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Must-Follow Personal Finance Influencers in 2022

Financial literacy is something that we all need, but it is rarely taught to us in schools. These personal finance influencers are here to educate you about everything from commonly used finance terms to budgeting to trading in the stock markets.

There is nothing like a global pandemic to get you to start thinking about your finances. Are you budgeting enough, or should you cut down on spending? Do you have an emergency fund? Are you really buying only what is necessary, or are you getting influenced by your rich friend who blows $500 on a pen?

These are all questions that we all ask ourselves. But we often don’t have the answers. That’s where personal finance influencers come in! Here are some of the top “influencers” to follow to help you manage your money.

Top Personal Finance Influencers To Watch Out For

Dasha Kennedy (@thebrokeblackgirl) 

Followers: 178k

Talks about: Financial Independence, Building Wealth, Debt

Dasha is a financial activist whose main focus is helping other women be financially independent. Her fuel for becoming an influencer is her past financial struggles. 

She shares practical, real life advice that is bound to help anybody. They include tips on building emergency funds, encouraging people to talk about money more (especially in work settings), a 30-day financial detox, and “things to remember when you start handling finances” among many more. Her relatable advice has helped many women get their finances in order.

Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks)

Followers: 467k

Talks about: Money basics, Taxes, Investing 

Yang used to be a financial advisor before he became a content creator, so you know his advice is going to be solid. His content is very educational, and he breaks down complex topics into simple videos. For example: the difference between short-term and long-term capital gains tax, or what shorting a stock is. His videos are super informative and really, really useful!

Jeremy Schneider (@personalfinanceclub)  

Followers: 368k

Talks about: Investing

If you want to learn the basics of investing – right from why you should invest in the first place, Schneider’s got your back. Retired at 36 (yes, really), he explains everything about investing and day trading using easy-to-read infographics. A great account to follow if you are a very visual learner!

He also teaches a crash course on the basics of investing. Head on over to his website if you want to enroll. There’s also a forum where you can ask specific questions or advice.

Haley Sacks (@mrsdowjones) 

Followers: 242k

Talks about: Saving, Investing, Building Wealth

Do you like a little humor with your education? Haley delivers that and more! A self-proclaimed “financial pop star,” Haley speaks the language of Gen Z and millennials by using memes and pop culture references to teach financial literacy

Her videos are funny, sassy, and very informative! She truly puts the F in finance. (I’m talking about “fun,” guys.) You can sort her videos by category on her YouTube channel. She has a covid financial guide, finance terms, and many more! 

Delyanne Barros (@delyannethemoneycoach) 

Followers: 132k

Talks about: Investing

Delyanne used to be an employment attorney. Now, she is a self-made millionaire whose mission is to teach people how to “slay the stock market.” At 37, she found the benefits of long-term investing and started sharing her journey and actionable tips to help others.

Her content is geared more towards everyday investors and giving them tips on how to invest smartly. She also writes a blog where she emphasizes that money doesn’t have to come from struggles and sacrifices. 

Anjie and RJ Muhammad (@richbyintention) 

Followers: 24.1k

Talks about: Managing Money, Building Wealth As a Couple

Did you know that money arguments are the second leading cause of divorce? This is why it is important to manage money as a team! Anjie and RJ are a married couple who understand this. They have actually paid off over $100,000 in debt together! Now, they are helping other couples manage money together. Talk about being inspired by experience.

Anthony O’Neal (@anthonyoneal) 

Followers: 252k

Talks about: Debt, Money Management

Anthony has a very inspiring story. At 19, he found himself homeless with over $35,000 racked up in debt due to an extravagant college lifestyle that included loans and credit cards. Today, he is a bestselling author of many books that help readers manage their finances. 

He worked hard for many years to pay off all his debts. This inspired him to help others lead a debt-free life. He shares a lot of advice on debt management, including financial advice for students on YouTube, helping them prevent the same mistakes he made. He also shares other stories of people who became debt-free for that extra inspiration. 

Berna (@heyberna) 

Followers: 57.4k

Talks about: Personal Finance

Berna is a financial hype woman. She wants everyone to be well-versed in financial matters so that they can make good money decisions and live a healthy life. Her videos are funny and entertaining!

She also hosts a podcast called Money Please, where she navigates complex money topics with various experts. You no longer have to call your crypto-obsessed relative for advice. 

Chelsea Fagan (@thefinancialdiet) 

Followers: 830k

Talks about: Money Management, Investing, Spending, Saving, Budgeting

Just like food, your finances need a diet, too! Just because you can buy something doesn’t mean you should. And Chelsea is here to teach you how to put your finances on a diet!

Her focus is on helping women feel more confident in handling money. What started out as a blog has turned into an entire company, and she has helped countless women so far! 

She offers a lot of practical advice that will come in handy in your day-to-day life. She believes that budgeting should be healthy. It shouldn’t deprive you of anything. Follow her for some amazing advice!

Emma Edwards (@the.brokegeneration) 

Followers: 50.9k

Talks about: Mindful and Informed Spending

No matter how strict we are with our finances, it can be easy to slip up. You see one pretty dress, and it’s all downhill from there. In times like these, we could use a little pep talk, don’t you think? Well, Emma is here to deliver! 

She is a recovering shopaholic who decided that enough was enough. She understands how retail therapy works, and she is here to help you be more mindful with your money. Sometimes, she gives you the swift reality check that you need. A great page to follow if you (like me) tend to buy yourself little treats every time you feel down.

Tiffany Aliche (@thebudgetnista) 

Followers: 535k

Talks about: Budgeting, Money Management

Tiffany is a pre-school educator turned blogger and author. After finding out that she had a knack for breaking down complex topics into easily digestible pieces, she decided to put this talent to good use by teaching people (especially women) all about money! 

You will find everything from budgeting tips and hacks to finance facts infused with a dash of humor. She is the author of “Get Good With Money,” and the co-owner of Live Richer Academy, where they teach women to invest, maximize their profits, and even start their own business. Other than this, she also co-hosts a podcast called “The Brown Ambition.”

Well, folks. We’ve reached the end of our eclectic list of top personal finance influencers. Follow them, start budgeting and investing, and build your wealth! Don’t forget to share this article with others. Let’s build a financially healthier world!

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Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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