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What Does 'Fake Body’ Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does ‘Fake Body’ Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

TikTok requires its own dictionary for its plethora of slang and jargon. The platform includes interesting plays on words, catchphrases from pop culture, and shorthand specific to TikTok.

Net Influencer lets you in on TikTok’s trending shorthand, “Fake Body”. This term has been used by TikTok’s content creators, leaving some users confused. We explain what it means and how it originated.

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Fake Body’

The term ‘fake body’ is frequently used across TikTok by many creators. It is used to deflect detection by TikTok’s automated systems designed to flag content in contravention of the platform’s nudity policy.  

TikTok’s community guidelines are stringent and clear about censorship of sexually explicit content and nudity. Content that violates these guidelines is removed, and the account is flagged. These are serious repercussions that Content Creators are determined to avoid.

Explain how ‘Fake Body’ is used in conversation and captions

You might have spotted “Fake Body” in captions and tags of images and videos that display partial nudity or swimwear. This type of content can be detected as violating TikTok’s guidelines. Content Creators include “Fake Body” in the caption or description of the content to deceive the app’s automated moderation system into believing the body is not real. The video then goes undetected.

While deceit and trickery should never be promoted on any platform, the creators who discovered this implemented it to prevent incorrect or unfair flagging and removal of harmless content. The efficacy of this phrase has been confirmed. However, it is not always guaranteed.

TikTok’s community guidelines extend to include explicit language too. Similar to the nudity policy, language is monitored on the app. Content with sexually explicit language is flagged and removed. Content Creators have also devised a workaround for this. Creators replace words such as “sex” with “seggs” and “F__K” with “fork”. These replacements are more acceptable while staying true to the message.

The Origin of ‘Fake Body’

TikTok made the switch from human content moderators to automated systems in July 2021, with this announcement. The censorship is mandatory and essential for TikTok’s legions of minor users and viewers.

The hashtag #fakebody is no secret either, with approximately 1.8 billion views on TikTok. Its counterpart bearing the yellow “warning’ emoji has over 840 million views.

How to Use ‘Fake Body’ in Content Creation on TikTok

While we do not suggest disregarding community guidelines, there is a fine line between protecting content that may be mistaken for offensive content and freely expressing yourself. Content containing imagery of swimsuit-wearing models or shirtless men, may not be considered nudity by most adults, especially given the promotional context of the post.

Conversely, risky and sexually explicit content has more appeal. Sensational posts rack up more likes and comments. Content creators have a responsibility to obey these codes of conduct and post responsibly. They must use their discretion when using “Fake Body” to camouflage their slightly revealing content.

Let us look at some examples from TikTok and how “Fake Body” was used:


This post is a partial nude of Steff_ happy wearing nothing more than boxer shorts while eating pizza. He then strikes a bodybuilder pose, and the focus shifts to his chiseled physique. The lack of clothing would have triggered TikTok’s automated monitoring systems and the post would have been removed. He uses “Fake Body” in the description of the video, which raked in 10,6 million likes.


With 4,1 million likes, iamferv’s bikini-clad video is reminiscent of many TikTok posts. She lip-syncs and does a dance routine while standing in a swimming pool. The video is not super choreographed or polished. “Fake body” appears in the description and is probably why the video wasn’t flagged and removed.



¿Cuál les gusto más? Like y les subo tutorial de ambos🖤 #fyp #fakebody

♬ sonido original – Cheilaaa

This video which sported #Fakebody in the description garnered 3,8 million likes. The sexily dressed dancer gyrates on the floor, performing a dance or fitness routine in a class. It is suggestive and has probably gone undetected due to the fake body hashtag.


 “Fake Bodies” might be born out of defiance towards TikTok’s strict guidelines, relating to nudity and explicit content. However, it can be viewed as a rebellious revolution or expression of creativity using provocative posts. Sexuality and nudity have always been popular and equally controversial. And while TikTok has an obligation to the minors on its platform, content creators are slaves to expression.

With similar policies invoked across the many social media platforms, nudity guidelines have their place in virtual communities. However, “fake Body”, which was not intended for viewers, has attracted enough attention and interest that it influences engagement and reach.

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