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TikTok Songs Influencing Made Easy With The Top Trending TikTok Songs For 2023


TikTok Songs: Influencing Made Easy With The Top Trending TikTok Songs For 2023

Music is an influential medium on its own. And TikTok is one of the most influential online platforms. Their pairing is complementary, with TikTok using music to enhance, strengthen and boost its content by serving as a filter and additional messaging layer.

This article highlights some of the benefits of implementing TikTok songs in your posts and provides tips on using them. We have also listed the top 5 TikTok songs for 2023. This includes a brief synopsis with examples from TikTok for inspiration and clarity. Let us get into it.

TikTok Songs: Influencing Made Easy With The Top Trending TikTok Songs For 2023


TikTok and Music

Only if you have been moved by music, will you understand the power and true impact of it. Music possesses messaging prowess, and the ability to induce a particular mood, and stir emotions. Essentially, music is a form of expression. It is a necessary component of any communication that adds dimension and meaning to all its applications. TikTok has successfully applied this tool. Users can add music to their content, just as they would use a filter. This enhances their content and connects with followers on an additional level through the following aspects of the songs:

– Lyrics 

– Mood 

– Emotional context

– Attitude

– Genre or style

– Musical talent and quality

– Artist influence

Benefits of using TikTok Songs (Especially trending tracks)

Music Artist’s Following

TikTok songs are created by talented and popular artists, who have a following of their own. Using their music in your TikTok posts can influence their following and help you tap into their audience.

The popularity of songs

TikTok-ers engage more with content that contains popular songs. The popularity of the songs influences the viewer and improves engagement. Popular songs also increase the entertainment value of content.

Mood inducing

TikTok songs can induce and convey the mood you wish to express to your viewer. This is important for clear, meaningful, and well-communicated content. This ultimately improves engagement through quality messaging and engagement.

TikTok Songs: Influencing Made Easy With The Top Trending TikTok Songs For 2023


Communicating emotion

Emotive content performs better. We can use music to communicate the emotional theme and message of the video. This enhances the message and delivery of it. It is also vital for quality content and messaging.

Assists in delivering quality content, quickly

With TikTok, you have a small window to make a lasting impact with short-form videos. Therefore, you must use every tool in the TikTok playbook to create and deliver the meaning and messages of your content through every medium possible. Music conveys messages, tone, emotion and so much more in a short period of time. It also enhances the content, supporting these elements. Therefore, music is the perfect tool and accessory for this. 

How to implement TikTok songs more effectively


Countless TikTok lip-syncing videos have gone viral, like this example of Bella Poarch lip-syncing to ‘M to the B’ by Millie B. This video received over 60 million likes and more than 743 million views. Creators such as Bella pick trending or catchy songs to lip-sync to. They add their personal touch to create a viral sensation.

Emotive Content


Please dont judge me I’m in my most vulnerable state and just needing to vent😔 #emotions #sadhearted #drainedmentally #broken

♬ original sound – Avia❤️‍🩹

Content that conveys emotions well is more engaging. TikTok songs greatly assist in communicating emotion. Assess the emotion you are trying to convey and find a track that induces or enhances that. In this example, the lyrics, rhythm, and vibe of the song by Avia drive home the emotion behind the message. In fact, in this case, it is the message on a whole other level.

Just another filter


Episode 2 | bri bri’s morning skin care. #trending #xyzbca #skincare #baby

♬ spamusic – shlismusic

Treat TikTok songs as just another filter. They add dimension, layers, and flavor to an otherwise bland or one-dimensional video. It is part of the storytelling/content-creating process. Don’t overthink it, listen and feel for what feels authentic and appropriate. In this example, Kacie is styling her daughter’s hair. She uses background music to fill in the blank spaces. This makes for a more cohesive video with layers that complete and enhance it.

Set the tone

TikTok songs quickly convey the genre or content category, from comedy to tragedy. It removes any ambiguity or messages that can be lost in translation. Sometimes emotion and tone can be misinterpreted. Using the right music can set the tone immediately and effectively. This example conveys how the music used aligns with the genre, especially since there isn’t any dialogue, narration, or caption in the video.

Top Trending TikTok Tracks

1. CKay – Love Nwantiti Remix ft. Joeboy & Kuami Eugene [Ah Ah Ah] 


JOEBOy is something else..🤯🎧🎵🇳🇬 .. love nwantiti rmx @ckay_yo ft @joeboyofficial & @kuamieugenerockstar 🇳🇬🇬🇭🎵🎧🔥 #lyrics #musicvideo #lyricvideoz #afrobeat #music #fyp

♬ original sound – Lyricvideoz 🎶❤🎧🇬🇭🇳🇬


The artist of this North African remix is CKay, who features Joeboy & Kuami Eugene. CKay has 2.5 million followers on TikTok and 3,66 million YouTube subscribers.

In this example, a dance video posted by Mootez Chalpy using the song ‘Love Nwantiti’. The dance style compliments the song. This is a fun and entertaining video that got just over 17k likes.

2.  Masked Wolf – Astronaut in The Ocean (Official Music Video)


The song is ‘Astronaut in The Ocean’ by Masked Wolf. Masked Wolf has 633K followers on Instagram and 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

In this example, Tasneem Elaidy does an interpretive cover of Astronaut in the Ocean, which earns her just over 91K likes. It is creative, entertaining, and engaging.

3. Flowers by Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is a household name and music pop star who made news with her alleged diss track, Flowers. The song is trending and has a strong message behind it. However, some content creators have taken their comedic license with it. And this is what our example reflects. It is funny and silly, which juxtaposes the song perfectly.

 Miley has 17.3 million Instagram followers and 17.2 million YouTube subscribers.

 4. SZA – Big Boy 


Sza is an American singer with 3.58 million YouTube subscribers. The song is smooth and catchy, with a melody that will ring in your head. The track has become another TikTok dance favorite. Our example is a dance tutorial. With just over 304K likes, you can see the trend gaining traction.

5. Megan Trainer – No


All you have to do is listen to this song to understand why it is trending. It is so freaking catchy. Megan Trainer knows how to hook audiences with her vocal and musical magic. With 13.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 16.6 million TikTok followers.

Our example is a lip-syncing video by taimmm, which earned 1.5 million likes. Taimmm does a great job expressing the message and attitude of the song, and her video is a winner by all standards.

A Homogenous Blend of TikTok and Tracks

Music has been used to tell stories and convey messages since the beginning of time. This article brings to light the benefits of it and its implementation by TikTok. Through the microlayers that fuse to create this harmonized and synchronized thing of art, music is the ideal filter, subliminally coloring and adding tone through the entertaining layers of lyrics, melody, rhythm, tone, vibration, and harmony. So much is transmitted in terms of messaging, mood, flavor, attitude, and emotion. 

This proves that TikTok songs are more than catchy tunes, they are marketing tools that boost content, engagement, and reach!

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