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How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills


How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills

YouTube has managed to boost the careers of many influencers throughout its history, helping these creators to build an established income within the influencer marketing industry. Data suggests that there are more than 51 million YouTube channels on the platform, with that number rising each month. The platform now aims to help up-and-coming influencers navigate the industry and help others learn how to keep themselves safe online. Netinfluencer  explores the influencers taking part in the YouTube Reframe campaign.

What is YouTube Reframe?

YouTube Reframe is a series from YouTube Spotlight UK, a channel that delivers the latest news and stories occurring on the platform. The project collates some of the most interesting and popular influencers into one place, encouraging them to be frank about creating content online.

There are now two series of YouTube Reframe, each containing six short episodes. They discuss topics such as misinformation and online bullying, all under the guidance of the hosts Munya Chawawa and Amelia Dimoldenberg

Why was it established?

Many influencers first saw their rise to fame on YouTube, leading them to gain a plethora of new brand opportunities. However, YouTube Reframe was designed to educate audiences on the more difficult parts of being an influencer. Thus, both series explore how these young content creators achieve a work-life balance whilst sharing their lives online. 

YouTube Reframe is mostly aimed at Gen Z, a generation that has welcomed social media and the rise of influencer marketing. This series aims to explore how young people can better communicate with their favorite influencers and create a safe and healthy community. 

The platform has also partnered with charities such as Childline and Ditch the Label to help children find resources if they are struggling with their mental health. Therefore, both audiences and influencers can find support and guidance when the pressures of social media get too much. 

Who are some of the influencers taking part?

Each episode of YouTube Reframe gives a small glimpse into the life of an influencer, sharing their opinions of online life. Listed below is just a small selection of influencers who are contributing to the YouTube Reframe campaign.


After launching his music career in 2019, Ramz saw great success with his hit single Barking, earning him 57.7K subscribers on YouTube. The single received 48 million views on the platform and became a viral hit on TikTok. Despite such talent, Ramz experienced a lot of online abuse, causing him to suffer detrimental mental health issues. His episode on YouTube Reframe named, Don’t Suffer in Silence, discusses how negative comments affected his self-esteem and made him feel less competitive in the music industry. Ramz also uses this episode to discuss how he remains levelheaded and mindful when producing content online. 

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills


GRACEY blends vlog content with her self-produced music, showing her 25.1K subscribers what she does on a regular basis, both professionally and privately. In her episode, Online Abuse Has Real Impact, she explains how she kept her online abuse a secret from her friends and family, which made the issues a lot worse. Host, Amelia Dimoldenberg, also uses this episode to explain the varying types of online abuse.  GRACEY also channels these emotions through her music, seen in her single the internet. She ends her episode by expressing her gratitude for her online presence, especially as it helped her career grow to the size it is now. 

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills

Jacob and Ollie

Best friends Jacob and Ollie first found viral fame on TikTok as their famous food reviews saw them gain 1.7 million followers. The pair have now expanded their content onto YouTube, earning an additional 83.8K subscribers. Their episode, Tackling Online Hate, highlights the negative attention brought on by viral fame. These men also mention that these comments never happen in real life, creating more dissonance between social media and reality. This episode also gives advice on how to handle these types of comments such as reporting the account.

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills

Adam B

Adam Beales, better known as Adam B, first created his YouTube channel in 2012 and has gone on to present some of the UK’s most popular children’s television shows. His YouTube content sees him completing various challenges such as spending 50 hours in solitary confinement. Adam B’s episode explains Balancing Time Online & Offline, helping him to detach from his life as an influencer and TV personality. This episode follows Beales’ wind-down routine, sharing what he does to reset himself after releasing a lot of content for his 3.42 million subscribers.

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills

George the Poet

As one of London’s most acclaimed spoken-word artists, George the Poet has managed to gain a lot of online attention throughout his decade-long career. His YouTube channel shares some of his most famous performances such as Cat D as well as some of his TV appearances. This episode is called Should You Say It? and discusses the balance between hate speech and free speech online. George the Poet also states the racist comments he receives on his work, especially the poems that explore the experience of black British men. He expresses that audiences need to uphold a sense of responsibility when commenting harsh words online. 

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills


With 2.32 million subscribers, Chunkz has gained a positive reputation on social media. He has also completed campaigns with retail giants such as Footasylum and JD. Chunk’s episode of YouTube Reframe is called Let’s Talk Conspiracy Theories and details how false stories are formed and spread in an inescapable manner. The host, Munya Chawawa, works with Chunkz to create the most absurd conspiracy theory to give context to how these ideas can lead us to spread misinformation. Chunkz also gives his own experience of being friends with these theorists and how it can lead to challenging relationships as opinions continue to divide them. The episode also gives helpful information on how to spot and report conspiracy theories. 

How YouTube Reframe Is Teaching Influencers Essential Life Skills

YouTube Reframe sends out a positive message to both audiences and influencers, helping all of us to better manage our time online. The series also highlights how online abuse can seriously affect a creator and offers ways to limit this type of behavior online. To discover more about becoming an influencer, visit our website

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