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All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features


All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features

Meta is responsible for social media giants Facebook and Instagram, allowing these platforms to grow in an ever-changing nature. In fact, 1.93 billion people log into Facebook every day, highlighting its immense engagement rate. With so much potential, Meta is consistently applying new features to both platforms. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer notes all of Meta’s Teen Safety features aimed to keep teens safe online. 

All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features


What Meta’s Teen Safety Features Are on Offer?

In June 2022, Meta announced that it would be launching a host of new online safety features, allowing parents to take more control of what their child is able to access online. These features can be accessed across a range of platforms, including in the Metaverse and other VR spaces.

Instagram is now using state-of-the-art AI technology to stop adults from following minors’ accounts. Parents can now set their child’s account to private and friends-only, meaning that if an adult that they did not know tried to follow them, the message would be restricted and sent to spam.

An array of anti-bully measures have also been put in place, especially in the Metaverse. Organizations such as The Diana Award have created a range of educational resources to help children learn more about interacting with others online. Meta is also making it easier for users to report violating content.

One of the most impactful features is the daily limits. This enables parents to set boundaries on when their child can access certain social media sites. For example, the parent can block the site when the child is in school. Users in the Metaverse can also unlock a notification that alerts them if they have been spending too much time in their virtual world. 

All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features


What Is the Take a Break Feature?

Alongside the new daily limits, Instagram has launched a Take a Break Feature. This will send a push notification to remind a user to step away from their devices. The tool aims to help users better regulate their emotions and put a stop to doom scrolling. 

This feature was first announced in November 2021 with the beta being released in December. Since then, Take a Break has become a staple resource for many users, encouraging them to limit their exposure to excessive content. 

Take a Break fits within Meta’s wider range of teen safety features but is also used by adults who interact with the platform on a regular basis. 

How Can I Use Them?

In order to better educate parents on these features, Meta has also created a unique educational hub. This platform contains a wide variety of infographics, videos, and blog articles to help parents learn more about how the younger generations are using social media. 

On Instagram, parents must first implement supervision controls on their child’s account. This can be done by applying the safety tools found under the Accounts tab on the child’s profile. From here, parents can set customized time limits and access more information about who their child is following. 

The Take a Break feature is shown on Instagram Reels and uses a range of animations to remind people of their excessive usage. These animations were designed by popular influencers and designers as a way to better communicate with younger audiences. 

With regard to the Metaverse, parents can set up an ‘Ask to Buy’ request for those aged 13 and over to ensure that children are not excessively spending money on virtual items. In addition, adults can use the accompanying Oculus app to deny certain access and block inappropriate apps. This platform is also used to confirm or deny any purchases coming from the child’s account. 

All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features


Where Are These Features Available? 

  • US
  • UK
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany

Meta has been working with a range of official bodies to create a collection of features that can be used all over the world. For example, they liaised with an Expert Steering Committee of child psychologists to help promote the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child in a plethora of diverse regions. 

Benefits of Using Meta’s Teen Safety Features as an Influencer

It is a common misconception that influencers must be constantly online in order to see success and engagement. Influencers still need to maintain a healthy work-life balance and Meta’s new safety features are a step in the right direction. By using tools like the daily limits, influencers can now take well-earned breaks away from their work. This tool is also useful for content scheduling and reminds creators to spend an equal amount of time on all of their active platforms. 

If you are a family influencer or are responsible for a child’s social media account, these features can help the creators to limit unwanted interactions whilst still building a sense of community. This can help to remove inappropriate content, helping to create a positive atmosphere for the child as well as the younger demographics that follow them. 

Many people use the Metaverse to host public events and seminars. Many religious leaders are even hosting their worships in the Metaverse with institutions such as Life.Church offering services in a unique virtual world. The new teen safety features can allow children to take part in these events in a much more restricted manner, allowing this novel industry to grow without causing too much harm to developing minds. 

Meta’s new Family Center is also a prosperous platform for influencers, especially those who are working in education. Many influencers enjoy teaching children how to be safe online, especially when referring to online hate. These resources can be adapted into lesson plans or even be used for engaging talking topics on an influencer’s platform. 

All About Meta’s Teen Safety Features


Meta’s teen safety features highlight a change in social media habits, signifying how the younger generation is becoming more active on these sites. However, these tools can also be used by influencers to better protect themselves online and learn how to step away from the demanding nature of online work. To learn more about creating an effective content schedule for social media, visit our website

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