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The Rise of Gen X Influencers


The Rise of Gen X Influencers

Social media has the ability to attract and unify an abundance of different demographics. Although it is usually the younger generations that take these platforms by storm, a large number of older influencers are finding profitable revenue streams from social media. Data from the Pew Research Center estimates that around 82% of 18-49 year olds are active on at least one social media platform. As such, it seems that older individuals also see social media as a positive asset to their daily lives. Netinfluencer explores a collection of Gen X influencers and how they have attracted a plethora of engagement. 

What is Gen X?

The term Gen X, otherwise known as Generation X, refers to Americans born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. The exact dates within this range can vary depending on the source. Some researchers say that Gen X falls under 1961-1981 whereas others claim it is 1965-1979. 

This generation has around 65 million members and falls between Baby Boomers and Millennials. These individuals are also regarded as the Latchkey Generation as they were often left unsupervised at home whilst their parents went to work. 

Data also suggests that Gen X is slowly moving away from traditional forms of electronic communication, such as email, and moving towards social media platforms. An outstanding 90% of Gen Xers now own a smartphone. 

The Rise of Gen X Influencers


Why has Gen X become so fond of social media?

As an increasing amount of industries require people to use social media as part of their everyday activities, it is no surprise that a new breed of Gen X influencers has begun to flourish. During the isolating conditions of the pandemic, many older people began using social media to connect with others and promote their skills and content. 

Generation X’s fascination with social media is also seen in their frequent usage. Data from 2019 informs us that ‘Adults 35 to 49 were found to spend an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes a week on social media networks […]’ The ways that Gen X is using social media can vary greatly. Some individuals use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the lives of their followers. However, some people used platforms such as LinkedIn to upkeep their networking strategy. 

What does this mean for influencer marketing?

With a new demographic of influencers quickly becoming prominent across an array of platforms, it is vital that we address how this will affect the wider influencer marketing industry. 

It seems that Gen X is often overlooked by marketers because they fit between two prominent generations, each with varying financial flexibility. Yet, this generation still uses social media and other online platforms just as much as its younger counterparts. Data reveals that ‘While 68% of over-55 consumers shop online every month, just 5% of advertising in the US is aimed at people over 50.’ Thus, it seems Gen Xers are fighting to be seen and heard on social media.

Other experts within influencer marketing believe that Gen X and the much-acclaimed Gen Z are not so different after all. Gen Xers also respond well to short-form content due to their busy working schedules. Thus, these individuals are most active on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. Therefore, this elucidates the cross-over patterns we see in various generations across modern America.

The Rise of Gen X Influencers


Popular Gen X Influencers

Gen X influencers have managed to charm followers from all generations, often harking back to a much more nostalgic time. Over a quarter of Gen X use TikTok on a regular basis, making it a unique platform for this vibrant generation. Listed below are a collection of Gen X influencers that should not be missed. 


This influencer regards himself as the President/CEO of Gen X, attracting other individuals who share the same fond memories of his generation. engineer_dad_ uses TikTok in a very engaging fashion, reminding his 168.4K followers of the ways Gen Xers used to live their daily lives.

This influencer presents a stoic attitude which he claims is due to the time in which he was brought up. engineer_dad_ also enjoys reminiscing about older commercials such as the 1979 Coca-Cola advert starring Pittsburgh Steelers legend ‘Mean’ Joe Greene. He also has a growing YouTube channel where he presents a collection of hilarious Shorts. 

@engineer_dad_ From the Classic Collection. #genx #doyoucrew #80s #90s ♬ Rocky: Eye of the Tiger – Best Movie Soundtracks


This 49-year old Gen X influencer uses her sarcastic charm and vibrant personality to attract an impressive 255.3K followers. therealslimsherri posts a collection of videos such as Gen X moods, where she describes how this charismatic generation humorously deals with modern life stressors.

This influencer also creates an array of positive well-being content, reminding her followers to find joy in the small details. therealslimsherri also uses TikTok to promote her small business Feather and Vine. Here, she sells a wide range of apparel, accessories, and even her own line of TikTok merchandise. Her clothing follows a vintage style, something that is greatly appreciated by her fellow Gen X fan base. 

@therealslimsherri #stitch with @themostes imagine my surprise when this popped in my FYP today! #genx #genxproblems #willsmith #really #therealslimsherri ♬ original sound – therealslimsherri


heidigenx80 is a proud Gen Xer from Canada who enjoys creating content about her 80s childhood. Heidi reminisces about 80s drinks such as Pepsi Fire and Ice, something her 68.9K followers love to discuss in her comment section. 

She also shows her younger viewers how to use a rotary phone, making comical phone calls to the 1980s. Although this influencer only posted her first video back in May 2021, she has gained a devoted fan following, with each video gaining an average of 4,000 views. This Gen X influencer also sells a range of artisan candles and soaps alongside her daughter. 

@heidigenx80 1980 and 2022 meet up again in the powder room..#fypシ #fyp #80s#90s #pamelaanderson #genx#over50 ♬ Smalltown Boy (2018 Remaster) – Bronski Beat


Alongside his adorable dog Walter, David Lutman makes an eclectic range of content in order to better relate to his fellow Gen Xers. Lutman also describes the self-sufficient attitude he attributes to being a part of Generation X in his Latchkey Confessions series.

This series provides insight into what it was like growing up with little parental supervision. This influencer also discusses the concept of getting older and how he feels that retro is a better term to describe it. With 171.1K followers, this Gen X influencer has managed to create a community of others like him, something that has made him a very popular and likable influencer. 



♬ original sound – Tayyyyyyy


80sdeennice began using TikTok during quarantine as a way to pass time and remember the more pleasant parts of her youth. Her account gained a large amount of traction, helping her to gain 203K followers.

This Gen X influencer owns an assortment of 70s and 80s memorabilia, creating a nostalgic hub within the comforts of her home. 80sdeennice also produces videos of her lip-syncing to various 70s songs using a hairbrush as a microphone in her series Gen X bedroom jams. She has also created a considerable Spotify playlist, placing all of her favorite Gen X hits in one place for her fans to enjoy.  

@80sdeennice Some fight for money, some fight for glory, he’s fighting for his son’s love. #80s #genx #favoritemovies #ilovethe80s #overthetop #foryoupage ♬ Meet Me Half Way (From “Over The Top” Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins


eattravelrock is owned by Kelly Rizzo, a well regarded actress and TV host in the US. Her web series Eat Travel Rock brings viewers behind the scenes on some of the best food establishments and music concerts. Rizzo’s TikTok platform discusses more unique food offerings and timeless 80s hits.

eattravelrock has inspired other Gen Xers to travel around the world, tasting new foods and experiencing live music. This has helped the account to gain an incredible 419.6K followers. Rizzo also uses her social media presence to discuss her recently deceased husband, Bob Saget, another Gen X sitcom icon. 


We sure loved eating together. I miss him every single second. Thank you all for your kind words and support and for loving Bob.

♬ Fountain of Sorrow – Jackson Browne

Gen X influencers tell us a lot more about the social media landscape, allowing new and diverse demographics to enter this scene. These influencers have the ability to connect with their own generation but can also gain engagement from younger users. To learn more about the different types of influencers, visit our website

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