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What Does 'Pushing P' Mean On TikTok


What Does ‘Pushing P’ Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Social Media slang and online language are inspired by nearly everything. From cultural to niche-specific influences, these abbreviations are widely used. 

Net Influencer takes a closer look at the meaning and origins of the hip TikTok shorthand, “Pushing P”. We also share some examples from TikTok to help you become more familiar with this virtual phrase. 

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Pushing P’

“Pushing P” is an unusual slang term that has gained popularity on TikTok. It contains the blue capital P emoji – 🅿️, which makes this social media shorthand even more outstanding. 

It means “Keeping it Real”, or acting with integrity and style while sustaining success. In general, “Pushing P” has a very positive connotation. Gunna, the artist credited with introducing the phrase, explained that “P” in “Pushing P” can also stand for ‘Playa’, ‘Peace’ or ‘Paper’. These are Hip Hop slang references.

When referring to “Pushing Paper”, the phrase supports ideals about success and ambition. The expression can motivate followers to work hard and achieve their dreams. 

When referring to peace, the phrase encourages users to take the moral high ground instead of conflict and disharmony. 

And the common meaning, which is a generalized version of “Keeping it Real”, celebrates stand-up people who are making moves. 

How ‘Pushing P’ is used in conversation and captions

“Pushing P” is probably the most conversational and expressive catchphrase to take over TikTok. It is used as an adjective to describe various situations, attitudes, and lifestyles. Its versatility only adds to its popularity. 

Here are a few examples of how it can be used in everyday conversations, text and even TikTok:

“Those kicks are hot! You’re def pushing 🅿️ “

“Congrats on the promotion! Keep pushing 🅿️ “

“Self-love is pushing 🅿️”

“Pushing 🅿️ while slaying it at the gym!”

“That was rude, that’s not pushing 🅿️ “

The Origin of ‘Pushing P’

“Pushin P” is a track from Gunna’s 2022 album DS4EVER. The track features Gunna, Future, and Young Thug. However, Gunna is viewed as the originator of the phrase. The term went viral on TikTok in January 2022 and “Pushing P” was adopted and adapted for use on social media platforms.

Gunna explained that the phrase was already used in Georgia, where he learned it while growing up. It is reported that “Pushing P” is a regional term in places like the Bay Area and Texas for years. 

The Hip Hop influenced term is even spelled according to the Hip Hop pronunciation – Pushin P. The definition and references of the TikTok shorthand are also derived from American Hip Hop culture. These distinctions increase the street credit and ultra-cool attitude that the rap ethos is known for. 

How to Use ‘Pushing P’ in Content Creation

The variation in meanings gives this phrase a lot of flexibility. “Pushing P” can be adapted to many scenarios and situations. Used in memes, videos, captions, and comments, it is the trendy and most real phrase to use.

Examples of “Pushing P” being used on TikTok.


This creator uses the ‘Pushing P’ hashtag to brag about the upgraded gift his rich girlfriend got him. It is about the perks and lifestyle he enjoys. The video is of the creator’s girlfriend collecting the package from the doorway and unboxing it to reveal the airpods. ‘Pushing P’ is used in an in-video caption and the description.


This creator uses the Pushing P hashtag in the video description of a sim racing clip. The catchphrase is appropriately used to describe the outstanding sim racing skills and success. Here ‘Pushing P’ is associated with achieving goals and excelling.


The latelateshow hosted by James Corden uses the ‘Pushing P’ Hashtag in the description and as a caption in the video. The video is an interview with Gunna, who briefly explains the concept of ‘Pushing P’. Gunna proclaims that James Corden is ‘Pushing P’ with the success of his show and by interviewing him.


This track title, turned into TikTok slang, is creating a positive movement. It influences TikTok users and creators to approach everything with a “Pushing P” attitude. It’s hip-hop, giving you loads of street cred! 

Using the term in content creation draws on fans of Gunna and the song “Pushin P”. This is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and relatability. This will make your content more relatable and inclusive. All you have to do is keep “Pushing P”.

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