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All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program


All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

Known for their trendy, eclectic aesthetic, Urban Outfitters is one of today’s most popular brands for young men and women. In addition to their online presence, there are over 200 Urban Outfitters stores across North America and Europe. Keep reading to learn more about the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program and how to become an affiliate partner.

About Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters (UO) is one of today’s most popular brands for young men and women. If you’re looking for information on how to join the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program, you’ll find all the details inside this guide. 

Urban Outfitters falls under the URBN family of brands, which also includes popular retailers Free People and Anthropologie. Founded by Richard Hayne and Scott A. Belair, the brand opened its first brick-and-mortar location in 1970 in West Philadelphia. In addition to their online presence, there are over 200 Urban Outfitters stores across the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

UO is considered to be a “lifestyle retailer”, carrying everything from men’s and women’s clothing and accessories to home decor and music. The brand is widely known for their edgy and eclectic aesthetic. 

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

Who Are the Urban Outfitters Influencers and What Do They Do?

On the Urban Outfitters Community Blog, the brand shares interviews and sneak peeks into partnerships with artists, models, and musicians. In this interview with student athlete Jordan Chiles, they discuss a collaboration with Reebok and share several photos from a professional shoot. Readers can also “shop the look” through pictures of linked items at the end of the article. 

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

The UO and Reebok partnership also highlights Sophia Wilson, a photographer, artist, and actress. In addition to photos, there’s also a link to a YouTube video so blog readers can check out the interview.

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program
All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

Urban Outfitters also partnered with Billboard to celebrate Latin Music Week and the Billboard Latin Music Awards. In this interview with musician Mariah Angeliq. The interview covers topics around fashion inspiration and what Mariah loves most about the Urban Outfitters brand. 

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

What Are the Urban Outfitters Influencer Requirements?

Urban Outfitters does not have a formal influencer program or brand ambassador program. The brand prefers to choose their influencer partners based on current trends and collaboration projects with other brands. Although UO tends to work with up-and-coming artists, athletes, and models, they sometimes partner with more famous models and celebrities. 

Through the UO Community Blog, the brand shares details from current partnerships and projects with brand ambassadors. The space also gives consumers an inside look into the brand’s charitable activities and the impact they’re making in the communities they serve. 

How to Promote Urban Outfitters Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Although the Urban Outfitters team prefers working with specific brand ambassadors in their marketing campaigns, social media influencers can sign up to work with the brand as an affiliate. Details are posted on the UO website.

All About the Urban Outfitters Influencer Program

Clicking on the “Apply today” link will take you to an application through Rakuten Advertising. The application requires demographic information as well as details about your website. Although the commission rate isn’t posted on the Urban Outfitters website, recent data from affiliate marketing company Lasso shows 5% commission per sale

How Influencers Promote Urban Outfitters on TikTok

Urban Outfitters brand ambassadors show off a variety of the brand’s products on TikTok. Here, influencer Jenn Evans unboxes a collection of twelve pairs of false lashes. She also tries a pair on to complement her unique eye makeup.

@urbanoutfitters Everything in the Beauty Creations 12 Days of Lashmas is perfect 😍 @Jenn ❤️ #urbanoutfitters #makeup #lashes #UOcampusreps ♬ original sound – Jenn

In addition to clothing and accessories, Urban Outfitters sells skincare products. Here, Chandler Pham takes his followers through his skincare routine. He uses several products from the brand COSRX, who is also tagged in the post. 

@urbanoutfitters Skincare routine with @COSRX Official now available at UO 🐌@chandlerpham ✨ #urbanoutfitters #UOcampusreps #skincare #cosrx ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS

In this get-ready-with-me clip, Olivia Joan asks her audience to help her get ready for a party. She styles a black strapless Urban Outfitters dress with a sparkly top and colorful platforms. Olivia also considers wearing one of the brand’s mini skirts with a beaded slit detail. 

@urbanoutfitters Get ready for a party with @Olivia Joan 🪩🥂✨ #urbanoutfitters #ootd #partyoutfit ♬ original sound – Urban Outfitters

How Influencers Promote Urban Outfitters on Instagram

Urban Outfitters’ Instagram account showcases pictures and videos from brand affiliates, employees, celebrities, and fashion models. In this post, Dez Smith shows off a stylish green strapless top, cream skirt and boots, and a complementary cream-colored fuzzy coat. The post also includes other members of the “UO Community”.

Here, actress Xochitl Gomez gets ready for a festive holiday gathering. She sports a green skirt paired with a black lace bodysuit and leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. Xochitl ties everything together with a pair of black combat boots.

To show off some of Urban Outfitters’ cozier clothing, digital creator Yuyan styles sweatpants and a pullover with a beige puffer coat. She completes the outfit with a cozy pair of earmuffs and a scarf.  

How Influencers Promote Urban Outfitters on YouTube

Urban Outfitters influencers and brand ambassadors tend to use YouTube for filming longer try-on and clothing haul videos. In this video from Alexis Therese Castillo, various clothing items are styled for the early Spring season. Alexis models each piece and talks about her favorite elements. 

Here, Becca Summer finds her favorite summer shirt amidst a collection of items she received from UO. She models a keyhole top and sweater, denim skirt, and cardigan. 

In this Spring/Summer clothing haul, Lexi Hill puts together some Y2K inspired outfits using pieces from several different brands. One of Lexi’s outfits includes an Urban Outfitters bandana-style tube top with yin yang graphics paired with cutoff denim shorts. 


If you have an edgy, offbeat style and want to share trendy fashion and lifestyle items with your audience, becoming an Urban Outfitters affiliate partner may be right for you. Learn more about becoming an Urban Outfitters influencer here.

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