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All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program


All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program

Bamboo Underwear sells underwear for both men and women and makes their products out of super-soft bamboo fabric. Since the company started in 2018, they’ve expanded their clothing line to include socks, athletic apparel, and more. Read on to learn all about how to represent the brand through the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program.

About Bamboo Underwear

Are you a fan of Bamboo Underwear and looking to represent the brand? Here, NetInfluencer covers all the details of the Influencer Program and how to get started.

Bamboo Underwear was founded in August 2018 by Elisabeth Rioux, who also owns Hoaka Swimwear. Elisabeth appointed Mathieu Landry-Girouard as the company president. It sells its products through their website to over 40 different countries and occasionally opens pop-up stores. 

All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program

The brand uses bamboo as the main fabric in their products, which is four times softer than cotton. Bamboo fabric is also allergen free and creates a cooling effect on the skin. Bamboo Underwear sells underwear and apparel for both men and women. Although the brand began by offering just underwear, they have since expanded to include items like socks and athletic wear. 

All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program
All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program

Who Are the Bamboo Underwear Influencers and What Do They Do?

The brand uses both professional models and brand ambassadors in their social media campaigns. One of their strategies is to showcase influencers wearing the brand’s clothing in real life settings. Here, lifestyle influencer Renee P. enjoys a cup of coffee while showing off a tan sports bra. 

In this Instagram photo, Cloé Lemay sips on a refreshing glass of lemon water in a home office. She’s wearing Bamboo’s black sport bralette crop top and high waisted thong under a pair of sweatpants.

Self care and beauty enthusiast Meg Bartels is captured here, getting the day started in her kitchen with a glass of green juice. She compliments her pink and blonde hairstyle with a matching black undewear set and joggers.

What Are the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Requirements?

Although the brand does partner with influencers, their selection process is a bit unclear. They seem to work with influencers with a wide range of audience sizes, ranging from a few thousand to millions of followers. The brand also offers a men’s line of clothing, but their social media accounts are currently focused on women.  

To collaborate with the brand as an official influencer partner, you can send an email to or send them a direct message on their official Instagram account. Your request will then be evaluated by the team. You can also sign up to be an affiliate partner through the brand ambassador program. 

How to Promote Bamboo Underwear Products as an Influencer and Make Money

The brand’s affiliate partners are known as brand ambassadors. According to their website, brand ambassadors benefit from discount codes, free products, and more. Information on any affiliate commission amounts or rates isn’t publically available. 

All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program

To become a brand ambassador, start an application by clicking the “Apply now” button. They run their affiliate program through Shopify Collabs, and you’ll be taken to their site to complete the process. 

How Influencers Promote Bamboo Underwear on TikTok

On TikTok, the brand ambassadors model their pieces in a variety of ways. In this clip from influencer Taliana Noronha, she shows off her dance moves in a matching gray outfit from the brand. The pieces Taliana’s wearing are from Bamboo’s Ribbed collection.

@bamboounderwear @taliana.noronha rocking our Ribbed collection so well! 💃🏻⚡️❤️‍🔥 #fy #fyp #dance #bamboounderwear ♬ Mek It Bunx Up Showmusik Remix – Showmusik Sounds

Here, content creator Ashlee West models a matching cream colored bra and underwear. She hops on the TikTok voiceover trend and infuses her sense of humor in this clip.

@bamboounderwear ♬ son original – Bamboounderwear

In another humorous video, Shanielle Roy uses one of TikTok’s funny-face filters to play a step-mom who thinks she’s showing too much skin. Shanielle showcases a matching set with a pair of gray sweatpants.

How Influencers Promote Bamboo Underwear on Instagram

On their Instagram page, Bamboo Underwear showcases professional photo shoots with fashion models along with content from their influencer partners. Here, fitness influencer Olivia Bihari shows off a matching gray bra top and briefs.

In this breezy, casual photo, Brazilian model Haianny poses in a black Bamboo Underwear set. She’s wearing a bra top and underwear from the brand’s Logo collection. 

Here, Canadian model Mio keeps things casual in a cheerful pose on a bed with a comfy blanket. Mio’s matching pink bra and panties are from Bamboo Underwear’s Allure collection. 

How Influencers Promote Bamboo Underwear on YouTube

Content creators who prefer to shoot fashion vlogs and longer-form videos use the YouTube platform to highlight their brand partnerships. Try-ons and haul videos are currently trending and in this video, Tiana Kaylyn models several pieces from Bamboo Underwear. Tiana also describes each piece in great detail, helping her viewers make an informed purchase.

All About the Bamboo Underwear Influencer Program

Here, Jessi Callahan shows off several pieces of workout clothing from Bamboo. She also pulls up the brand’s website to help describe her favorite pieces. Jessi also models bras and underwear.  

In this try-on haul video, influencer Angelia Guercio starts off with an intro where she shares her thoughts on Bamboo Underwear and which items she loves to wear. She then models each piece she received from the brand, along with a personal review. 


If you’re a fashion influencer looking to add a unique company to your roster of brand partnerships, consider working with Bamboo Underwear. To apply to become a Bamboo Underwear brand ambassador, click here

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