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Top NBA Basketball Influencers and YouTubers in 2022

The NBA is upping its marketing strategy by encouraging user generated content. Check out these top basketball influencers who post everything from mixtapes of plays to interesting news about the lives of players to conspiracies.

Searching for the top NBA basketball influencers? Check this out!

The pandemic may have put a halt to live sporting events, but it has certainly not stopped the National Basketball Association (NBA) from executing its brilliant marketing strategy. 

I’m pretty sure everyone can name at least one famous TikToker or YouTuber. But what about basketball athletes? When it comes to the US, the sports industry must compete with the ever-growing entertainment industry to garner the attention of the people, especially among Gen Z. 

The NBA decided to tackle this by encouraging user-generated content where fans are allowed to comment on and remix content from official plays. This strategy actually worked, and has managed to capture the interest of a lot of people even among the Gen Z crowd! 

Want to check out just what the hype is all about? We put together a list of the top NBA basketball influencers and YouTubers for you!

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and YouTubers in 2022


Subscribers: 3.31 M

Created in 2005 for those for whom basketball is more of a lifestyle than a hobby, this YouTube channel covers all things basketball, and has grown into a brand. Not only do you get high-quality mixtapes of your favorite NBA pros shooting hoops, you also get footage of high school and college games, as well as videos of top streetballers. Who knows, one of them might turn out to be a future NBA star! Watch highlights, videos featuring “a day in the life” of players, and their podcast hosted by two players.


Subscribers: 1.96 M

Clive NBA Parody mainly posts highlights from games such as Top 10 plays of the night, best plays, and best clutch plays. He covers all the NBA teams, and also includes his commentary on various things involving the association. Follow him to watch some of the most iconic moments in basketball history. And some of the scariest, such as the worst injuries sustained by players. 

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer

Mike Korzemba

Subscribers: 1.71 M

Have you ever wondered how different things might be in an alternate universe? Korzemba’s channel provides answers to all you basketball related “what if” questions. What if Kobe Bryant went to college? What if Michael Jordan played in the modern NBA? Sounds interesting, right? Other than that, he posts NBA conspiracies and uncovers juicy NBA secrets. This channel is interesting, original, and unlike anything you have ever seen before! If you like basketball, you will love this channel.

MLG Highlights

Subscribers: 1.52 M

Don’t have the time to watch the full game? Don’t worry! MLG Highlights has got you covered. As the name suggests, this channel posts good old game highlights– for the playoffs, for the regular seasons, as well as the off seasons. Choose between full game highlights or player highlights. MLG Highlights also posts player interviews, so you get the full scoop on what is happening in the world of basketball. Never miss a game even when you miss a game!

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer


Subscribers: 1.35 M

FreeDawkins is one of the most popular channels for NBA highlights and clips. This channel boasts one of the largest collections of basketball footage on youTube. Here, you get to watch your favorite players being in their element. One of his specialties is uploading footage of two players battling it out on the court. If you want to see your favorite players’ reactions to team wins or other players, FreeDawkins has got you covered with athlete interviews. You will also get to see footage of vintage plays from time to time. 


Subscribers: 829k

Run by Coach Nick, BballBreakdown offers an in-depth view on each game. Nick has been a coach for over 20 years, and breaks down the games as well as player’s tactics using slow motion, freeze frames, arrows, and voice overs. You must have seen athletes going over a play-by-play of their games in movies, right? That’s exactly what you get here! 

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer

This channel is perfect for those who want to master the game themselves. After watching these videos, you will be privy to the best techniques from one of the most experienced coaches that will help you level up your own game. 

Heat Check

Subscribers: 560k

If you are looking for analysis on games and players, Heat Check is the channel for you. Even though his videos are short, he explains things very well. He also has some “retro NBA” videos featuring the stories of certain players. A healthy dose of informational content along with entertainment!


Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer

Subscribers: 581k

TheFlightMike is an NBA news YouTuber who posts edgy, electric, and exciting NBA content. His videos are engaging and funny. No more scouring through news channels to find what is going on in the basketball world. You get everything right here in one place curated specially for you. Not only do you get game-related news, you also get to know what is going on in the lives of the players. Sometimes it gets scandalous..

NBA Reel

Subscribers: 483k

If you are looking for some interesting NBA content, look no further! This channel is here to fulfill all your dreams with some unique content. I don’t know about you, but I personally love learning tiny details about players. It makes them more human, you know? NBA reel posts list videos, top 10 videos, and other entertaining content. Want to know about all the crazy expensive things that players own? What about some information on NBA players who almost died? Or maybe you want to learn things about your favorite players that you never knew. Here, you get it all. 

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer


Subscribers: 318k

This channel is not just for NBA fans, but all basketball fans in general. Here, you get content on high school games, player interviews, event coverage, and also footage of college, pre-draft, and NBA workouts! Let me tell you guys.. Some of these middle school games get really heated. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these future stars.

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer

NBA Insider

Subscribers: 296k

Finally, we come to one of the most interesting channels on our list: NBA Insider. And yes, this channel delivers exactly what its name promises- inside scoop and behind-the-scenes about the league. Shocking truths and mysterious facts about the players await you. Learn the scary truth about the NBA player who disappeared, including the mysterious deaths and murder attemps of others. The NBA hides more secrets than you think. Uncover it all here with NBA insider.

Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers - Net Influencer

These channels are enough to ignite a spark of interest in anyone, even people who claim that they will never watch a game in their life. Who is your favorite NBA YouTuber? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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Top NBA Basketball Influencers and Youtubers