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Lizbeth Rodriguez Net Worth


Lizbeth Rodriguez Net Worth: How The Influencer Built Her Career And Fortune In The Digital Space

About Lizbeth Rodriguez

Lizbeth Rodriguez de Gustavo is a Mexican actress and a YouTube sensation, assumed to have a net worth of approximately $7 dollars as of January 2023. 

This makes her one of the richest and most successful influencers on social media.

She started her own YouTube channel in 2018 and she’s now one of the biggest stars on the platform with more than 9 million subscribers. 

Lizbeth Rodriguez Net Worth: How The Influencer Built Her Career And Fortune In The Digital Space

Net Worth Calculations

Social Blade estimates her earnings to be $58.1K  –  $930K yearly calculating her revenue just from her YouTube channel. 

Even if we take the median 500K as her yearly YouTube revenue, considering her other income streams (Badabun salary, social media sponsors, ad revenue, etc) it is likely she must be bringing in 1.5 – 2 million dollars annually.

@soylizbethrz #jajaja #yo #liz #popo ♬ Felina – Hector & Tito

By the end of 2022, she completed 5 years in the influencer world.

Considering that early years were not as successful, you can assume her to have made somewhere around 7 million dollars in the 5 years span, (bringing in 1.5 to 2 million dollars annually).

Note that we have just considered average earnings from her social media streams and activities in the above calculations. Her other financial assets might increase the above net worth estimate to a lot more. 

Her success story looks very glamorous but is full of struggle and hard-work, and has many meaningful lessons for all the influencers out there.  

How the Influencer Built Her Career and Fortune in the Digital Space

Early Years

Lizbeth Rodriguez was born on May 22, 1994, in a small town in Tijuana, Mexico.

Her childhood was anything but easy. She grew up facing a lot of domestic violence in the family and uncertainty of what sort of life she might have. 

At the age of 16, she decided to study theater. Her parents did not support her decision and she was forced to leave home and live with a friend. 

Moving to a new town was the turning point of her life. The experiences and lifestyle changes forged a new path for her, and from there she never looked back.

Hosting Exponiendo Infieles

In 2018, while studying theater she met Badabun members, a successful Mexican YouTube channel, having more than 46 million subscribers as of this writing. 

Originally she was invited to join Badabun as a technical assistant. 

But after meeting her, they decided to have her host Exponiendo Infieles  – a YouTube series “in which couples are offered money in exchange for letting her (Rodriguez) review the social media networks on their cell phones to determine how faithful the partners are.” (source, originally taken from

The series was recently launched then and needed a change of presenter,and Lizbeth Rodriguez was in the right place at the right time and things just clicked..

She took on this role in May 2018 and quickly became a YouTube sensation. And the series (Exponiendo Infieles) became one of Badabun’s most watched programs and fastest growing Portuguese language shows on YouTube.

As of writing this article, the series has more than 160 episodes with some of them racking up millions of views. 

The 61st episode has recorded the highest 27,739,594 views over 3 years making it one of the most popular broadcasted shows of the channel. 

The latest 161st episode which aired in December 2022 has already reached 232,650 views.

It was under Lizbeth that the series reached new heights and made her a millionaire.

Currently there are more than 14 thousand videos over 878 channels on YouTube alone who review, copy, tag, talk and create spin offs for Exponiendo Infieles. 

And it was this series which resulted in the growth of the Badabun bringing immense profit to the channel and spreading its reach to millions of subscribers globally.

What’s in the show?

Exponiendo Infieles episodes start with Lizbeth offering (big) money to random couples willing to take a loyalty test. 

If they agree they are asked to share their devices.

Once the phones are handed over, Lizbeth goes through everything: messages, pictures, facebook, instagram, tinder, web history, etc.

She uses her technical knowledge to dig up as much dirt as possible. 

Each participant’s reactions and even their personal data are recorded on the camera and aired.

Lizbeth Rodriguez Net Worth: How The Influencer Built Her Career And Fortune In The Digital Space

Based on their phone’s findings Rodriguez further investigates their external relationships, sometimes even calling or messaging the suspects.

The show often ends with at least one of the couples involved splitting up .

No source confirms how much Badabun pays her for each episode, but we expect it to be more than USD 250K annually considering average earnings a host of a successful TV show makes. (source)

Lizbeth’s YouTube Handle

@SoyLizbethRodriguez – Lizbeth’s YouTube handle has more than 9.18M subscribers and is one of her main revenue streams. 

As earlier stated the channel alone is expected to bring $40000 monthly.

Her YouTube is full of fun and entertaining videos, where she posts shorts, excerpts from the Exponiendo Infieles episodes and also shares live shows.

Some of her most watched playlists on the handle include Quédate en casa #Conmigo (Stay Home #with me), Vida de mamá (Mom’s life), and interviews of other influencers covered by her.

Rodriguez’s Social Media Influence 

Lizbeth cashes in on her fame by creating a relatable persona for her fans on every social media app including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.  

She posts pictures of her family vacations, her workouts, and even snaps of her shopping sprees—which are often tagged with sponsored designer items.

Her brand statement is not just about being “the hottest girl in the world,” it’s about being relatable and down-to-earth; the kind of person who makes you feel like you can be friends with. 

This attitude has made her immensely popular among fans. And her popularity is one of the primary reasons for her millions of dollars of net worth. 

Check out these numbers – 

  • Her Instagram handle: lizbethrodriguezoficial has 11.4 million followers.
  • Her Facebook page is followed by 17,809,116 people.
  • Her TikTok account: @soylizbethrz has 9.9 million subscribers with 102.4 million likes.
  • Her Twitter handle: @Soylizbethmx has 1.7 million followers.

We expect ad revenue and sponsors from these social media handles to contribute 500K yearly in the estimated 1.5 to 2 million dollars yearly earnings. 

Final Thoughts

Lizbeth’s success story and net worth are testimonials to what hard work, being real, and building the right associations at the right time can get you as a blogger.

In order for you to be successful as a blogger or an entrepreneur, it is necessary to build an online offline presence through multiple mediums.

The key is to understand how and where to build your brand and then put consistent efforts.

Check out some of our articles which share practical tips and tricks for creating successful social media handles. 

Read about other famous influencers and their success stories like Graham Stephan and Deadly Jimmy.

If you want us to cover the story of another influencer of your choice, let us know in the comment section below.

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