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What Does The Orange Flag Mean On Instagram DMs A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does The Orange Flag Mean On Instagram DMs? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Net Influencer decodes the orange flag, a fantastic messaging feature used in Instagram’s DMs. We highlight its function, how to implement it, its origins, and its benefits. With our quick and handy guide, you will become more than familiar with how to flag (and unflag) messages on Instagram

The Meaning and Usage of the Orange Flag 

Instagram’s Direct Messaging (DM) is one of the most used features the platform has to offer. With millions of private messages being exchanged between users, keeping track of these can become challenging. Especially, with important chats that require following up or actioning. Instagram has a solution for this, too- The Orange Flag. 

This humble tool which is only available for business pages merely flags the chat for future reference. This allows you to follow up later, action requests, diarize events, or simply keep track of conversations. The feature also lets you filter DMs based on your flagged messages, which makes it quicker and easier to find specific messages, without having to go through everything. 

How to Flag Messages on Instagram

This is a simple process that you can achieve in 3 easy steps. 

To flag a message on Instagram, all you have to do is:

  • Open the Instagram app and navigate through your DMs
  • Tap on the chat thread and hold it
  • Select ‘Flag’

The orange triangle will appear at the top right corner of the discussion in the chat feed. The flagged message will appear at the top of your inbox. 

You can remove the flag by holding the chat again and tapping on ‘Unflag’.

How to unflag messages on Instagram?

You may want to unflag messages you have completed actioning or responding to. 

To unflag a chat, follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and navigate through your DMs
  • Tap on the chat you want to unflag
  • Tap on the flag at the top of the discussion

That is all it takes. The chat is now unflagged. The orange triangle or flag will automatically disappear.

The Origin of the Orange Flag

The Orange Flag is not a novel concept or feature. You may recall Instagram’s previous use of Stars to mark important messages. These stars were replaced by orange flags, which serve the same function. 

Instagram has since removed the feature, stars and flags alike, from personal accounts. Orange flags are available for business accounts only.

How to Use Orange Flags in Content Creation

Professional Content Creators will get ahead in the business of online marketing with a bit of assistance from Instagram’s business features, such as flagging messages. Keeping track of important messages can improve how you conduct your business. 

Here is how flagging your DMs can help you as a content creator:

1.    Prioritization

Prioritize messages for immediate attention and action. Especially for large volumes of communication, you can flag the messages that require urgent feedback or execution. This way you will not miss out on any important messages and conduct better business while maintaining professionalism.

2.    Follow-up

Flooded DMs make it difficult to make sense of and even navigate through messages to identify chats that require further action. Responding to and executing actions related to or discussed in your flagged messages is much easier. 


You can make sense of and stay on top of messages by organizing them using the orange flag. Keep your inbox orderly and easy to navigate. You can also filter your DMs by flagged messages to quickly find important conversations, making it easier to manage your inbox overall.


Instagram has thought of everything, creating the flag feature to prioritize, organize and allow for easy follow-ups. We must be reminded that the app is also a business tool, and therefore focuses on efficiency. Especially, content creators will benefit from this. Flagging messages in DM’s will keep creators on top of things and look professional and polished. It is incredibly easy to use and manage. Use our guide and test this nifty feature out yourself!

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