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What Does 'FYP' Mean On TikTok A Guide To The Most Popular Acronyms And Slang


What Does ‘FYP’ Mean On TikTok? A Guide To The Most Popular Acronyms And Slang

One of the most TikTok-specific acronyms to exist, every content creator needs to know this one for more views and to even incorporate it into their skits and videos. 

Super easy to guess “FYP” mean For You Page, the main video exploring page on the app that feeds you new content relevant to your algorithm. 

Like the explore page on Instagram, if you’re new to TikTok, your FYP is a tailored version of everything TikTok thinks you like. 

What Does 'FYP' Mean On TikTok? A Guide To The Most Popular Acronyms And Slang


Unlike some of the other common acronyms on Tiktok, “FYP” is best used in hashtags, leveraging it to build reach for your page.

As TikTok creators, “FYP” is one of the most common hashtags we use on a regular basis, and there are so many different variations of the same hashtag. 

Aside from leveraging the hashtag for more exposure, FYP is used in different POVs and content simply to avoid typing the whole phrase. 

Good examples on how to use FYP in a sentence for your video or content include:

  • POV this is your FYP 
  • Why is this on my FYP?
  • That one guy on everyone’s FYP
  • My whole FYP right now 

All of these examples can a great videos to hop on new trends and use them to diversify your content no matter what niche your content is built around. 

What Does 'FYP' Mean On TikTok? A Guide To The Most Popular Acronyms And Slang


Why do people comment #FYP on TikTok?

While we explained how FYP is used in hashtags and captions, it is also very common to see the acronym FYP in the comment section. 

People who find a video funny or interesting sometimes tend to throw in a quick FYP in the comment section in hopes to help the video reach more people. 

It is not as commonly used as its original form in hashtags, but if someone comments FYP on your video they’re most likely trying to help your video reach more people. 

Here’s a great example on how to incorporate FYP in your videos, getting you more views and expanding your reach. 

This video describes this creator’s whole for you page being taken over by one specific creator who does a trending dance. This specific use of the acronym is by far the best way to use FYP in your videos due to its high relatability and other people’s agreeableness to something they too are experiencing. 


Including different popular slang and acronyms in your videos can help improve the reach of your content and appeal to the masses of younger audiences that tend to communicate in acronyms and abbreviations. 

What Does 'FYP' Mean On TikTok? A Guide To The Most Popular Acronyms And Slang


Additionally FYP is believed to boost your reach and help your video pop up more for pages. Use these trendy acronyms to look cooler and build more interaction, thank us later!

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