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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Series Content


Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Series Content

With an engagement rate of 4.25%, TikTok is by far the most engaging social media platform available on the market. In order to upkeep these immense levels of progress, the platform is keen to release a collection of new features to keep both creators and fans coming back for more. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will unpack all of the details surrounding TikTok’s latest Series content. 

What Is TikTok Series Content?

First announced in March 2023, Series is a new way for creators to produce premium content for their most devoted followers. This content is hidden behind a paywall, which viewers can then access for a small monthly subscription. 

The feature works in a similar way to Collections in which influencers can create a vast assortment of related videos and then promote them as an exclusive Series. As such, it seems that this feature was introduced to help content creators further monetize their work and continue to amass high levels of engagement on this incredibly popular platform.

TikTok has dabbled in subscription content in the past, releasing LIVE subscriptions, which allowed influencers to earn a more stable monthly income, whilst still offering their audience an array of perks such as badges and unique content. 

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Series Content


How Does the Feature Work?

Series act as an extended feature for many avid creators, ensuring that they can continue to provide their audiences with a diverse assortment of content. This tool allows eligible creators to produce up to 80 videos at a time, all of which can last up to 20 minutes long. As such, these videos work to exceed TikTok’s usual limit of 10 minutes and help creators to create engaging long-form content without having to move over to competitor platforms such as YouTube. 

Influencers can also dictate how much they would like to charge for this content, helping the platform to shift away from a conventional tier-based payment model. Thus, content creators now have the potential to increase their income based on how much they feel their content is worth. This also aids TikTok creators to move away from the failures of the Creator Fund and toward a greater sense of financial security. 

Viewers can subscribe to a creator’s Series by simply clicking the link presented in their videos or bio. This means that fans can easily access exclusive content without having to rely on third-party platforms or complex payment methods. Audiences can also see how much the content is before they purchase it to ensure that it fits into their personal budgets. 

Why Was It Released?

Alongside offering influencers more ways to monetize their content, TikTok’s new Series content works to compete against other subscription services. Platforms such as Twitch and Instagram all use a similar business model, inspiring creators to produce content that better adheres to paying members of their audience. Series offers TikTok the chance to extend and improve this business model, encouraging influencers to create a vast variety of content using the platform’s rich array of video editing features. 

It also seems that TikTok has released this additional feature as a way to positively respond to the backlash collected from its Creator Fund. Many influencers stated that they did not receive adequate funds from the project, creating a wide sense of animosity throughout the community. Thus, Series gives influencers the prime opportunity to create paid content on their own terms and not rely on TikTok’s independent budget for talent. 

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Series Content


How To Create a Series on TikTok

Series is part of a wider initiative known as the Creativity Program Beta, TikTok’s latest project to help creators earn more money from their content. This program allows certain creators to access an improved analytics dashboard and an estimated revenue tracker. It also works in partnership with LIVE Subscriptions and TikTok Pulse to help the platform build a more comprehensive hub for influencer compensation.

Currently, Series works on an invite-only basis, with creators being required to hit a minimum requirement of followers to be accepted into the program. Once invited, influencers will discover more about the feature and gain tips and tricks on how to produce the most engaging content possible. If the feature continues to hit its key targets, TikTok hopes to roll it out to more audiences over the next coming months. 

Benefits of Producing Series Content as an Influencer

Not only does Series enable influencers to make more money, but it also allows them to create content that is better suited to their most devoted followers. With over 80 videos in each playlist, influencers are now free to produce a vast collection of high-quality content. Therefore, this feature can be used to create exclusive content such as giveaways and behind-the-scenes footage that can really help you to connect with pivotal members of your growing audience. 

This tool is also useful for creating educational content such as long-form courses or how-to videos. With a running time of up to 20 minutes, influencers can craft detailed lessons for their audience to follow along with. This helps to increase the versatility of TikTok and makes it more desirable to a wider pool of admirable creators. In addition, this can also help influencers compete against the advent of platforms such as Masterclass and Udemy, both of which offer a plethora of earning options. 

By allowing influencers to set their own prices, content creators finally have more control over their earnings and work. This also helps creators to discover more information about their audience, particularly their budgets and levels of disposable income. As such, influencers can set their prices in relation to their audience’s income, making them more attractive to more affluent viewers. 

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok’s New Series Content


TikTok Series is just one of many ways the platform is looking to better support its assortment of talented creators. With a range of exclusive perks on offer, influencers now have the opportunity to produce engaging long-form content, whilst still seeing an increase in their regular earnings. 

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