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What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok


What Does Rizz Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

The Meaning and Usage of Rizz on Tiktok

Rizz is a popular slang that describes any person’s level of proficiency in picking up or romantically pursuing a random person. It is commonly used online and can be used as an insult or compliment, like “L Rizz,” and “He’s the Rizz King.”

The term is commonly spoken, but can also be used in captions, conversations, and more, as the trendy slang is branching out to inspire other derived terms.

In captions, you’ll find Rizz many times in the form of a question or like “W Rizz?” or  “Rizz game is through the roof” to summerize the outcome of a romantic pursuit gone wrong.

Rizz is best compared to saying that “someone has a game,” meaning they are verbally talented or physically attractive enough to smoothly influence favorable responses from people they randomly approach. 

When the word Rizz became a trend online, other spin offs and types or Rizz descended, with “Unspoken Rizz,” being the most popular of all, inspiring loads of epic content. 

The Origin of Rizz 

Creators of the popular term are Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis, two Twitch streamers that found fame and success from playing the video game 2k and collaborating on livestreams together. 

According to Kai Cenat “TikTok absolutely killed the definition of Rizz; it isn’t what it means today. Rizz is a term only me and my friends from back home use.” 

Kai elaborates by saying,  “The real meaning of Rizz is when you Rizz someone up. You Rizz your way out of the situation when things aren’t going your way.”

However, aside from its original meaning described by Kai, Rizz is explained in the URban dictionary to be an abbreviation of “Charisma” 

You may encounter the term in conversation with Gen Zers as “W Rizz,” “I’ll Rizz them up,” as influceners and entertainers online are embracing its diverse meanings. 

A good exaple of how Rizz is evolving and inspiring other new words are the two names Rizzler and Rizard. 

Those who master Rizz and the art of “Rizzing it up” are called Rizards, or Rizzlers, as it flows naturally for them. 

How to Use” Rizz”’ in Content Creation

In content creation and its many definitions describe smooth actions or words, and any brand or creator can incorporate it into their content to stay relevant and on point.

Some of the most popular TikToks incorporating Rizzery include using Rizz sarcastically, practacing unspoken Rizz, and the smoothest random pickup videos.  

@playbhai.cart a one-hit creator with absolutely zero Rizz, tries to sarcastically Rizz up his classmate, captioning the TikTok  “W Rizz?”. A hard L we’d say, but it  gained 1.9 million likes, and it is hilarious. 


W rizz 🫡 @loweringthebar (via:jasoncamorlinga/IG)

♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

A Rizzing up skit where the Starbucks Barista Rizzes up her coworker asks her what she’s having for lunch. She is the “Rizzler of OZ” with her smooth transition, the vidoe was poted on @barstoolsports getting over 1.4 million likes.


smooth @jacobday @tabithaswatosh @paigetaylor.s @bryceparker

♬ UNSPOKEN RIZZ – 𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖎 𝖒𝖆𝖉𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘✰ ™

This TikTok from @tabithaswatosh is one of the unspoken Rizz challenges, where creators try non-verbal pickups, a trend that blew up to inspire even cats with Rizz. 

With a light touch and a hand gesture to stthis creator experiments if unspoken Rizz works and manages to persuade two young men effortlessly. 


As a brand or content creator, you can incorporate Rizz into your content witht the goal of making it less formal and more Gen Z friendly. 

The previous content examples of Rizzz in its most basic form also feature thousands of comments that elaborate on how to use it to engage with other TikTokers. 

Today, the word Rizz is all around TikTok, Twitch, and Instgram, making it the perfect time to hop onboard with your own take.

Finally, we recommend using words like Rizz and other slang when it’s still trendy, as it will result in a higher reach and prevent looking irrelevant. 

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