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TikTok Un-Packs Series Everything You Need To Know About It


TikTok Un-Packs Series: Everything You Need To Know About It

As more social media platforms begin to focus more on wellness content, many influencers are following in their footsteps. In fact, many studies have shown that social media can have a very positive effect on our mental health, particularly during times of social isolation. Throughout the month of September, TikTok is showcasing a wealth of mental health resources as well as pairing with influencers who can teach their audiences how to take better care of their mental well-being. Netinfluencer has all the details on the latest TikTok Un-packs series.

What Is TikTok Un-Packs?

TikTok Un-Packs is the platform’s latest wellness series, aimed to encourage audiences to take better care of themselves and use social media as a positive tool. The series will last for four weeks, providing audiences with new content every week.

TikTok Un-packs also focuses on the power of community, using a wealth of resources and events to bring together experts from around the world. Alongside a selection of specialist content, the platform has also released a range of hashtags to help push this content further. 

This is not necessarily a novel idea for the platform as they have produced a plethora of wellness content in the past. TikTok has also built a wellness hub to collate a range of content for audiences to access whenever they like.

What Does the Series Aim To Achieve?

Aside from building a sense of community on the platform, it seems that TikTok is using this series to place underrated creators in the spotlight. These influencers are well recognized for operating in the mental health niche, a space where many creators enjoy sharing their personal recovery stories. As such, these influencers can inspire others to reach out during difficult times. 

In addition, September is also Suicide Awareness Month, a time when both social media platforms and corporations come together to educate others and reduce stigma. Thus, TikTok Un-Packs is also said to help those dealing with these issues. 

What Resources Are Provided?

TikTok Un-Packs has released a variety of tools to help users control their experience on social media.

Well-Being Guide: This document was created by TikTok’s Safety Center and provides essential tips and advice for those looking to share personal experiences online. The guide emphasizes how users can benefit from privacy controls and explains what is deemed inappropriate to post on the platform. 

Screen-Time Management: Data shows that users spend around 95-minutes on the app per day, signifying the platform’s high levels of engagement. Despite these positives, it is important that audiences know when is the best time to step away from their devices. Therefore, TikTok has unveiled a new set of screen-time tools to help audiences control their usage. Audiences will now be able to set time caps on their device, using a personal passcode generated within the Digital Wellbeing hub. 

Comment Filters: Located within a user’s privacy settings, comment filters allow audiences to eliminate certain words from their comment sections. This is meant to foster more positivity on the app and ensure that audiences do not come across language that is meant to cause offense or harm. 

What Influencers Are Taking Part?

ADHD Vision

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Un-Packs Series

With an impressive 1.3 million followers, ADHD Vision aims to educate his large audience about his condition and reduce the stigma surrounding it. This influencer often shares his daily routines, highlighting how he optimizes them to better suit his needs.

@adhdvision Can you relate? 💙 #adhd #adhdtiktok #adhdinwomen #brownnoise ♬ Just White Noise – White Noise

He has also collaborated with a variety of ADHD-focused brands such as Freedom and Magic Mind to help his audience discover new tools and products to help them on their well-being journey. When he’s not creating content for TikTok, ADHD Vision can be found on YouTube where he has an additional 36.6K subscribers. Here, he creates long-form content about the most common misconceptions about ADHD and posts a plethora of relaxing focus music. 

Big Sister

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Un-Packs Series

Big Sister, otherwise known as Dannielle, creates content for those with Anxiety and ADHD, helping them to feel more confident in their daily practices. On TikTok, she uses a range of popular filters and overlays, creating a sense of comfort when she discusses important topics.

@bigsister Let’s unpack grief support 🤍 #tiktokunpacks #griefsupport #grieving #griefandloss ♬ Autumn Leaves – Timothy Cole

Dannielle uses her platform to explore dealing with panic attacks as well as the grieving process. She also aids her audience by providing 1-1 coaching sessions, in which some of her 87K followers can gain advice for their struggles. Big Sister has also produced an anxiety management workbook, offering her audience a collection of practical techniques to help them relax in times of uncertainty. 

Wednesday Holmes

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Un-Packs Series

Equipped with vibrant graphics and quirky animations, Wednesday Holmes uses their platform to promote mental health awareness in a very unique fashion. Their videos include positive affirmations for Trans people as well as mental health checkpoints to remind their 545.6K followers to step away from their phones.


♬ animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi – Closed on Sunday

Their TikTok also uses an array of soothing and adorable sounds that help to give each piece of art a sense of atmosphere.  Holmes is best known for their expressive artwork, which has been showcased in galleries in London and New York. This influencer continues to share their incredible illustrations and infographics on Instagram, where they have an additional 319K followers. 

Doctor Emeka

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Un-Packs Series

With experience in the medical field, Doctor Emeka is able to teach his 246K followers about a wide variety of coping strategies. Doctor Emeka Okorcha focuses on a selection of health and fitness topics, exploring how audiences can boost their daily meals in just a few simple steps.

@doctor.emeka I can’t imagine doing my job without good #hygiene. That’s why ahead of the G7 I’m supporting @WaterAid UK ♬ original sound – Doctor.Emeka

He also answers some burning questions from his audiences about concepts such as allergies and headaches. This influencer has also partnered with many global brands such as Durex and Water Aid to bring about a sense of social change. In June 2022, Doctor Emeka released his first book, Your Health In Your Hands, which is filled with tips to live a happier and healthier life. 

TJ Power

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Un-Packs Series

Despite having just 18.4K followers on TikTok, TJ Power has managed to build a bustling community of support on his platform. As a professional neuroscientist, Power uses his skills to educate his audience on how certain things can impact our moods.


30 days no alcohol – 1. Social life / 2. Anxiety / 3. Mood.

♬ Dancing in the Moonlight – Lofi Fruits Music & Chill Fruits Music

Whether it’s food or alcohol, this influencer shows his audience how to rebalance their lives so they can become happier and more stable. He also established Digital Mind, a platform that hopes to enhance mental health treatments using a collection of advanced technology. TJ Power is best known on Instagram, where he posts an array of informative videos and infographics for his 57.5K followers to enjoy. 

TikTok Un-Packs highlights how many platforms are shifting their content strategy to better protect and care for their users. The influencers involved in this campaign also help to boost our understanding of mental health, which helps them to become thought leaders in a range of different markets. To discover more about the benefits of working with influencers, visit our website

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