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The Affiliate Program You Need To Know About If You're A Gardening Influencer - Tower Garden


The Affiliate Program You Need To Know About If You’re A Gardening Influencer – Tower Garden

Spring is in the air, and if you’re a gardening content creator you know what that means. 

It’s the long-awaited time of year for many when seed sowing can once again start, and garden planning is in full effect. The gloominess of winter is slowly fading and everything starts to blossom back to life. 

There’s really no better time of year than right now to be creating gardening-related content. With so many beginner gardeners scrolling through social media to answer their questions and find inspiration engagement is at its peak.

If you’re struggling to find ideas for content then Tower Garden’s products might be just what you’re looking for.  

If you’re into gardening and want to become a Tower Garden affiliate then stick around, because in this article we’re going to share everything you need to know about the Tower Garden affiliate program.

What is Tower Garden?

Originally invented by Morris Bryan who patented the idea in 2005, The Tower Garden was an innovative piece of gardening equipment that has, recently, changed the way we garden today. 

The tower is exactly that, a vertical planter that changes the volume of production from your average plant pot all while doing it more effectively. It’s the only tower system that utilizes the concept of nutrient recycling through composting, which allows you to use your food waste, as food for your veggies. 

The tower functions as a more advanced version of hydroponics and is a sufficient and sustainable way to produce healthy plants at a fraction of the cost in almost any location, be that an apartment or a small backyard. 

The main driving point of this product is to empower and encourage anyone to grow their own food. The initial inspiration – before climate change and sustainability became a real issue – was that this product would help people grow in areas where topsoil was being depleted of its nutrients and minerals, thus making it difficult to support any crops. With this method of growing anyone would be able to grow food, with the only difference being that it’s grown vertically.

After Morris realized that the Tower Garden needed to be taken to mainstream retailers in order to be a success, he decided to sell the patent to Juice Plus+, and the sale was finalized in Collierville, TN back in 2011.

Since then, the company has been booming with multiple media stations and outlets covering the product leading to heaps of exposure. 

Tower Garden Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Tower Garden has been very successful over the years and has a growing following that is filled with happy customers. They also have one of the more lucrative affiliate programs as they offer very competitive commissions on sales.

One can anticipate making around $63 per sale of the Garden Tower, meaning that if you have the right demographic in the gardening and self-sufficiency niche, you may have found your perfect company match.

The affiliate program that Garden Tower offers to influencers is ideal for homesteading vloggers, self-sufficient creators, survivalists, home gardening niches, and healthy living influencers. Basically, if you’re a fan of growing your own food, whether it be for survival or for saving a bit of money on true organic produce, this program is for you.

Obviously, the most important part is the perks of promoting this product. By working with Tower Garden you’ll receive a 16% commission on all sales you generate through your affiliate link on the Garden Tower their all-star product, which retails at $359. 

The sign-up is free through ShareASale, so if you feel like you’re a good fit for this product you can sign up today.

How to promote Tower Garden Products as an Influencer and Make Money

One of the easiest ways to promote Tower Garden’s products is by creating high-quality content to share with your audience. There are tons of different formats you can use to create content, such as unboxing, tutorials, vlog-style, or even recipe development. The options are endless.

Ultimately, the type of content you choose to create should be a format that you know you’re audience will enjoy. 

Let’s take a look at some examples from content creators for inspiration.

How Influencers Promote Tower Garden on Tik Tok

When it comes to TikTok, most of the Tower Garden videos are from smaller accounts, except for agrotonomy an account solely dedicated to reselling Tower Garden and Tower Farms worldwide.

Here’s an example of one of agrotonomy’s content:

In this TikTok, they’ve focused on explaining just how easy a tower garden is to set up. 

Next, let’s take a look at some examples from smaller creators:

In this video, jenny.grows walks her audience through the steps involved in setting up a grow tower. This tutorial starts once the tower itself is built, and includes filling the basin with water, adding nutrients to the water, and placing the vegetable starts.

Here’s another set-up tutorial by glut3n3. The only difference is that Sam included his trip to the store to purchase seeds, and the germination process. The video is filmed in a vlog style, instead of being hyper-focused on the tower set-up.

Lastly, we’ve got andrea_gardennaturelover who also shared a set-up video with her audience. 

The content is in Spanish, which makes sense seeing as the company ships worldwide and is popular in lots of countries.

How Influencers Promote Tower Garden on Instagram

First up for our IG round-up is kennedyproskey a micro-influencer who shares about prevention with whole foods, gardening, and homesteading.

Kennedy recently shared a post about her Tower Garden, showing off some of her recent harvests in the form of a reel. She used the caption to engage with her audience and let them know that if they had any questions about the product they could DM her. 

By encouraging her audience to reach out via private message she’s opening a dialogue to resolve any issues that may be holding these individuals back from making a purchase. 

Next up we have alexsilverfagan, a yoga teacher, strength coach, and influencer, with an audience of over 100 thousand on Instagram alone.

Alexis shared a static image post where she can be seen standing next to her Tower Garden. She’s set up her tower on a building rooftop in Brooklin and uses the caption to let her audience know that they too can grow organic food even with limited space. 

Alexis is a Tower Garden ambassador, so she used the #TGAmbassador to wrap up her caption.

Lastly, we’ve got towergarden_growyourown which is an entire Instagram account dedicated to promoting Grow Tower’s products. The account is run by Talia who shares about her homesteading journey on her personal IG. 

How Influencers Promote Tower Garden on Youtube

Long-form content on Youtube still has its place and can be really useful when you need to delve deeper into the specifics of a product to help educate your audience and pique their interest. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of our favorite examples: 

Unboxing videos are a great way to frame a video when you need to discuss more in-depth features. This format gives you the time to educate your audience about the brand while at the same time walking them through the product’s specs in a seemingly natural fashion. 

SiluetaSaludableconSofia was able to achieve just that in her unboxing video. 

Sofia is a Spanish content creator who shares healthy recipes, lifestyle, and health-related content with her subscribers.

Next up we’ve got NikkiPhillippi a Los Angeles content creator and influencer with over 1.2 million subscribers. She uses her channel to share healthy living, and lifestyle content. In her about section, Nikki states that she considers herself to be a “fake homesteader”.

Nikki also choose an unboxing-style video for her sponsored post with Tower Garden. The video shows Nikki and her partner unboxing and setting up their tower while walking the audience through the exact steps and at the same time sharing information about the company and the products they offer.


If you’re within one of the niches we’ve discussed in this article and want to spend your Spring prepping your low-cost and highly nutritious organic veggies then you need to seriously consider signing up for Garden Tower’s affiliate program. 

The benefits and incentives are above industry standards making this collab a no-brainer. It’s also a great way of helping your audience learn how to grow their own food more efficiently, even if they have limited space.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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