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What Does The Blue Check Mean On Instagram A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does The Blue Check Mean On Instagram? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Many Instagram accounts have a blue check mark next to their name, but have you ever wondered where the idea came from? Although the requirements for obtaining a blue check have recently changed, they are still desirable by creators for a number of reasons. Keep reading to learn all about the meaning of Instagram’s blue check, its origins, and how to obtain one. 

The Meaning and Usage of the Blue Check

When an Instagram account has a blue check, or verification badge, next to the username, it signifies that the account has been officially verified by the platform. In other words, Instagram has confirmed the account is unique and authentic and behind the account, there is a real person or brand. Verification badges are designed to protect content creators and users from impersonation accounts and scams. 

In the past, having a blue check next to your username was considered a status symbol. Instagram used to only give verification badges to users who met certain eligibility requirements, like being a famous public figure or celebrity or having a certain number of followers. Today, the eligibility requirements have changed and anyone who wishes to obtain a verification badge can apply through their Instagram account.

In popular culture, musicians and creators sometimes refer to individuals as “blue checks”. The term is often used in a derogatory manner, mainly due to the original requirements for verification. When blue checks first arrived on social media platforms, those who had them were often seen as more important or noteworthy than regular users, which sometimes resulted in a sense of entitlement. On Twitter, users often used the term “blue checks” to refer to the elite or the establishment, particularly those within liberal or left wing politics. 

The Origin of the Blue Check

Verification badges began in 2009 on Twitter after a lawsuit regarding impersonation accounts. They were the first platform to offer the feature, with Facebook following suit in 2012 and Instagram in 2014. Because of the overwhelming requests for verification, platforms began imposing stricter eligibility requirements and only offering blue checks to celebrities and public figures. 

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter in 2022, he announced a new verification process called Twitter Blue. The program has two levels and requires a payment from users who want the blue check next to their username. Twitter Blue subscriptions start at $8 per month or $84 per year. Twitter is also now piloting a verification program for businesses, Twitter Verified Organizations, which would come with a gold check.

Facebook and Instagram now also have a similar program called Meta Verified. In addition to obtaining verified status, users get access to features such as special stickers for Instagram stories and direct access to customer support.

How to Obtain a Blue Check on Instagram

If you wish to add a blue check verification badge to your Instagram account, follow these steps:

1. Select a Profile

First, head to the ‘Settings’ section within your Instagram account. Click “Accounts Center’, then choose ‘Meta Verified’. If the feature is available for your account, you will see ‘Meta Verified available’ under your name and profile photo.

2. Set Up Payment

Next, choose your preferred payment method for your monthly payment.

3. Provide Your ID and a Selfie Video

Finally, provide a government-issued photo ID and selfie video to confirm your identity. This is a requirement for a Meta Verified subscription.

Note that the ID you provide in your application must match the profile name and photo of the Instagram account you’re applying for. After your profile is verified, you cannot change the profile name, username, date of birth, or photo on your profile without going through the Meta Verified subscription and verification application process again.

The cost of a Meta Verified subscription for Instagram is $14.99 USD per month for iOS/Android users. Verified subscriptions are currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for people 18 years or older. The program is not yet available in all locations or for businesses.


Although the blue check next to a username isn’t the social media status symbol it used to be, there are still many reasons why creators go through the verification process. With the rise in imposter accounts, platforms feel that an official verification process helps creators retain their authenticity. It also helps audiences find their favorite accounts amongst fan accounts or those with similar names. 

To learn more about the verification process, visit Meta’s website.

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