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All About The Lulus Influencer Program


All About The Lulus Influencer Program

Influencer marketing has made an impeccable impact on the fashion industry, seeing as more than 50% of Gen Z state that they buy clothes after seeing them advertised on social media. This relationship has caused many lucrative retailers to build their own influencer programs to help them reap the benefits of this success. To delve into this topic further, Netinfluencer will detail the key aspects of the Lulus influencer program and how it can help content creators secure a plethora of high-value revenue streams. 

Company Background

First formed in 1996, Lulus aims to deliver luxury garments at an affordable price, placing them within a deeply profitable segment of the contemporary fashion market. This business was established by mother and daughter duo Debra Cannon and Colleen Winter, opening an artisan boutique in Chico, California. 

Lulus transformed itself into an entirely online business back in 2008, transforming this family-owned enterprise into a pioneer in e-commerce. In 2018, the brand received an impressive investment of $120 million to help extend its goal of showcasing premium clothing at much lower prices. 

The store also collaborates with other designer brands such as Free People and Steve Madden to help further dominate the luxury clothing sector and tap into a wealth of new customer bases. In the second quarter of 2022, the brand managed to amass $131.5 million in net revenue, which was a 27% increase compared to the previous year. 

Who Are the Lulus Influencers, and What Do They Do?

In order to extend its reach across a wealth of key sectors, Lulus relies on influencers to help it stand out from other dominant forces within the market. The brand is most recognized for its work with micro-influencers, highlighting how its clothing can be worn by everyday individuals and in a plethora of unique ways. 

Lulus has also produced a collection of branded hashtags that these influencers can use to further promote its line of clothing. #lulusoncampus recruited a selection of young influencers to help showcase the types of outfits they wear on a typical day at college. A majority of these influencers used Instagram to show off some of the brand’s most iconic items and sometimes included a discount code for their followers to use for themselves. The hashtag managed to build a collection of 1521 posts and was promoted by popular lifestyle influencers such as Ashley Skenderian and Gina Dattolo.


What Are the Lulus Influencer Requirements?

Lulus hosts an incredibly competitive affiliate program, allowing influencers to earn a commission on the products sold via the links they post online. Creators will also gain access to a wide variety of creative banners and links, ensuring that they can promote Lulus’ products effortlessly and in a way that adheres to their own personal brands. 

This affiliate program provides users with a simple application form, asking them to detail their personal information as well as a list of their most active platforms. Once you have completed this form and successfully submitted your application, you will have to wait for it to be approved. Then, you will be able to share Lulus’ vast variety of affiliate links as well as connect with its dedicated affiliate management team.

Since Lulus considered itself an affluent brand, it is consistently looking for opulent and decadent content creators that are able to sway the purchasing decisions of their loyal followers. Therefore, it is vital that you showcase your best strengths and give examples of brand deals you have worked on in the past. 

How To Promote Lulus Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Lulus’ affiliate program is a flourishing option for influencers who are looking to increase their earnings. This program boasts a 7% commission as well as a 30-day cookie window. This means that influencers can still earn a commission on a product as long as a customer purchases it within the 30-day window. As such, creators now have the chance to earn an accumulative rate of income whilst also collaborating with a leading fashion brand. 

Alongside its prosperous affiliate marketing program, Lulus allows influencers to monetize their related social media content in a collection of different ways. If you are already an avid fan of the brand and its products, you should aim to share its products with your already established audience. This can be in the form of a haul or simply tagging Lulus in one of your Instagram posts. Once the post has received enough engagement, you can then reach out to the brand and ask to collaborate on future projects. 

How Influencers Promote Lulus on TikTok

Maddie Weissert

Though TikTok is often commended for its short-form content, the platform is still able to support creators who enjoy creating longer videos. Maddie Weissert helped to promote Lulus’ collection of products by completing a haul and try-on video on her platform. Complete with a rustic plain miniskirt and a pair of pure white boots, Weissert was able to show the versatility of the brand’s products, making them more desirable to her 4038 followers.

Milena LifeStyle

With an impressive 1.9 million followers, Milena LifeStyle is a key figure within TikTok’s fashion scene. When promoting Lulus’ line products, this influencer decided to showcase how the clothes looked on the website compared to how they fit in person. This video helped to present the vitality of the brand’s clothing and how they can adhere to and suit any type of body shape.

What I Ordered vs What I Got @Lulus 😍 A lot of colorful and affordable options this summer! 👗 You can get these pieces on my bio! 😍#luluspartner #lovelulus


Camilia Vilas

Presenting a collection of quirky transitions and popular sounds, Camilia Vilas was able to create a Keep or Return video using a selection of Lulus’ most popular items. This video allowed this influencer to show off her personal style and gave her a perfect opportunity to interact and engage with her 163.8K followers in the comment section. Throughout this content, Vilas highlighted an array of styles such as floral prints and two-piece dresses. 

How Influencers Promote Lulus on Instagram

Ruchika Agarwal

By blending her love of travel and fashion, Ruchika Agarwal was able to effectively promote Lulus’ most iconic items. Posing in a bright red dress in Disney World, this influencer managed to tag the brand in this joyful photo, bringing a sense of delight and wonder to her 598 followers. By combining expert photography techniques with a wealth of prosperous social media tactics, Agarwal was able to create engaging content that also expressed her true passions. 

Chioma Brown

Best known for her detailed fashion blog, Chioma Brown also uses Instagram to present her latest looks. Brown often creates GRWM videos on Instagram Reels, one of which she used to showcase Lulus’ premium sweaters to her 31.5K followers. This video was teeming with color and energy, helping to show how these products can be blended together to create one vivacious look. 

All About The Lulus Influencer Program

Julia Greenwood

Julia Greenwood used Instagram to promote Lulus by also tagging them in one of her posts. Showcasing a white crop top and matching trousers, Greenwood was able to present the simplicity and elegance of the brand’s style to her 2091 followers and how its products can be worn at just about any event. 

How Influencers Promote Lulus on YouTube

Kait Curnow

This influencer has been creating beauty and lifestyle content on YouTube since 2019 and has managed to gain 10.1K subscribers throughout her time on the platform. Kait Curnow used a traditional haul format to promote some of Lulus’ winter styles. This video was greatly appreciated by her loyal selection of followers and managed to gain 1.5K views.

Emmalyn Love

Emmalyn Love used her bustling YouTube channel to highlight how Lulus’ clothing can be styled to suit both a day and night look. Throughout this video, Love showcased a range of stunning outfits, appeasing her bustling community of 30.2K subscribers. 

Dominique A

By offering unique fashion advice to her 468K subscribers, Dominique A has established herself as a style icon on YouTube. For Lulus, this influencer provided her viewers with a range of holiday inspiration, indicating how the garments could be layered to create a much cozier look. 


By being a leader in both affordable fashion and e-commerce, Lulus has managed to become associated with a wealth of desirable influencers. This has also inspired the brand to create a remarkable affiliate program, ensuring that these creators are compensated for their work and high levels of engagement. 

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