working out, and more.
  • In a more recent episode, health and wellness expert Chervin Jafarieh is featured on the show to talk about holistic health and the importance of taking care of both your mind and body.


Since 2018, Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade have grown the What We Said podcast at a successful rate, and it is one of the most popular lifestyle-centered podcasts on the market today. Episodes air every single week, and you can tune in through these platforms:

Listen on Spotify here.
Listen on Apple Music here.

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