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Top Hispanic Influencers


Must-Follow Hispanic Influencers in 2022

A list of top Hispanic influencers to look out for. These content creators are changing the landscape of social media, and with the growing Latino demographic they will continue to do so.

Hispanic content creators have become extremely popular over the last decade. This may be due to the rapid growth in Latinos within America. According to data from 2020, ‘Latinos account for 18.7% of the US population, accounting for 51.1% of the country’s growth’. With this demographic on the rise, it is no surprise that the needs and wants of this population are swiftly changing. So, as the landscape in America begins to shift and change, here are some of the top Hispanic influencers to look out for.

Top Hispanic Influencers To Watch Out For

Whindersson Nunes

Whinderson Nunes is a 26 year old content creator, most known for his expansive YouTube channel. He created his channel in 2013 and has seen success after success on the platform. With 43.3 million subscribers, Nunes has earned an adoring fan base of young teens, mainly around 14-17 years old. In 2016, Nunes hit a milestone that many content creators can only dream of. His Youtube channel, whinnerssonnues, became the most subscribed channel in Brazil. Nunes’ content mainly consisted of humorous parodies, movie reviews, and his signature messy bedroom. Nowadays, Whindersson uses his YouTube channel as a way to showcase his large portfolio of contemporary music. 

Lele Pons

Lele Pons is probably one of the most recognized Latina influencers, due to her presence on the app Vine. At one point, Pons was the most followed female creator on the app, amassing over 11 million followers. When Vine became defunct in 2016, Pons made the transition to YouTube. Again, she has seen great success and has 17.6 million subscribers. Most recently, Pons, whose real name is Eleonora Pons Maronese, created a YouTube Originals series called The Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons. This series became hugely popular and earned nearly 43 million views collectively. Not to mention, Lele Pons has also written a YA novel. Surviving High School was released in 2016 and makes light of Pons’ teenage years and also explores her relationship with her Hispanic heritage. 

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is a renowned fitness influencer originally born in Venezuela. Since moving to America in 2012, she has built a popular fitness empire, growing fans around the world. Her app, Fitplan, is an interactive and personalized training app. It aims to help people track their progress and achieve their goals. Lewin also creates content for Instagram where she shows off her regular workout routines to her 14.5 million followers. Her influence on social media and beyond has earned Lewin the title of ‘Latin queen of the fitness scene’.  Lewin’s work continues to inspire others, earning her more and more devoted followers.

Ada Rojas

Ada Rojas is widely considered a powerhouse within the influencer world. Her successful lifestyle blog, AllthingsAda, details her daily life as an influencer living in New York City. Rojas is also popular on Instagram. Here, she creates insightful reels and engaging infographics to explore the power of positive thinking and manifestations with her audience. Moreover, she also uses Instagram to promote her vision board workshops. This is where some of her 47,000 followers can come and create their very own manifestation board. In 2019, she co-founded her very own beauty brand, Botanika Beauty, aimed to help other Afro-Latinas feel more comfortable and confident with their hair. Rojas continues to grow her brand as well as her social media presence. For example, her developing YouTube channel has gained over 19,000 subscribers and nearly 2 million views.

Linda Elanie

Linda Elanie is an Afro-Latina health and wellness influencer. She is best known for her inspiring YouTube channel where she showcases her idyllic travel adventures and simple beauty routines. Elanie also enjoys discussing the nuances of spirituality and astrology. For example, her YouTube video Aquarius Full Moon Routine’, earned her nearly 5,000 views. Although Linda Elanie would be considered a small influencer, she is quickly gaining traction across a variety of different platforms. Her YouTube channel has 191,000 subscribers and she has over 47,000 followers on Instagram. As her statistics continue to climb, it is no wonder she is considered to be one of the most popular Latina influencers.

El Rubius

El Rubius, also known as Ruben Doblas Gundersen, is a successful Latino influencer known best for his video game content on both YouTube and Twitch. El Rubius has developed a cult fan following over the past few years, particularly on Twitter. In 2016, Rubis tweeted ‘LIMONADA, which simply translates into lemonade. This simple tweet was retweeted 1.4 million times, making it the most popular tweet of that year. However, El Rubius first found fame on YouTube playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His alluring gameplay quickly helped him to become the most subscribed Spanish-speaking channel in 2012. Furthermore, El Rubis has also developed engagement on the streaming platform Twitch. Here, he has earned the title of the fourth most subscribed creator.

Alfredo Flores

Alfredo Flores is a celebrated director, videographer and photographer, known for working on contemporary music videos and documentaries. His most notable works are the Justin Beiber documentaries, Never Say Never and Believe. Flores also directed the music video for Arianna Grande’s Santa Tell Me, which earned 250 million views on YouTube. Flores’ family is originally from Puerto Rico, but he grew up and studied in New Jersey. Alfredo Flores’ impressive portfolio of work has earned him an outstanding collection of awards. Most recently, he was awarded ‘Best Music Video From Home’ at the MTV Video Music Awards for his work on Justin Bieber’s Stuck with U

Krystal Lora

This 27 year old Latina influencer is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers on the tech scene. Krystal Lora uses her channel to unbox and review some of the latest tech available on the mass market. Her latest video, iPad Pro ONLY Challenge (2021) has nearly 6,000 views and counting. Lora posted her first video in 2017. Within 4 years, Lora has gained 324,000 subscribers. She is also a fan-favorite on Instagram where she posts updates on her daily life to her 66,000 followers. 

Sofia Bella

Sofia Bella is a growing TikTok star with over 3 million followers. Bella posts a variety of humorous content, including videos of her teaching Spanish to her adorable preschool class. Sofia Bella is proud of her Latina roots as she regularly uses popular Spanish sounds on TikTok. Bella’s light and positive personality are also present in her longer-form content. Her YouTube channel has over 14,000 subscribers and she often uploads a wide selection of vlogs and YouTube shorts. 


Alondradessy, or Alondra Ortiz, began her social media career back in 2016. Ortiz was most known for her YouTube channel, where she posted makeup tutorials. With less than 100 videos on the channel, she has still managed to gain 1.29 million subscribers. For the last few years, Alondradesssy has been more active on Instagram. This is where she posts a majority of her lifestyle content as well as updates her 2 million followers on her young son. Moreover, Ortiz has recently been using TikTok, posting regular fit checks and funny dances. On this platform, her videos have earned her an incredible 1.5 million followers. 

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