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What Does ASMR Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does ASMR Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

ASMR content makes up some of the best-performing and most engaging videos on TikTok and is an acronym that describes the relaxing sensation gained from specific sounds as visuals.

ASMR videos are considered modern comfort content and are made to communicate a specific level of positive and calming energy. 

It is so satisfying that ASMR videos have become their own content genre online, with creators on platforms like TikTok, and YouTube, making ASMR videos within almost every niche.

The Meaning and Usage of “ASMR” 

Not everyone experiences ASMR, but those who do describe it as a tingling sensation down the back of your neck that reales a sense of relaxation and relief. 

ASMR is also known as “braingasms” or “whisper porn” to its lightly-euphoric quick brain tingle.

There is endless ASMR content on TikTok, the most popular being makeup tutorials, mic tapping, and food-making TikToks.

Any content creator can get creative with ASMR videos, as they can be anything from lightly rhythmically tapping on your microphone to typing or making a sandwich.

There is an oddly satisfying ASMR video for every interest, and they are fun and easy to make.  

The Origin of ASMR 

The acronym ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response and is a relaxing sensation many may experience while watching oddly satisfying videos. 

While almost any avid social media user or creator knows that the acronym is used to describe satisfying videos, only a few know its long-form meaning and that it’s a phenomenon sensation not everybody can enjoy. 

Studies identify several common triggers to achieve ASMR, including whispering, personal attention, crisp sounds, and slow movements.

However, on TikTok, ASMR is nothing but a relaxing or easy-to-watch short video, and in captions, it either describes the context or is included as a hashtag. 

How to Use ASMR in Content Creation

If you’re not creating or watching ASMR videos, there are very few instances where you’ll encounter it. ASMR on TikTok is either found in captions, as hashtags, or in comments of people asking you to make an Autonomous sensory meridian response video.

The following viral videos are excellent examples of how the acronym is used and make the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to start creating their own ASMR videos. 

The single most popular ASMR video with over 19.1 million likes, creator @thezachichoi, shoots the making of a deep-fried s’more in an ultra-quiet, soundproofed environment allowing viewers to hear every step of the process. This video is popular because of the immaculate level of audio and video detail. 

Coloring, drawing, and sketching are also common types of popular ASMR content; there is something relaxing about a pencil’s friction sound on paper surfaces.

@franekbielak_art, takes the satisfying noises a step further and uses burned matches to sketch and color Dwyane the Rock Johnson in a TikTok that gained over 8.2 million likes. 

The only thing more satisfying about the sounds of arranging products is cabinets, which are the satisfying visuals of something perfectly organized and the overall result perfectly put together. 

@DreamCreation is among the many ASMR-only content creators with millions of views per video. This creator does everything ASMR, from organizing videos to Car washing and detailing videos.


Ultimately, ASMR is the perfect content to create no matter what your niche or account focuses on. Some use ASMR as gap-filling content when they can’t be asked to get creative with new Ideas. 

Despite ASMR content being one of the easiest videos to create, they get high levels of engagement and are highly relatable, making them an excellent audience expansion tool. 

All you need to start creating ASMR content yourself is a soundproofed, quiet room, a high-definition microphone, and the product or experience you want to share with everyone. 

Play around with different ASMR content formats, such as whispering, scratching, tapping, and unboxing videos, to find what delivers the best results. 

For more ideas, search ASMR on Tiktok and filter your results by the number of likes, and you’ll get a broad range of unique ideas for your next ASMR video. 

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