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How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


Twitter Flight School: How To Earn Credentials On It

Data from June 2022 estimates that at least 500 million tweets are sent every day. With such incredible activity and engagement, it is no surprise that Twitter has managed to build its own community of influencers. With its attractive short-form format, Twitter enables creators to post content on a regular basis, helping them to quickly build an audience. As the platform continues to grow in popularity, Twitter has since released its own education portal, helping influencers and brands build their marketing skills. Netinfluencer discovers how you can earn an accredited award from Twitter Flight School.

What is Twitter?

Twitter launched in July 2006 and quickly became a pioneer in the social media world. This platform differed from the rest as it only allowed users to send messages in 280 characters or less, launching a new generation of microbloggers. 

This social media network then grew into the current affairs industry, inspiring users to gain news updates in a fast and digestible fashion. By 2007, Twitter reached 60,000 active users and saw around 20,000 tweets per day. 

Twitter is best known for the introduction of hashtags, a common feature within social media today. Hashtags symbolize a recurring theme online and groups tweets together to make them more identifiable. These symbols now highlight trends and updates from around the world.

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


What is Twitter Flight School?

Twitter Flight School was relaunched in 2020 after undergoing a host of rebranding strategies. This platform educates brands and creators on the importance of using social media in their marketing campaigns. Thus, users can enroll in a short online course to help boost their technical and creative skills. 

As part of the rebranding efforts, Twitter Flight School has increased its focus on video content, in order to compete with TikTok and Instagram. Users can also earn Badges that signify their success in a course. 

This program also focuses on advertising, particularly on an international scale. With 340 million users worldwide, there is no doubt that Twitter has the capacity to push brands across the world with ease. 

Benefits of using Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School is a spectacular resource for those who are just starting to build a sustainable marketing campaign. The wide variety of courses unpack the essential principles of social media marketing and allow users to be tested on their knowledge throughout the course. Thus, this scheme is ideal for small businesses who are looking to make their mark online.

This program also offers Live Events at certain points of the year. These are virtual training programs that allow users to learn more about advertising in real-time. The first Live Event was ‘Launch and Connect’, teaching students how to use Twitter as a cultural zeitgeist. All you need to do is enroll online and complete a survey after the class. The nature of these live streams means that students can experience the benefits of a class without actually leaving their homes. 

These classes also help brands and influencers stay on top of the latest updates from Twitter. Some courses detail how you can use their latest features in our next campaign. As such, Twitter Flight School allows users to keep in the loop as the platform develops, meaning that they are constantly expanding their knowledge. 

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


What courses are on offer?

In order to receive a certification from Twitter Flight School, you must complete an Earn a Badge course. Each section of the course ranges in difficulty and can be completed in a maximum of 4 hours. These courses require users to sit through a range of lessons and pass a knowledge check at the end of every step.

Cross-Border Advertising

This intermediate-level course aims to help brands communicate with Twitter users from around the world. Here, you will learn the basic elements of cross-border advertising as well as how to build your first worldwide campaign. Users will also discover more about the best creative practices for advertising on Twitter, ensuring that each campaign complies with the platform’s regulations. 

Get Started on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter, this is the best place to begin. The Get Started on Twitter course guides users through the basic elements of the platform such as setting up a Twitter account and posting your first tweet. As you travel to the second section of the course, you will learn how to engage with your community and track your analytics. The final section educates students on how to remain secure and mindful on Twitter, exploring the platform’s safety features and protection tactics. 

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


Launch and Connect Badge

In a similar fashion to the Live Event, the Launch and Connect course describes how users can produce a successful campaign and present it to their followers in an effective way. This course also discusses the best communication strategies, helping brands build engagement on the platform. This is an advanced course and should take around two hours to complete in total.

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


Performance Fundamentals Badge

The Performance Fundamentals Badge delves into the complex world of mobile ecosystems and helps brands find their niche in such a competitive industry. The first section of the course explains the initial steps of Performance Advertising and describes how Twitter measures success in this way. The second section teaches students how to build their first mobile app campaign and track the results as they go. The final part highlights website click campaigns and how they can be used to drive organic growth to your social media pages. 

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


#TwitterFlightSchool Video Badge

This advanced course details the various video formats available on Twitter, assigning their value to a different demographic. Once you have learned how you create your perfect video, you will then learn how to build an assortment of campaigns such as an Amplify Pre-roll campaign and a First View campaign. Users will then discover how to analyze these campaigns using a collection of metrics and analytics data.

Twitter for Creatives

The Twitter for Creative course is mostly directed at creative agencies that are looking to boost their entire content strategy. Brands will learn how to build an appropriate tone of voice and make integral decisions about how they want consumers to view them. They will also discover more about Twitter’s success, especially in social media advertising. 

How To Earn Credentials on Twitter Flight School


How to earn your badge

To receive a badge from Twitter Flight School you must first complete all of the essential steps in a course, including a final assessment. This assessment requires students to pass at least 80% of the questions in order to be considered a success. 

Once completed, users can then share their achievements on both Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also download a PDF copy of your certificate to keep for further use. It should be mentioned that these badges are valid for one year after completion. When they have expired, users are encouraged to retake the course to solidify their knowledge. 

The rise of Twitter Flight School highlights the growing interest in social media marketing campaigns, leading to more success and opportunities for certain influencers. As these platforms create new and exciting features, the future of online marketing continues to diversify in response. To discover more about building a successful influencer marketing campaign, visit our website.  

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