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Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times


Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times 

Nikki Glamour moved around constantly growing up, providing her with a lot of fodder for her future story time YouTube channel. Today, she shares how she comes up with story time content ideas, her strategy for working with brands, and the biggest highlights of her decade-long YouTube career.

About Nikki Glamour

Nikki Glamour is a story time, fashion, lifestyle, and true crime YouTuber with nearly 650,000 subscribers. She is originally from Texas and grew up in a single-parent household with her mom. They moved around a lot, inspiring many of her later story time videos. In 2013, she started her YouTube channel while working two other jobs. 

Nikki shares, “I’m in that generation where we only did it [YouTube] for fun. I would come home and start making makeup videos.”

As she continued creating YouTube content, Nikki came across story times and was instantly attracted to the format. She began uploading story time videos between her beauty content, and it immediately took off. 

She describes her purpose on YouTube as being the person she wished she had around when she was in her teenage years. 

“I went through my teenagehood, and my mom worked a lot, so I was essentially by myself in that sense. There was a lot of decisions being made by myself, a lot of situations that I had to navigate by myself without cousins, siblings, or best friends because I didn’t stay anywhere long enough to create those type of connections.”

Nikki’s story times allow her to show others that you’re not alone and many people go through crazy situations. 

Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times 

Coming Up With Story Time Content

None of the stories featured in Nikki’s story time videos are fabricated. She shares that all her story times are real stories with changed timelines, locations, names, and ages to ensure she’s not putting someone at risk of being publicly identified. 

“A lot of times you’ll be able to connect with that person because you’ve experienced something similar, and a lot of us think, oh my god, this only happens to me, and it doesn’t.”

Nikki shares that initially, she thought these crazy stories only happened to her as well, but now she’s heard even more intense stories from her subscribers. 

Some of her most viewed stories include dating a celebrity’s son and fighting a pregnant girl in middle school (Nikki was jumped by them and was unaware of her pregnancy).

Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times 

Nikki’s Content Schedule

Currently, Nikki posts on YouTube about once a week. However, she recently expanded and began posting on different platforms because of YouTube’s recent copyright and demonetization issues. 

On TikTok, Nikki shares a lot of lip-syncing and get-ready-with-me videos. She posts more fashion content on Instagram, such as her outfits and jewelry. She has recently been posting reels featuring stories about her everyday life and motherhood to gauge her audience’s interest in that type of content as well. 

She adds, “I decide which stories of my life that I share, but as far as my life on an everyday basis, I’m pretty private. I’m very careful with what I post on each platform as far as like content and what I’m willing to share.” 

Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times 

Working with Brands

Nikki’s long career has given her many opportunities to work with brands from various industries, including jewelry, fashion, makeup, vitamin brands, and more. She has also worked with several food companies, like Home Chef. 

She says, “I’m very much into taking care of your body, so I don’t share brands with my audience that I don’t actually believe in.”

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After a brand reaches out to her, the partnership process starts with a meeting. 

“We have a meeting so that they [the brand] understand that it does have to continue to be an organic integration into my content. I cannot mold my content around their brand or what they want me to market if they’re coming to me to work with me, to reach my audience.”

Nikki has two primary requirements for brand partnerships:

  1. She needs to believe in the company and its product wholeheartedly
  2. The brand cannot have creative control over how she integrates their product into her work 

The Biggest Highlights of Her Career

One of Nikki’s favorite brand campaigns has been with the carbon-neutral, designer jewelry brand Ana Luisa. 

“They reached out to me and worked with me on a design that was of my first pair of baby earrings that I was gifted when I was little. I showed them the earrings I wanted to make…They were able to bring it to life, and I was able to market it. It was a limited edition pair of earrings, and it was a special moment because when my mom got those earrings as a gift, it was such a struggle period in our lives, and to see the outcome of that just made my mom cry. It was so touching to see.”

Nikki adds that seeing her audience wear her earrings, an item so close to her heart, was an extraordinary moment in her career. She also had complete creative control over the marketing and chose to create Christmas campaigns and photo shoots where she shared her story surrounding this pair of sentimental earrings. 

Another career highlight for Nikki is whenever she meets a subscriber in person. 

“It really warms my heart. It is the highlight of everything, just putting a face to the name and seeing in person the type of effect and the type of inspiration that I may pass on to others.”

Nikki Glamour Connecting With Others through YouTube Story Times 

The Future of YouTube

Nikki would love to see YouTube return to the simplicity of content creation, where more creators aren’t focused on perfection.

“I miss the simplicity of the old school YouTube base where you’re just sitting in your room, creating content that’s going to be helpful for somebody else. I wish that we could get back to that because I think that’s a portion that a lot of people are missing. You kind of see creators turn into brands, turning into something completely different than what the subscriber originally subscribed to.”

She notes that YouTube has become more hateful because of increased hate comments and negative content. 

Nikki adds, “The bar is set too high. It’s not real, and these smaller creators are wanting this type of job. They feel as though they have to submit to that type of perfect idea of how you’re supposed to live your life, look, dress, act, speak, and I wish we could go back.”

Nikki’s 2023 Goals

In 2023, Nikki is excited to rededicate herself to her platforms and branding and create new merchandise. 

She shares that she previously had two kids in 15 months and had no maternity leave, which meant that she had to continue creating while recovering and raising two infants. Now that her kids will be in school, she is excited to expand her brand and design new products.

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