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Must-Follow Educational YouTube Channels

Since it was first launched in 2005, YouTube has been a staple resource in many educational fields. Leaders and thinkers from a plethora of industries use this innovative platform to devise a range of educational videos, helping the next generation become familiar with new topics. An in-depth study from 2018 found that out of 4494 Americans, 51% used educational YouTube channels to expand their knowledge. Netinfluencer has searched through a wide range of content to discover the most popular educational YouTube channels on the platform.

Top Educational YouTube Channels To Watch Out For 

Crash Course

This educational YouTube channel was set up by prolific content creators John and Hank Green, known best for the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel. Crash Course first launched in December 2011 with ‘The Agricultural Revolution’. Over the years, Crash Course has produced content in a variety of different areas such as ‘Crash Course Psychology’ and ‘Black American History’, earning them 13.2 million subscribers. The channel now has a range of different hosts including Clint Smith and Deboki Chakravarti. Moreover, Crash Course even has its own online store where fans can buy educational posters to further support the channel.

Top Educational YouTube Channels

The School of Life

The School of Life takes life’s biggest questions and condenses them down into short and enjoyable videos. This educational YouTube channel is best known for its philosophy content, taking these ancient principles and translating them into modern-day scenarios for their 7.36 million subscribers to enjoy. The channel is made up of a collection of highly acclaimed writers, philosophers, and creatives, allowing them to produce one video per week since 2010. Their most popular video, ‘Why Socrates Hated Democracy’, shows how one of the world’s most famous philosophers was against the ideals of modern democracy, and has earned over 10 million views. The team also has a website where they showcase their collection of published books and popular blog articles. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels


Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown first met during their time at the University of Guelph and created their much-loved YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE in 2012. The couple creates weekly videos that aim to break down some of the most difficult and complex concepts in a unique and entertaining way. Using a combination of incredible illustrations and engaging voiceovers, the pair have dived into topics such as ‘What Happens When You Quit Alcohol’ and ‘The Biggest Lie About Renewable Energy.’ Moffit and Brown have recently created their own YouTube Originals series called ‘Shut it off Asap!’, where the pair teach their 10.1 million subscribers more about self-sustaining energy sources.

Top Educational YouTube Channels


Combining the rich history of literature with the stylized modernity of popular culture, Wisecrack presents an analytical response to some of art’s most pressing questions. The team is made up of a collection of creatives, giving them the knowledge needed to answer questions such as ‘Antz vs A Bug’s Life: Who Loves Capitalism More?.’ Aside from their humorous quest to find philosophy in popular culture, Wisecrack also produces a variety of unconventional educational content for its 3.07 million subscribers. For example, ‘Thug Notes’ uses a modern-day teenager to make Shakespeare and other authors seem much more interesting for a younger audience. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels


This educational YouTube channel is most known for its iconic TED Talks, a set of lectures from some of the world’s greatest minds. With 20.8 million subscribers and well over two billion views,  TED has been inspiring growing minds since its debut in 2006. This channel has welcomed guests such as Bill Gates and David Blaine, all of which captivate the audience by sharing their wealth of ideas and experience. In May 2016, TED released a book that gave readers tips on how to give incredible lectures. The book, ‘TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking’ was written by Chris Anderson, one of the most influential figures in the TED team. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels

Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell

With its first video published in 2013, Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell has managed to gain 18 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion views in its short history. This educational YouTube channel is made up of a small creative team of free thinkers, allowing them to create immersive and illustrative videos about the impact of optimistic nihilism. Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell believes in quality over quantity, only creating one impeccable video per month. This group has discussed topics such as ‘Are There Lost Civilizations in Our Past?’ and ‘What if the World Turned to Gold?’. The channel has also just released its first book, ‘Immune’, which explains the workings of the immune system using an array of beautiful drawings. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels

bill wurtz

This educational YouTube channel creates a selection of quirky, yet nihilistic, songs using an assortment of weird and wonderful video effects. However, bill wurtz is most known for his much-loved educational content. His video ‘history of the entire world, i guess’ was released in May 2017 and has amassed nearly 140 million views. The video takes the viewer on a journey, giving them a simplified and nuanced lesson on how the universe was created. This one video is possibly his most famous work and has enabled him to earn 5.14 million subscribers since starting his channel in 2012. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels

CGP Grey

Known for their signature stick-man animation, CGP Grey is an Irish-American educational YouTuber with 5.26 million subscribers. CGP Grey is an ex-teacher who uses his wide range of knowledge to create informative videos regarding politics, geography, and economics.  He has created videos such as ‘Testing Tesla on the Deadliest Road in America’ and even has a series where he plays the popular card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’. CGP Grey also hosts an engaging podcast called ‘Hello Internet’ alongside Brady Haran. The pair use the platform to discuss general topics as well as the developments occurring on YouTube. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels


Sergei Urban is a father to two young children who persistently complained that they were bored. As such, Urban created his channel TheDadLab where he produces exciting science experiments with his sons Max and Alex. The trio has uncovered some of science’s biggest mysteries such as ‘How to Make an Unbreakable Egg’ and ‘Making a Spinning Heart with Electromagnetism’. TheDadLab also teaches his 4.37 million subscribers how to make unique arts and crafts, blending both science and creativity in one channel. In 2018, Urban published a book called ‘TheDadLab: 40 Quick, Fun, and Easy Activities to do at Home’, allowing his fans to replicate his amazing experiments in their own time. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels

BBC Teach

BBC Teach is a centralized hub for a wide selection of educational content brought to you by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Although the channel was originally intended for UK audiences, their videos explore a range of topics for a number of audiences to enjoy. The educational YouTube channel explains the impact of climate change on our planet as well as various religious tales. The channel also makes use of a collection of popular British figures such as Ade Adepitan and Stacey Dooley to help share their light on an array of topics.  With 146,000 subscribers, BBC Teach proves how versatile and popular YouTube can be for those looking to discover new concepts in a simplified way. 

Top Educational YouTube Channels

Educational Youtube channels highlight how impactful social media has been on modern learning practices, especially in contemporary classrooms. These channels have shown how a passion for learning can be shared with others and presented in a variety of creative ways. To discover more about YouTube’s impact on education and influencer marketing, visit our website.

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