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Top Neurodivergent Influencers To Follow On TikTok


Must-Follow Neurodivergent Influencers On TikTok

Find out who some of the top Neurodivergent Influencers on TikTok are and what makes them stand out.

Neurodiversity has been a popular talking point across a variety of social media platforms. The term refers to ‘the concept that certain developmental disorders are normal variations in the brain.’ As such, neurodiversity commonly refers to those who have ADHD or are on the Autism spectrum. TikTok has helped neurodivergent individuals to educate others on their cognitive abilities and has also reduced the stigma surrounding these disorders. So, here are the top neurodivergent influencers on TikTok. 

Neurodivergent Influencers To Watch Out For


This neurodivergent influencer is an extremely talented drummer, dueting an array of other creators to show off his skills. thatautisticdrummer is diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and FASD, giving him a platform to share light on these conditions. This influencer also uses popular sounds on the app to share humorous and highly relatable videos about being autistic in the modern world. thatautisticdrummer is most known for his spectacular invisible drum kit. His 22.4K followers are encouraged to join his TikTok lives to see how can play a set of drums that aren’t actually there. This creator also spreads Autism awareness on Instagram and is part of a collective account called autism_unmasked

@thatautisticdrummer CEO of invisible drums 😎 #thatautisticdrummer #howdotheywork #actuallyautistic ♬ original sound – pritzkermemes


connordewolfe is a 21-year old actor who is diagnosed with ADHD. Using a collection of high-quality video effects, this neurodivergent influencer details what it is like living with this condition. One of his videos describes how ADHD can cause people to be forgetful, creating a hilarious skit for his 5.2 million followers to enjoy. His videos also describe what it is like living with an array of comorbidities such as anxiety and Auditory Processing Disorder.  DeWolfe also enjoys creating YouTube Shorts and has gained an impressive 17.5K subscribers on his channel. This influencer also has a range of merchandise presenting his signature ‘Follow the Dopamine’ phrase.

@connordewolfe Somebody got any spare dopamine?…#adhd #comedy #neurodivergent ♬ original sound – Connor DeWolfe


This couple uses TikTok to showcase what it is like living with a partner with ADHD, creating tons of comical content. The husband is considered to be neurotypical and his wife is diagnosed with ADHD, creating a loveable contrast between the two. adhd_love shows the wide range of problems that people with this condition face and find humor in their everyday battles. The couple makes light of how those with ADHD may suffer from time blindness or discomfort from sitting still, helping to raise awareness of the behavioral traits of this condition. With nearly 113,000 followers, this duo has made a collection of relatable content for other couples to enjoy. The pair have also created a line of adorable merchandise that symbolizes their true love for one another.

@adhd_love MIND MAP #adhd #adhdawareness #adhdpartner #adhdcouple #adhdinwomen #adhdproblems #adhdtiktok #adhdsquad #adhdcheck #neurodivergent ♬ original sound – ADHD_love


With 264.2K followers, this neurodivergent influencer has created a bustling community on TikTok, inspiring other parents to speak out about their conditions. thatmomabigail is diagnosed with ADHD and uses her platform to explain how she suffers from issues such as phone anxiety, overstimulation, and depression. This creator also stays true to her alternative roots, highlighting how her hair color has changed over the years. thatmomabigail also has a daughter with ADHD and shares tips and tricks to help other parents, ensuring that the next generation remains happy and healthy.  Plus, this creator also has an active discord server that encourages moms from across the world to join in and make new friends. 

@thatmomabigail It’s not always happy-go-lucky squirreldistractions. Sometimes it really sucks. #adhd #adhdtruths #adhdsucks#adhdsucksstopmakingitquirkytohave#adhdisreal #lateadhddiagnosis #adhdmom#adhdmoms #momswithadhd#neurodivergentmom #neurodivergent#neurodiverse #neurodivergenthypehouse ♬ Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) (Bad Boy Fantasy) – Mariah Carey


divergent.educator is a devoted advocate for making traditional classrooms more supportive for neurodivergent people. They use their platform to educate others about remaining mentally well when suffering from a neurological condition. For example, she shares how to cope with object permanence and build strong boundaries, allowing her 17,000 followers to feel more in control of their daily lives. In addition, this creator often duets others who are discussing their experiences with ADHD which further adds to the developing conversation surrounding the condition. divergent.educator also creates extensive playlists of ‘Stim Songs’, giving neurodivergent people a space to feel safe whilst stimming. 

@divergent.educator Yes, I will post this at a random time bc i don’t care. I said what I said. #autistiktok #adhdtiktok #altteacher #emotionsarevalid #hdautistiktok ♬ original sound – divergent.educator


Katy Weber is the host of the Women & ADHD Podcast, an engaging platform that discusses the nuanced struggle women with ADHD face. As women are notoriously under-diagnosed with ADHD, Weber received her diagnosis much later in life. This inspired her to create a podcast where other women could discuss their experiences. The Women & ADHD Podcast has been an incredible resource for many women, helping them better understand this complex condition.  This influencer uses TikTok to post short excerpts of the podcast, including conversations with fellow TikToker Cate Osborn. Moreover, Katy Weber also posts videos detailing the signs that led her to get an ADHD diagnosis for her 30.6K followers to enjoy. 

@womenandadhdpodcast Reply to @womenandadhdpodcast Can’t stop. Won’t stop. So many good intentions with the books! #adhd #adhdinwomen #adhdpodcast ♬ original sound – womenandadhdpodcast


Being diagnosed with both Autism and ADHD, ndwellness explores how these conditions affect her daily life. In turn, this neurodivergent influencer discusses how they struggle with the pressure of deadlines and the impact of their excessive to-do lists. Their videos use a collection of subtle lighting effects, helping to create a simple, yet personable, atmosphere when viewing her videos. ndwellness’ content explores how a diagnosis later in life can both give a person a new lease of life but can also lead them to question their every cognitive function. As a result, this influencer provides a wealth of resources for their 157.4K followers, including access to online tests and informative TED Talks.

@ndwellness #adhdcheck #latediagnosedadhd #neurodivergent #adhdinwomen #taskinitiation #foryourpage ♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros


Fidget toys have become an inescapable trend over the past few years, helping to defeat the stigma surrounding stimming and stim toys in general. dottiestims has an expansive collection of fidget toys which she shows off to her 37.8K followers. This neurodivergent influencer gives each fidget toy an in-depth review, highlighting how it helps her regulate her emotions. They also describe how a fidget toy can help with different types of issues such as revenge procrastination and hair pulling. dottiestims also recognizes that stim toys can be expensive and, as such, she discusses the best places to buy affordable stim toys in the UK.

@dottiestims You don’t have to just throw it away! #neurodivergent #stim #stimtoys #fidget #fidgettoys #tanglecreations ♬ you belong with me – sia


soundoftheforest is an autistic content creator who uses TikTok to detail her personal experience with her condition. She explores how things like clothes tags and certain foods can cause her distress and also explains how she uses an array of coping tools to limit this discomfort. soundoftheforest also models her coping tools such as her compression vest and sensory swing.  This influencer also shares her growing insect collection with their 2.4 million subscribers, educating them further on these fascinating creatures. In fact, soundoftheforest has also created a line of personalized merchandise surrounding her love of insects.

@soundoftheforest No one‘s expressions are that exaggerated #autisticadult #autism #autism #autismawareness ♬ original sound – Schitt’s Creek


Gillis Williams is a proud autistic TikToker who uses his account to express his personal adoration for his condition. autismchoseme presents his love for stimming to his 60.2K followers, helping others become more accepting of their autistic traits. Furthermore, this content creator uses his account to advocate for those with other disabilities, creating a more accepting community. autismchoseme uses his website to list a range of useful resources, including merchandise for other black autistic people like himself. 

@autismchoseme #stimmingisnormal #stimmingpositivity #smilewith #autismchoseme ♬ Si tu utilises tes un gigachad – Abonne toi

Neurodiversity is still a relatively new concept, with these conditions only just being understood in wider parts of society. However, the impact of social media has meant that neurodivergent influencers can raise awareness for these conditions as well as let their own personalities shine through. To discover more about the different types of influencers, visit our website

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