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All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network


All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network

With Gen Z stating that they spend around four or more hours on social media per day, it is no surprise that brands and influencers alike are looking to further capitalize on their potential. Influencer agencies are a key way to help content creators connect with lucrative brands, ensuring that they can secure a stable stream of income and other profitable opportunities. To discuss this further, Net Influencer will explore The Unwell Network, a new agency that focuses on the nuances of Gen Z influencers. 

What Is The Unwell Network?

First announced in August 2023, The Unwell Network focuses on a collection of multi-platform content to aid influencers in promoting their work and securing collaborations with global brands. This agency places a majority of its attention on Gen Z audiences, providing them with a platform to express their opinions in a safe and amicable way. The platform also establishes itself as a space for new voices, working with influencers who are known for their vibrant personalities and vivacious content. Alongside this target audience, The Unwell Network also adheres to a collection of unique niches including beauty content, popular culture, and lifestyle. 

The Unwell Network is a subsidiary of Trending, a much larger company that is best known for producing popular content such as the Call Her Daddy podcast. In order to promote this project even further, the founder has also released a selection of branded merchandise that fans can sport to show their support. 


Why Was It Created?

It seems that The Unwell Network is Trending’s first step in expanding its portfolio of projects, giving the company the chance to continue to monetize its keen niches, whilst also having the opportunity to experiment with something new. The network also promises a carefully curated monetization strategy, indicating that the founders are determined to help influencers reach their maximum earning potential. 

With a wealth of interesting influencers under its belt, we can also assume that The Unwell Network is looking to help these content creators break out of their usual platforms and start something new entirely. The influencers involved in this project are often described as avid storytellers, leading us to believe that they will use this talent to captivate a new type of audience. 

The Unwell Network also boasts a wealth of experienced team members, including Moorea Mongelli, who previously worked for Studio71. As such, the founders are sure to use this experience to further dominate the podcast market and promote it to Gen Z. In addition, Call Her Daddy will also be a part of this immense network, giving it a firm foundation for success. 

All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network

Who Are the Founders?

The Unwell Network was first founded by Alex Cooper and her partner Matt Kaplan. Cooper is best known for being the host of Call Her Daddy, an exuberant podcast that does not shy away from controversial topics such as sex, intimacy, and relationships. After signing an impressive $60 million deal with Spotify in 2021, this podcast has grown from strength to strength and is regarded as a crucial listen for those looking to expand their knowledge of fourth-wave feminism. 

Kaplan is the CEO of ACE Entertainment, a bustling production company that has worked on hit films and TV shows like Line of Duty and Hot Summer Nights. It is also responsible for a selection of original content, a lot of which also markets itself to Gen Z. After getting engaged to Cooper in early 2023, the pair quickly became business partners and started work on Trending. Together, the couple are devoted to shining a light on the potential of the younger generations and producing content that best reflects their needs and wants as consumers. 

What Influencers Are Involved?

The Unwell Network has also announced that it will be working alongside a pair of up-and-coming influencers, who will also uphold specialist projects within the business. Madeline Argy has amassed 4.7 million followers on TikTok due to her riveting storytimes and hilarious demeanor. Argy also hosts a bustling YouTube channel with 375K subscribers, where she hosts a charming video podcast. Here, she details her latest life updates and expresses her concerns and dreams about her bright future. With regard to The Unwell Network, it is believed that she will continue her popular podcasts and vlogs, but will now have the space and resources to discuss these topics in more depth. 

All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network

The second influencer associated with this network is Alix Earle, who blew up on TikTok due to her endearing GRWM videos and detailed skincare routines. With 5.8 million followers on the platform, Earle’s talent for storytelling makes her a perfect fit for Alex Cooper’s network of podcasters. This creator also uses Instagram to detail her latest luxury fashion stylings as well as the key moments from her travels. 

All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network

Cooper, Argy, and Earle have already started collaborating on the agency’s official Instagram page, which has also managed to build up a large audience of 281K followers. On this platform, Cooper showcases interactions with each of the influencers, giving both of them the chance to promote their own charm on the communal account. 

What Does the Launch of The Unwell Network Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The launch of The Unwell Network is a large step in the development of the influencer marketing industry as it highlights how many content creators are looking to detach from the standard collection of social media platforms and are looking to create their own products. With backing from other creatives such as producers and operation directors, Cooper has successfully managed to build a vast team of experienced professionals, all of whom have the common motive of appealing to Gen Z. As a result, The Unwell Network indicates a shift in the industry and causes us to believe that more content creators will continue to produce their own ventures. 

The influencers involved in this exciting project also have the opportunity to receive mentorship from one of the leading figures in their respective industries. By working alongside a pair of bustling and motivated creators, Cooper also has the chance to guide others who are looking to break into this celebrated niche. In terms of the industry as a whole, this type of leadership may encourage other businesses to provide their desired influencers with more support throughout their next marketing campaign. Thus, this has the potential to help influencers become a prominent feature within the industry and ensure that they have the tools needed to see exponential levels of success. 

With its profound focus on podcasting, this agency also has the chance to compete with much larger streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Though Cooper is recognized for her exclusive deal with Spotify, many influencer-led podcasts are struggling to earn a steady stream of income. For example, Apple takes a 30% cut on any subscription revenue, which can be a steep decline in funds for smaller content creators. By forming her own platform, Cooper now has the prime opportunity to better reward her creators, inspiring other popular influencers to join the agency in the future.

All The Details About Alex Cooper’s Gen Z Agency The Unwell Network


The Unwell Network is Alex Cooper’s way of better communicating with Gen Z, allowing her to capitalize on their impressive buying power. Together with this, the Call Her Daddy host can now collaborate with the generation’s finest talent and further reap the benefits of their extensive engagement. 

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