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What Does “IB” Mean On TikTok


Meaning of ‘IB’ on TikTok Explained

Acronyms can be confusing, and TikTok seems to be filled with them. One of the most recent ones that you can see popping up everywhere is “IB.” This article discusses what it means.

There is a recent acronym that has been making the rounds: IB. You might have seen it in captions or in hashtags as #ib. 

With the amount of acronyms and slang terms out there, sometimes, it feels like you need to learn an entirely new language just to be able to use TikTok and hold your own on the app. There is FYP, OOMF, mid, cringe, Heather, and so on. 

What Does “IB” Mean On TikTok? 


What Does “IB” Mean On TikTok? 

What does it mean and when do you use it? Let’s find out so that you won’t have to be left behind!

The #ib hashtag has become one of the most popular ones on TikTok, clocking in more than 2 billion views. But what does the acronym actually stand for?

Well, depending on the context, it can have three different meanings. 

The first, and the most common thing that it stands for is “Inspired By.” It is meant to indicate that the video was inspired by another viral video/ somebody else’s video. People usually write IB followed by the username of the account whose video they got inspired by. 

What Does “IB” Mean On TikTok? 


For example: if user A got inspired by user B’s cooking video and created a similar one, they will add “IB @user B.” It is a nice way of giving credit to the original poster instead of pretending that the idea was entirely your own, and letting them know that they inspired you! 

However, sometimes, instead of IB, you may find people using DC. It stands for “dance credit” and is a common way of giving a shout out to the trend originators when it comes to dance videos.

The second thing that it stands for is “International Baccalaureate” classes. These classes are similar to AP classes, and are a way for you to earn some college credits before even going to college. 

Students who post content about IB classes use this acronym. They may share their experiences about taking IB classes, clear up doubts for those who want to take them in the future, or simply blow off some steam by sharing memes related to the classes. 


Finally, the third and the least common meaning. People who return to TikTok after a long hiatus sometimes use IB to mean “I’m Back.” 

For example: a content creator who was inactive for a few months may post a comeback video with the caption “ib, did you all miss me?” Not only does it let their followers know that they are back, it also helps the content creator gauge how many people stuck around despite them being inactive.

Aaaaand, that’s it. Another TikTok acronym mystery solved! Now that you know all the different things IB could mean, you can easily find out what the user is talking about. And, unlike some other trends, this is actually a good one for content creators, since it encourages people to give credit to those who came up with the ideas first!

So, what do you think of this trend? Yay, or nay?

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